Beautiful Bridesmaid’s dresses online…..

Bridesmaid dresses are such an important element to a wedding. They are often what brings the colour scheme and themes together, however they can also use up a large chunk of the budget. When I got married we only had a limited budget and therefore I only had my sister as a bridesmaid, as I knew I wanted to buy her dress and accessories. I just could not afford to have my friends, because I would have ended up with 6 adult bridesmaids. When I was bridesmaid for my best friend she also only had me and I remember that my dress cost almost £250, which is about the standard cost for a bridesmaid dress bought at a bridal boutique. If you had 4 adult bridesmaid that’s £1000 before you have even looked at their hair and makeup.

Bridesmaid's Dresses Online

Now however money savvy brides are looking outside of these boutiques to online stores to see what is available to them and at much more affordable prices. It means that you are able to have a few bridesmaids without having to worry about using up large amounts of your budget.

Joanie on-line have a fabulous range of gorgeous dresses. Long, short, sweetheart cut, straps in varying different colours. Which also means that you are able to have a different style dress for each of your bridesmaid but all within the same colour. I actually quite like seeing bridesmaids in different style dresses because often one dress style doesn’t suit everyone. Plus it shows off different personal styles.

Bridesmaid’s dresses online

I have put together my top picks of bridesmaid dresses from Joanie, with prices starting at just £40 and sizes from 8 – 22 there is something for everyone. 

The lovely Gracie Georgette Occasion dress, is knee length with a ruched waist and floaty sleeves. It is available in 5 different colours. It’s had that romantic feel and is perfect for your bridesmaids, available in sizes 8-22 and costs just £40.

The Isla Georgette is a maxi dress and a very popular option with brides and bridesmaids. It’s floaty style makes it a great style for all shapes and sizes. Available in sizes 8-22 at costs just £48.00 and also has 5 different colours options.

Celine Georgette it a knee length dress that like the others comes in 5 different colours. It the has a statin tie to the waist to helps to show off the waist line. It is available in sizes 8-22 and costs just £40.

I love that Joanie offer different style bridesmaid dresses, yet they are all so similar that you could have your bridesmaid wearing different dresses but they all still match and have the gorgeous romantic feel. Plus they are at a faction of the price of heading into a bridal boutique.

What was your budget for each bridesmaid? Did you choose to head on-line to find the dress or go for the bridal boutique?


*This post was made in collaboration with Joanie. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Going the extra mile: How to be the perfect Bridesmaid

You’ll (hopefully) only have one wedding, one special day when you’re at the centre of attention. However, in all likelihood, you’ll be involved in many more wedding days! When your best friend gets married, you’re going to be a massive part of the proceedings. While the staple duties of a bridesmaid are well documented, you don’t want just to do the bare minimum; you want to make sure that you’re fulfilling the important task to the very best standard you can muster. Below, we take a look at how you can be the perfect bridesmaid, by doing things that go far beyond the core responsibilities.

Think Ahead

You’ll know when your friend is in a relationship that might lead to them walking down the aisle. When you think it’s only a matter of time before they get hitched, start thinking about how you can make their engagement and wedding one for the ages. It’s never too early to start thinking about engagement parties, hen parties, and special ways to mark one of your best friend’s biggest life milestones.

Be Involved Before The Engagement

If you’re the best friend of the future bride-to-be, then you’ll probably have a pretty close relationship with the groom-to-be too. It’s rare that a girl’s best friend doesn’t also consider the groom a close friend, too! Make yourself available to help plan the engagement. The groom will love your friend sincerely, but he probably doesn’t know anything about Tacori engagement rings or where and when to ask the question. You’ll have talked about this moment with your friend over cocktails and bottles of wine in the past: share your knowledge with the groom and make sure he knows what she’d love.

Bring Your Enthusiasm

It’s hard to capture the feeling of being engaged. It’s an intoxicating feeling when you can think about nothing else other than your good news. As a friend – and future bridesmaid – it’s your responsibility to bring as much enthusiasm as possible when discussing the engagement, as much interest as the bride (OK, not quite that much, but nearly). There’s nothing better than sharing the joy of great news, and your friend will love it if you’re just as excited as they would be if you were getting married.

…And Your Patience

Enthusiasm is one thing, but being a bridesmaid isn’t all a walk in the park. It requires patience. Your bride will have no qualms about trying on twenty different wedding dresses, but they might feel a bit uneasy about testing your enthusiasm to their big day. Let them know that there’s nothing that they can do that’ll dampen your enthusiasm, and they’ll be free to enjoy the experience to their heart’s content. Remember: a wedding is as much about fun as it is about love!

Work With Your Other Bridesmaids

You won’t be the only one involved in the wedding, even if you’ve got your eye’s on becoming the maid of honour. You might have to whip up the other bridesmaids into shape from time to time, especially if they’re taking the responsibility side of their duties easy.

Do all these things, and you’ll be the best bridesmaid any bride could ask for!

Beautiful floating lockets – Pendique Lockets Review

Pendique Lockets started when their creator Nicola wanted to design handmade jewellery, and began selling items on eBay. Nicola then set up a jewellery bead store to allow people to buy items to create and design their own jewellery.

As people’s love for unique personalised items emerged over the last few years, Nicola fell in love with floating glass lockets. After months of searching for high quality items, Nicola was able to launch Pendique Lockets – your very own unique pendant lockets.

Pendique Locket Review

I have seen a few different locket style necklaces available, while searching on line for various unique gifts. Pendique Lockets offfer something a bit different. Their lockets come in different shapes and sizes. Plus they are all great value for money.

Nicola got in contact with me, asking if I would like to see one of her lockets. Of course I would! They are beautiful. I went on line to choose what I would like even looking at Pendique Lockets on Instagram, as I just could not decide what to choose.

Pendique Locket Review

My Pendique Locket

Pendique Lockets Review

After quite some time looking at the different options, I chose the medium size rose gold locket, with 20inch rose gold snake chain. When it came to choosing the charms, it took me ages. I loved so many of the different charms, little cupcakes, star signs, wedding items, animals, christmas. The list was endless.

The wedding charms are lovely. They would make a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself as a lasting memory for your day.

Pendique Locket Review

I really like having something that represents my beautiful little family. So I chose the infinity symbol, to show our family being continuous, so full of love and happiness. I then opted to birth stone crystals. February’s purple Amethyst for both mine and my Hubby’s birthday, July’s red ruby for my Son, Septembers blue sapphire for our wedding anniversary and then Octobers pink for the tourmaline stone. Along with an extra charm window. My delightful daughter ran off with her pink crystal, and since then I have not been able to find it, lost in the abyss of the playroom. I shall be ordering another one to complete my locket.

Pendique Locket Review

My Pendique Lockets Review

My beautiful locket arrived, wrapped in tissue paper, and in a lovely gift box. I love it when items arrive beautifully gift wrapped. It makes a wonderful first impression of the item you are about to open and enjoy.

I was a little bit worried about the colour of the rose gold, because sometimes it can look a bit cheap. However, this was just perfect a real rose gold colour that worked beautiful with my chosen charms and window frame.

Pendique Lockets Review

It’s great that I ordered the window frame to go with my locket, because it means I can change it. I am able to remove the window frame easily, giving a real floating look to my locket. It looks fabulous up against my block colour clothes. Next winter it will be firm favourite with my much loved black roll neck jumper. Changing the look of the locket depending on my mood.

I love my new Pendique Locket, it’s stylish, unique and completely personalised to me. I going to have to order one for my bestie before she steals it from me.


*Thank you Pendique Lockets for sending me this beautiful locket for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*