How To Choose A Wedding Dress

The search for the perfect wedding dress can be as exciting as any other aspect of the big day, and for many brides, it’s actually the most important element of all. That’s why it can be so hard to do. You want to make the perfect choice, but with so many options, what can you do? With this conundrum in mind, read on for some tips about how to choose a wedding dress.

How To Choose A Wedding Dress

Know Your Budget 

Having a budget or price range for dresses is a great idea and a must. It’s where you start looking for your dream dress. Think about how much it would cost to make the changes you want and add that amount to your budget. Tell your consultants how much you can spend so they can help you find the best deal.

 Your budget will be useful for a couple of reasons. The first is that when you stick to a budget, you won’t overspend (and overspending on any single element of your wedding might mean you have to go without something important further down the line). The second is that it will narrow down your choices, making it easier to pick a great dress. 

 Match Your Dress To The Style Of Your Wedding 

When choosing your dress for your wedding, think about what kind of wedding you want. What season did you pick? Will it be a fancy evening event or a laid-back beach party? Are you getting married in an orchard or in a building with a lot of history? You could want your wedding dress to fit the theme of the wedding if there is one. If there isn’t, or you’re not sure what it is but want to start looking at dresses, remember that some brides go out and purchase the ideal gown, which later serves as the basis for their wedding’s theme.

 Imagine The Whole Look

Do you have a certain hairstyle, a pair of designer heels you want to show off, or a must-wear accessory in mind, like your beautiful opal jewellery? There might be one dress that goes best with these accessories.

If there are elements of your look you’ve already decided on, make sure you have these in mind because the last thing you want is for your dress to be beautiful by itself but not so great when combined with the other things you’ve chosen. 

 Don’t Leave It Too Late To Shop

You can never start too soon. When you get engaged, one of the most exciting things is looking for your dress. Start your search online, on social media, or in bridal magazines before you make any appointments. Every season brings new styles and trends. Ideally, about ten months before your wedding is the perfect amount of time to begin your search in earnest. This gives you time to visit all the shops on your list without having to rush to make a decision. It also allows time for alterations should they be required. 

 Don’t Go With Trends (Unless You Love It)

If you buy a very trendy dress, you can be sure that it will make your wedding photos look dated after a while, and you might not look as bridal as you would like. Instead of picking a wedding dress because it’s trendy, pick one you love, and that makes you look and feel great. It’s better to take a simple dress and make it your own with jewellery, shoes, and other accessories than to take a wedding outfit right off the wedding catwalks and later regret it.

Choosing your wedding lingerie

When a bride to be chooses her wedding dress it’s a big exciting experience for her and her nearest and dearest to share. When you have chosen the dress of your dreams its time to start thinking about choosing your wedding lingerie, something that fits with your dress perfectly.

lacing up bridal corset

Choosing your wedding lingerie

Your dress is everything you dreamed it would be, now what are you going to put underneath it? There are many options for bridal lingerie, bra and matching pants, corset or basque, strapless bra, multiway bra or for some even no bra, thong, pants or french knickers? Will you add stockings or not?

Your dress will of course be very important to the style of underwear that you buy. Is your dress backless, lightweight, a boned corset, straps or no straps, low back, lace? All of these things need to be thought about before choosing your wedding lingerie. If you have a larger bust, just be mindful that your bra will provide you with the support not your dress, even if it is boned.

Most brides will want to feel the best they possibly can, and often think that having matching corset, pants, suspenders and stockings is a much for their wedding day. However it really is dependant on what you want, whatever you choose it will be perfect for you. After you have found the perfect style underwear for your dress, you then start looking at the materials, satin, lace, or mesh, something that is not only stylish but supportive at the same time. It’s a bridal underwear minefield out there ladies so please take your time in finding what is just right for you.

Ohh so pretty

UK Lingerie have a fabulous selection of bridal styles available, I thought I would show you a lovely set of theirs. I love this gorgeous sexy little bridal set from Aubade Al Amour, it comes with matching bra, waist clincher with suspenders, stockings and a matching thong.

bridal bra from UK Lingerie

I love how pretty this is with the lace, if you didn’t want the bra for your wedding day, why not for get it anyway so it can be warn again. Although your bridal lingerie is important, I think it should be something that you will wear again, not a one off set, well unless you have a healthy budget…. haha!

After you have chosen your wedding lingerie, the fun begins in choosing what to take with you on your honeymoon! Happy shopping.


*This is a collaborative post, made with UK Lingerie. *

Are Bridal tights for you?

So, you have ‘said yes’ to the dress for many brides the most exciting part of wedding planning. It’s perfect, everything you have dreamed about but it doesn’t stop there. Now you are searching for the perfect veil, lingerie and hosiery to go with your dress.


Choosing your wedding dress

When I got married, I wore a strapless bra and lace pants, along with stockings and a suspender belt. All very ivory and pretty, I think that having something pretty under your wedding dress really helps you to feel confident and sexy on your wedding day.

Of course it is all dependant on what you are wearing. It could be you have a short dress, a long silky dress, backless, A-line, princess style. There is such a wide variety of wedding dresses and each one would need something different underneath. Some brides are wanting to wear stockings, or tights and some do not feel the need for either.

Choosing your bridal tights

Of course not only does your choice of dress effect this, it also depends on your shoes. For me open toes and tights is no, however I know that many people are happy with this. But footless tights could be just thing answer to this, if you are really wanting to wear tights and open toed shoes. Also if you are going to have a rather high heel, then you might need to think about the possibility of these needing to come off as the day goes on.

Would you be wearing flip flops, shoe-less or changing to a comfy flat pair. I know that I’m a shoes off kind of girl when it comes to my feet hurting, but I’m also more than aware that it often leads to holes in your bridal tights and stockings, which might not be want you want. So popping a pair of flat shoes under the table might be a good idea. It’s awful when your feet start to hurt.

One of the other things to think about when choosing your wedding underwear is, are you having a garter? Or are you wearing a garter but not having it removed by your new hubby during the evening reception? I think this will play a part in deciding if you are wearing hosiery.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning your big day, and I think you often forget the small little elements when you first start to plan.


*This is a collaborative post.*