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3 Culture Rich Things To Do When Visiting Rome

With so many tourists visiting Rome each year, it’s easy to follow the masses and fall into the trap of overpriced, tacky and downright dull activities that provide no insight into the true culture and lifestyle of the area. Italy truly has so much to offer, with its sun kissed sky lines and a relaxed, luxurious way of life, so what are you waiting for? Start organising your dream trip to Rome today with these culture rich activities that are guaranteed to help you make the most of your experience!

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Take In The Traditional Architecture

There is such a wealth of traditional architecture all across Rome, but the highly famous sights tend to be absolutely packed out with flocks of people that make the whole thing just a little less beautiful. However, there are some more generally hidden gems that offer just as much tranquility at a much slower pace, in which you can truly take in your surroundings without feeling cramped or rushed. The Trastevere markets lay situated next to the serene Tiber river, and the quiet cobble stones paths offer a much anticipated break from the hustle and bustle. With authentic street food from vendors who have had their skills passed down through several generations guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds, and unique and picturesque stalls selling handmade goods like jewellery and decorations, you’re bound to find something awe inspiring. The roads of Piazza De Spagnia, Piazza navona and Campo De Fiori offering equal amounts of pristine beauty, so take a stroll away from the centre and take in the amazing suburban landscape that’s stood strong and proud for many hundreds of years. 

Fancy A Shopping Trip?

With the likes of Versace, Moschino, Gucci, Valentino and Prada all hailing from Italy, the opportunities to bag some absolute classic pieces are so rife. Via Del Corso can offer some of the best stores in the whole of Italy, and really should not be missed if you’re looking to spend the day browsing the most luxurious brands around. There are hundreds of centres for jewellery lovers and clothes addicts respectively, ensuring that you can be dressed to impress through every day and night of your stay. 

Sample The Delicious Food And Wine 

Much of Italian culture is based upon food, and very often wine. Meals are such an important time of the day, and the restaurants in Rome can bring you some of the most delicious dishes you have ever tried. From the traditional wood fired pizza ovens to the homely osterias sampling century old recipes, there’s a taste for every kind of individual and little chance you will go home with an empty stomach! Attending a wine tour in Italy gives you the chance to explore working ‘vigna’ and taste the most delectable drinks around, these are a definite stop on any respectable tour. 

Try out these 3 activities when you’re next in the beautiful city of Rome to truly take in the culture and traditional way of life. Appreciate the architecture, shop until you drop and then fill your belly with gorgeous food to finish your day with a real treat.

Explore off-the-beaten track around Hicksville, New York

Traveling east through Queens along East Jericho Turnpike, you’ll cross into Long Island and merge on to the Northern State Parkway. In a few short miles, you’ll arrive in Hicksville, Long Island. Hicksville is hiding a few offbeat attractions that you can explore during your next visit. 

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Virtual Realms

Hicksville is home to Long Island’s first virtual reality arcade. Virtual activities range from fun games like Fruit Ninja suitable for kids aged seven years and up to the more sinister zombie and combat challenges targeted to mature gamers. Virtual Realms is easy to find on the east side of Hicksville on South Oyster Bay Road. There are plenty of accommodations nearby if you need a place to spend a few nights in Hicksville. 

Long Island Puppet Theatre

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If you’re traveling with toddlers from three to five years old, head to the centre of town and visit the Long Island Puppet Theatre. Little ones can sing along to stories like Puss in Boots or enjoy the Princess Tea Party. Reserve seats for your favourite show ahead of time since the theatre gets booked for private parties too.

The Hicksville Gregory Museum

Everything about The Hicksville Gregory Museum is a bit offbeat, including its location. The museum is housed in The Heitz Place Courthouse which is over 100 years old. Over time, the courthouse served as the original Village Hall, a jail, and the local World War II draft headquarters. Today, The Hicksville Gregory Museum offers eclectic collections of fossils, butterflies, minerals, and dial telephones.

I.FLY Trapeze and Aerial Arts

If you’re visiting Hicksville in warm weather, you can reach for the sky at I.FLY Trapeze and Aerial Arts in nearby Eisenhower Park. Experienced trapeze artists will teach you to fly on a trapeze bar at this outdoor trapeze venue just five miles from Hicksville. If you’re not quite ready to grab the bar and fly, try watching first. Check out one of the evening trapeze shows to see the professionals at work. 

Cradle of Aviation Museum

If you ever wanted to see Navy fighter jets or an Apollo Lunar Landing Module up close, you’ll find them not far from Hicksville in Garden City. You can stroll through the history of modern flight at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Don’t miss the Jet Gallery, Planetarium, and Firefighter’s Museum. End your day of exploring with a spin on the 100-year old Nunley’s Historic Carousel next door.

Prefer trains to planes? See the restored Locomotive #35 in the display yard of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum. This museum’s founders are on a mission to educate visitors on the history of The Long Island Railroad and the rail’s impact on town residents. Check out the Visitor Centre to see the plans to restore the Historic Landmark Presidential Train Station.

Long Island is home to plenty of beaches, parks, and restaurants. As you travel across the island, plan a stop in Hicksville to enjoy a few unusual activities you won’t find anywhere else.


Festivals around the world

Living in the UK, when I think about festivals I think Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, Reading and Leeds, then Notttinghill Carnival, Isle of Wight and the Wilderness festival. However, they not only take place all over the UK but all over the world.

Festivals Around The World

Festivals around the world

It’s amazing how many different types of festival there is. Cheese, fairy, music, woodland, carnival, LGBTQ, snow and ice, Holi, Mardi Gras, ballon, bulls just about anything you can think of there is a festival for it. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite festivals around the world.


Coachella has to be one of the biggest festivals in the world. Every year my social media goes crazy with celebrities attending Coachella, seeing their outfits and who is performing. Coachella has been growing in popularity of the last few years, it has some of the biggest names in music performing. Coachella takes place in Indio California.

Dubai international Jazz festival

Jazz is a very popular across the globe, and each year Dubai is home to it’s famous international Jazz festival. It takes place in February each year over 3 days. Thousands of fans attend each year to see their favourite Jazz artists. Dubai is so easy to visit now, have a fabulous range of great holidays, why not getting booking for next years Jazz festival.


Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany each year. Starting towards the end of September until the first weekend of October, it lasts 16-18 days. Each year millions of people attend the fun fair and beer festival. Oktoberfest now takes place in cities across the world, but nothing compares to the original home of Munich.

Carnival, Rio De Janeiro

The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is probably the biggest festival in the world. Taking place during February or March over 5 days to mark the Catholic lent celebrations. Over 5 million people attend each year, with people travelling from all over the world to attend. It’s home to the worlds best Samba dancers and is known for it’s spectacular show stopping outfits full of colour. It is also home to one of the biggest parades in the world. If you want to visit a carnival like no other then Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is the place to go.


For the lovers of the snow then Austria’s Snowbombing festival is the place to go. It’s not all about music and snow, why not try Yoga up on the mountains, or pop to a spa. Austria’s Snowbombing is a fabulous festival for a group of friends, who love skiing in some of Europe’s best ski resorts, but who love music. With amazing headlining acts each year. Next year is due to be the best yet for their 20th anniversary festival.

Have you been to a unforgettable festival? Please let me know which ones you would recommend.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*