Luxury holidays in Sifnos

I love to go on Holiday, I have lists of places around the world that we would love to visit. Most of them as a family but a couple are in the dream bag for when the children are old enough to not want to come with us anymore. Over the last couple of years we have been fortunate enough to go away abroad as a family a couple of times, with a trip planned for later this year and we already have our summer holiday booked for next year to the Greek island of Crete.


We love visiting Crete, it wont be the first time we have visited. The Greeks are such friendly welcoming people, that sometimes I think we wouldn’t go anywhere other than Greece or one the the Greek islands. The food is also amazing, we do like to try out more local food when we holiday abroad, so often opt for a Greek luxury villa rental rather than a hotel. For us it means to explore the island more and get to know it better. My Hubby is much more adventurous than me when it come to trying new food, but Greek food is so delicious we can both enjoy our meals.

I have started to look around at other Greek islands, and I found the stunning Sifnos, one that I hadn’t heard of before but an island that is so beautiful you will never want to leave.

Holidays in Sifnos

Sifnos is located in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. It is home to fabulous beaches, 360 little churches across the island, wonderful restaurants and bars not forgetting some beautiful luxury hotels and villas.


Whenever we go away, I always like to add as much luxury as possible. I often upgrade to nicer rooms or find the most luxurious accommodation within our budget. For me a holiday is about a little bit more luxury than what you would get at home, it’s about time out of your everyday life to enjoy something new and different. We both work hard, so having a bit of luxury when we are on holiday all adds to the experience but also helps us to relax.


For accommodation then Verina Hotels in Greece have beautiful range of luxury hotels, if it is hotels you are looking for. Perfect for enjoying the infinity pools, beautiful bedrooms, fine dinning restaurants and bars. If you love the stars then look no further then the Verina Astra named after the geek for stars, it has some of the best star gazing locations on the island. Open gardens, cocktail bars make holidays in Sifnos the perfect for someone wanting a luxury trip. No matter where on the island you are the views are just breathtaking. I have read that people often return to Sifnos year after year for their holidays, I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s beautiful.


What do you look for when you go on Holiday? As you might have guessed for me it’s about a little bit of luxury.


*This is a collaborative post. Images are from Verina Hotels. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

I have never visited Liverpool, but it’s a really popular place to visit for hen and stag parties. Liverpool isn’t just the home of the Beatles and amazing night life. There is so much more to Liverpool. Liverpool is home to amazing architecture, the largest cathedral in the country, the Albert Docks, amazing shopping and Liverpool football club, to name just a few.


Liverpool is an eclectic city, with things to do whatever you loves are. I think it would make not only for a the perfect weekend away….. I must speak to the Hubby about that. But also a brilliant fun filled destination for a hen party.

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

Liverpool has a wide range of accommodation options, it would be a youth hostel, apartment or fancy hotels, whatever the size of the hen party you will find just what you are looking for.

If you have a hen who loves to shop, then Liverpool is the place to be. The Cavern Quarter is the place to go for the designer boutiques. For the best high street shopping, head to South John Street where you will find your all of your favourite high street stores.

If you are after a bit of culture while in Liverpool then there is the Cathedral, Liver Building, the Albert Docks, not for getting the museums with the Beatles Museum being the most popular of them all in Liverpool and a must see for any Beatles fans.

Hen Party Ideas In Liverpool

Restaurants in Liverpool are among some of the best in the country, with Röski offering fabulous fine dinning and Panoramic 34 gives you some of the best views across Liverpool while your eating. If it’s not fine dinning that you are wanting then you can find numerous other restaurants that will suit your needs, Italian, Chinese, grill house, indians, burger bars and even Japanese, Liverpool has to all on offer.

If it is a big night out you are looking for then Liverpool is home too, comedy clubs, night clubs, casinos, not forgetting amazing bars and the dream boys (if you are wanting that kind of thing). Roof top bars and cocktails bars are the perfect place to start the evening off, why not try Palm Sugar Lounge for some classy cocktails.

Liverpool also has lots of activities on offer for hen parties, cocktail making (which is amazing fun), chocolate making, dance classes, wine tasting, pamper parties, spa days, pole dancing or if you see you and then hens as the next Beatles why not book a recording studio session.

If you want more ideas or more information then visit Liverpool one, they have everything you could possibly want to know about Liverpool.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Five romantic Honeymoon ideas

Tradition is fun, but it is no longer the hardened rule that it used to be. Women want to get married in white because it’s what they’ve dreamed of their whole lives, not because it shows their chastity. They want to be walked down the aisle by someone that they love, not given away by a man. For every person, there is another unique interpretation of marriage, weddings, and even the honeymoon. It is important that you know who you are as a couple and how you will best celebrate your new marriage together. To help you out, here are five romantic honeymoon ideas to get you started:

Go On an Adventure

Whether your adventure is hiking in a national park like Snowdonia or going on an inter rail trip through Europe, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the adventures you have along the way. Though technically adventure can and does happen on any trip, an adventurous honeymoon will specifically be one where you go out and explore. This will often mean a lot of time spent walking on foot or enjoying outdoor sports. The more extreme, the better for couples who want to go on an adventure honeymoon, and therefore the best destinations are those that have the wild landscapes to entice and inspire like Iceland or New Zealand.

Rent a Luxury Escape

For most, of course, staying in bed with your new spouse is the only thing that matters. Making it the only thing you can do, however, is a mistake. That’s why choosing a great vacation home in an area that has a few things you can do and explore is the best of all worlds. Choose a stylish, private abode from, and you can enjoy quality time and explore new things together all at once.

Go on a Multi-Day Boat Tour

Exploring the world on water is one of the most romantic ways to spend your honeymoon. If you have boating experience, then this could mean renting a private boat for the two of you. If you don’t, then book a cruise so you can enjoy all the thrills of the water and explore top destinations on land.

romantic honeymoon ideas beach

Find a Beautiful and Private Beach

The water and the ocean captivate us, but not everyone is thrilled to be out on open water. Instead, consider renting out a rental or vacation home on the beach front. The more private the beach, the better. If you are on a budget, this might mean switching out the white sands of Africa or even the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean for the cliffs of Briton, but the opportunities for a romantic getaway remain the same.

Find Your City of Love   

Paris might be the city of love, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make any city romantic. Choose carefully, however, as when you go to a city destination for your honeymoon that city has the potential to be yours. It will always hold a special place in your heart, and the more unique, the fewer tourists.

Honeymoons are tricky because they have so many expectations attached to them. Pull back your expectations and try to have fun, because that is what you will remember the most.