5 Important things to consider when selecting your Wedding music

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s always going to be the things that are important to you, and the things that aren’t. But no matter where you stand with each element of the occasion, you still have to make decisions. From what meat to serve at the wedding breakfast to the kind of flowers you should carry, there can be a lot. And not everything will be fun! But, if there’s one area of the wedding planning that you should be able to have fun with, it’s the wedding entertainment. Whether you realise it or not, the music that you play throughout your wedding will matter. It can really set the tone of the day, and add to (or take away from) your own experience on the day! So let’s take a look at thing to consider when you’re making your choices.


Walking To It

So the first thing that you’ll want to think about, is the music that you walk to. Whether you’re planning on being traditional here or not, you’ll need to walk down some kind of isle or space, to meet your fiancé at the end. You may want the wedding march, or a favourite song of yours. Either way, make sure that you’re happy walking to it. The tempo of the music will affect how quickly or slowly you walk, so make sure that you’re comfortable with it when you decide.

The Relevance

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that the songs you’re selecting throughout the day have some relevance to you as a couple. Now, this could even be said about the song that you walk down the isle too, but it matters the most when it comes to your first dance. Choosing a song that is important to you should be key here.

The Different Times

Another really important factor is to remember that you’re going to need to play music at different times throughout the day. Maybe you want background music at the wedding breakfast, or even when your guests are mingling in between the ceremony and the breakfast. So will you want to play a record or have an orchestra playing?

What You Want To Dance To

Then, you need to make sure that you’re picking out the music that you really want to dance too. Think about weddings bands that you like, like The Smooth Criminals, that can do songs you like. But also consider any key records that you love and will want to dance to at your wedding!

What Your Guests Might Want

Last but not least, you may also want to spend some time thinking about what your guests may also want too. While, of course, you’re going to want to be able to enjoy the day, you do also have to be sure that your guests are going to get up and dance. Nobody wants an empty dance floor. So, as you’re pulling together song choices for the DJ, make sure that you get a good mix. Go for your favourites, as well as some older songs for the oldies, and then a good mix of genres in there too.


The essentials of choosing an engagement ring

Looking for a guide to the ideal engagement ring choice? Even if you know your future spouse inside and out, you might still be worried that you’re going to present them with a ring that isn’t quite what they had in mind. To make sure your proposal is flawless, read about finding the perfect engagement ring, including stone, band, colour, and design. 

Stone options, which is best? 

Are modern clothes and interior design choices the styles that your partner loves? Keep this in mind, as it will influence your ring choice.

When it comes to the stone, colour is important. Some people love colour, while others might enjoy the luxurious purity of a clear diamond. For example, if your future wife or husband keeps on talking about sapphire rings, go for a sapphire cluster ring. Although many think traditions should be adhered to when it comes to weddings, there’s no reason not to go for a bold colour or quirky design, if that is what your partner likes. The only thing to bear in mind is that some stones are softer than others, so will need some extra care. Diamonds, however, are the most hardwearing gemstones, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale!

Are diamonds the best option?

Diamond rings are immortalised in film and literature, have you considered this choice? An engagement ring is going to be worn daily, and a diamond solitaire ring is a perfect, durable accessory that also complements any outfit! Needless to say, a diamond ring won’t go out of fashion.

The band can make or break the ring 

The shade of the band will also make a big difference in how well the engagement ring you choose is received. White gold and platinum seem to be the most popular options, with platinum having the added advantage of being more hardwearing. Have a look at your partner’s jewellery box, do they have more yellow gold jewellery or more white gold pieces?

Selecting the best diamond

Diamond choosing is no easy feat. However, we’ve broken the lesson down into four important chunks to help you learn what you need to bear in mind when diamond shopping…


How clear and shiny is the diamond? This is its clarity rating. A diamond’s clarity is determined by the size, number and location of ‘damages’ (called ‘natural inclusions’ in the industry) when viewed under 10x magnification. The range varies from an IF, internally flawless indicating no inclusions at all, to SII3, which will be an included stone. Any stone higher than an SI2 (slightly included) will show a good brilliance and the inclusions will not be seen with a naked eye.


Did you know about the variety of colour you can choose from for your diamond? Despite the choice, the most popular diamonds are white, with a colourless stone being the highest grade. Diamonds are graded from a D colour (colourless) to a Z (light yellow). Generally, anything higher than an I colour can be considered a very high colour grade with a nice white hue.

Cut of the diamond


This square cut diamond has become very popular since the year 2000. Featuring a high crown and large facets, the Asscher cut diamond is renowned for its level of shine and sparkle.

Modern brilliant round:

Could this be the most popular style? Some think so. A solitaire, modern brilliant round ring does not necessarily have to be a single stone, it can be embellished on the shoulders or can be arranged around the main gemstone in a halo-like design.

Old European round:

Looking similar to the modern brilliant round design, the old European round diamond will not be as “neat and polished” as a modern one, but it will have a distinctive, classic and antique design that many people adore. Does your partner adore antique silverware and similar old-fashioned items? They may love this design, then. AS well as a beautiful aesthetic, such gemstones represent better value for money.

Transitional modern brilliant round:

The ideal unison of vintage and modern. Transitional modern brilliant round cut diamonds were typically cut during the 1930s and 1960s, and these stones are often very similar to modern brilliant round cut designs.


Either square or rectangle, this cut must have pointed corners, regardless of shape. Overall, the princess diamond is considered the most popular non-round diamond cut.


If you opt for an emerald cut diamond, you get a stone with tapered corners which is also square or oblong in shape. The pavilion (underside) of a princess cut diamond has a faceted cut, which helps create an elegant appeal that many soon-to-be spouses love.


Weight is also important when it comes to selecting an engagement ring. If the carat weight of a diamond goes up, so does its rarity, which will be reflected in the price. The bigger the diamond, the more the cost.

Still unsure? Here are some extra tips

It’s not easy to pick the perfect engagement ring, there’s a lot of pressure, but it should be enjoyable. Why not take a friend or family member who knows your partner to help? And remember: follow your instincts, you won’t go wrong.

Wedding entertainment – What are your options?

Want to keep your guests entertained on your special day? Here are some of the most popular options to consider and how you can get the best out of each one.



Most couples settle for a DJ, it’s the easiest way to provide entertainment that everyone can enjoy. When choosing a DJ, look for someone that is experienced and who primarily focuses on events such as weddings and birthdays. A good DJ should be able to take requests and blend songs so that it’s not just like listening to a playlist. Some DJs will provide audio equipment and even lighting, whilst others may leave this job up to the venue.

Live music

Another option to consider could be live music. This could be anything from a string quartet to a rock band, depending on personal preference. Try looking for local live bands to hire that are willing to play weddings. Find out which songs they play, how long they’re willing to do a set for and whether they will provide their own audio equipment and lighting.


If you want a more interactive form of music, you could always consider karaoke. Whilst you can use your own karaoke tools, you may want to hire a professional who can create a more organised system, particularly if there are lots of people that want to get involved. Karaoke won’t always go down well with every crowd, only choose this form of entertainment if you know that your guests will enjoy it.  


To help break up the evening, you could consider arranging a fireworks display. Look for a local fireworks company that can put on a short display, usually the longer the display, the more costly. Make sure that venue permits fireworks before you book a company.


You could also consider hiring a magician to do some simple tricks. This could be excellent whilst everyone is seated and waiting for food, the magician could go from table to table performing tricks to guests. Alternatively, you could hire a kids’ magician to occupy the kids in the evening. Make sure to hire a qualified magician who is used to doing these events.

Kids’ entertainment

On the subject of kids’ entertainment, if you’re expecting lots of children to turn up it could be worth booking some form of entertainment for them. This could be something as simple as face painting or something as elaborate as a full on theatre show.

Other entertainment ideas

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you can get creative as you like with entertainment. More unusual ideas could include a psychic medium, fire performers, silhouette artists and living statues. You could even book a catering company that also doubles up as entertainment, this could include a performing chef that cooks at guest’s tables or themed waiting staff.