4 Tips for a Green Visit to the Rocky Mountains

Traveling and exploring the world is great, but it can come at a cost if you’re not careful. Many vacationers abandon all cares when they visit the Rocky Mountains, greatly increasing their impact on the environment. They might ride around the area in exhaust-emitting cars, throw their trash blindly through the untamed wilderness, or even trek through sensitive areas, destroying the natural habitat. If you’d like to be more conscious of your impact on the environment, here are several tips for a green visit to the Rocky Mountains.

Green Visit to the Rocky Mountains

Stay Nearby

The best way to reduce your impact during your stay is to minimise driving by staying close to the park. While you’ll still likely need to drive to trails and other attractions in the area, it cuts down on a lot of the back and forth. Grand Lake is a popular vacation destination, as it offers pristine views and is just a five-minute drive to the Rocky Mountain National Park Grand Lake Entrance.

While it’s a little further away, Vail also offers great lodging, as it’s nestled at the base of Vail Mountain. The city is a good place to stay if you plan on starting your trip in White River National Forest and then heading north into Rocky Mountain National Park.

Watch Out for Wildlife

One of the best parts of traveling through the Rocky Mountains is the chance to catch myriad species of birds, animals, and insects in their native habitat. If you’re lucky, you might see bighorn sheep rams, great horned owls, elk, marmots, pikas, and more.

Observing these animals causes no harm; it’s when people try to get closer that things start to go wrong. Trying to approach animals can spook them into a daring and dangerous escape. Even worse is trying to feed natural wildlife. This is harmful for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that human food is generally not good for the animals. What’s more, animals could become dependent on snacks from visitors, creating a nuisance when they beg incessantly.

Don’t Start a Fire

Wildfire blazes are a real threat to the Rocky Mountains. While Rocky Mountain Natural Park usually has five to seven fires caused naturally by lightning each year, that number would be much higher if visitors were allowed to build fires wherever they wished.

Luckily, Rocky Mountain National Park is cognisant of the danger and prohibits campfires or grills from being used outside designated areas. Follow these rules to keep the terrain safe.

Leave No Trace

Perhaps the biggest and most crucial thing to consider when traveling through the Rocky Mountains is to pick up your trash. Rocky Mountain National Park has a “leave no trace” policy, which asks visitors to limit their impact on the land as much as possible by carrying out all their waste. 

Other parts of this policy include staying on designated trails to keep from widening the terrain, camping in areas without vegetation growing, and burying one’s bodily waste in a hole that is at least 6 inches deep.

Use these tips to minimise your impact on the Rocky Mountains, so this treasure will still be there for future generations to enjoy.

Discovering Luxury in Goa

I have recently watched a TV programme that spoke about Goa a lot, it really got thinking about it as a possible holiday destination. I have a friend who visited for 3 or 4 years in a row, and always said how wonderful the idea is. I remember on her last trip she got engaged there and her engagement ring was designed especially for her while they stayed on the island. Fabulous big diamonds set in white gold, she said they could not have afforded to buy that ring here in the UK due to the high gold and diamond prices. So maybe you could consider a trip to Goa for popping the question?

The top places to propose in Europe this Winter
Image:- Unsplash

If you are not looking to pop the question on a fabulous island, then what about Goa would make a fabulous location for the most wonderful honeymoon. It has everything you could want to both relax in luxury but also get out around the island and explore the hidden gems the island has to offer.

Goa is no longer the island filled with back packers and their bars. Think luxury all inclusive hotels, white sand beaches stretching for miles, jungles, waterfalls and Hindu temples. There is a superb range of hotels in Goa, large resorts, luxury spa hotels, modern and more tradition ones, whatever you are looking for you can find it in Goa. 

Goa is spilt on to North and South and although they are both beautiful places to visits, they also offer different things. You just have to decide which part of the island matches everything you want from a luxury trip to Goa.

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North Goa

North Goa offers a variety, large beaches, night life, historic sites and it’s world famous Saturday Night Market. North Goa is has the largest of white beaches, that are awash with beach bars, sun loungers and valley ball games. The water sports are also really popular in North Goa, with jet skiing and parasailing being a must do.

The towns of Calangute and Baga are very popular destinations, with plenty of shopping and nightlife. You can find everything from ornaments and clothes various textiles.

South Goa

South Goa for me is the more relaxing place to visit. Beautiful white beaches, fishing villages and a much easier going feel. Not forgetting South Goa is more to more traditional cultures. Whitewashed churches and temples are dotted around the area. With biggest church is Asia located here, the Se Cathedral of St Catherine. Not forgetting the old fortresses that are scattered along the Arabian Sea, well worth a visit.

South Goa does not have the party feel that North Goa does, it offers a more relaxed friendly feel. With lovely beach side bars and great little local restaurants to try the fresh catch of the day.

It’s safe to say that whatever you are looking for, Goa is the perfect for it.


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The Best European Destinations for a Winter Snow Holiday

Europe is a continent renowned for its beauty and history. The landscape is littered with old buildings and natural wonders that we should all try and see at least once. If you’ve yet to experience the delight of a winter wonderland adventure in Europe, here are the best destinations you can choose if you want an unforgettable winter snow holiday.


Isn’t it Expensive?

Many people are put off from ever making their dream journey to Europe because they are convinced that it will be too expensive. This doesn’t have to be the case, however! Travelling to Europe has never been more affordable. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, you can bring the cost of your trip down even lower.

For example, let’s say that you are planning on booking your accommodation through Interhome. You could save money by searching for Interhome discount codes and offers which are available through sites such as Traveller 365. Their website helps to pair you with the codes and coupons you need to be able to take the holiday of your dreams at an affordable price.


One of the most famous ancient cities in the world. The historic heart of the Roman empire is a location that has something to offer everyone. Needless to say, there are plenty of old buildings and sites of ancient ruins to explore, but there is also the modern Rome. During the summer months, the city is packed. However, if you visit during the winter instead, you will be rewarded with a beautiful blanket of white. The beautiful architecture and unbeatable Mediterranean sun both need to be experienced together in order to be fully appreciated.


The city of love. Paris is known for many things, its fine food, its exquisite wines, and of course that monstrous metal tower in the centre. Paris is an interesting place to visit during the winter months because it takes on a completely new character entirely. Naturally, there is still no shortage of coffee shops or bakeries to keep warm in. But there is also plenty to see and do around the city. Because of the condition of the earth beneath the city, Paris cannot support skyscrapers. There are, therefore, only shorter, albeit still very impressive, buildings on display.


Something that not many people realise prior to their first trip to Amsterdam is just how chilly it is. The city gets surprisingly cold! However, those who are willing to wrap up and endure this mildest of discomforts will be rewarded with a uniquely beautiful city. The Dutch are among the most creative on the planet, having devised some truly ingenious solutions to various problems. For example, much of the Dutch coastline is artificial.

The city of Amsterdam is famed for its canals, as well as its unique architecture which features slim buildings and vibrant colours. There are numerous famous sights to see in the city. For example, the Anne Frank Museum regularly sees queues stretching around the block.


Budapest is one of Europe’s hidden gems. During the winter months, the price of staying in the city plummets along with the temperature. Snow is more common here than in most similar European cities around Christmas time and the Budapest Christmas Market is an attraction that draws visitors from up and down the country. As well as the market, the city houses several beautiful museums and art galleries, so there is plenty to do, regardless of the weather outside. If you’re a particularly adventurous traveller, you can even take a dip in one of the city’s outdoor thermal baths.


During the summer months, few cities tend to get quite as packed and claustrophobic as Venice. As beautiful as the city is, it is much more enjoyable when you are able to actually see through the throng of people. There are still other visitors in Venice during the winter months, but the airfare is a heck of a lot cheaper. Once you’re in the city, you’ll also find that the cost of buying food and lodgings is considerably cheaper than it is for the bulk of the year.


Anyone looking to make an escape from the hustle and bustle of life in a European capital city will find Prague to be a nice change of pace. The underground restaurants and city’s castles are the perfect spots to escape and relax between activities. Prague’s museums are open all year round, although they are much easier to appreciate in the winter when there are fewer guests. Prague also hosts one of the most popular Christmas markets in all of Europe. If Christmas markets are your thing, Prague is a must-see destination.

When most of us think of summer holidays, we think of warmth, relaxation, and lying on the beach. But travelling in the summertime isn’t always the way to go! Not only will you have to compete with all the other travellers, but you will also have to pay the increased prices that come with peak travel! There are many reasons to consider travelling to any of the above destinations during winter.