Not just any wedding shoes but Rainbow Club dyeable wedding shoes….

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress and accessories, finding the perfect shoes are just as important. The right style, fit, colour and heel height. Many brides don’t really think to much about spending over a thousand pounds on a dress that they will never wear again, but when it comes to choosing shoes brides are often looking for something that can be worn after their big day.

Rainbow Club offer just that, beautiful shoes in varying styles, width fittings and heel heights but they also offer a dyeing service on a large selection of their shoes. During 2017 Rainbow Club have also offered their brides a wedding gift of dyeing their shoes after the wedding with a choice of 5 different colours. Or you are able to have your shoes dyed to a colour of your choosing with their bespoke colouring service. Costing just £25 for the colouring pack which gives you everything you need to revitalise your wedding shoes. It’s not only shoes for the bride that Rainbow Club offer, they have cute little shoes for your flower girls, veils, handbags and shoe accessories.

My Rainbow Club dyeable shoes

Rainbow Club Dyeable Wedding Shoes

When Rainbow Club offered to send me out a pair of shoes and shoe clips, I couldn’t wait to choose a pair of shoes, I mean what girl doesn’t want to add another pair of shoes to her collection. However, as most of you will already know I take ages to make a decision about something and choosing a pair of Rainbow Club dyeable shoes was no different. After spending a couple of evenings looking at all of the shoes, I opted for the ‘Vivian’ shoes at £65. They are a simple classic, statin court shoe with a pointy heal and oh so comfy. Like a pair of slippers on your feet. The Vivian have manageable 9cm heel which for me if great as I am only 5 foot so I do like a pair of heels.

I then decided to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and opt of a pair of Xenia sparkly shoe brooches at £43. They are beautiful, as so versatile as they can be moved around the shoes. Placing the at the front, on the side or at the back, I am also sure you could use them to dress up a bag for the evening. The other thing I love about the shoe clips is that once they are in place you cannot feel them, I was worried about the inside of the clip rubbing against my foot, but this was just not the case.

Rainbow Club Dyeable Wedding Shoes

From ivory to navy in a flash

So, not only did it take me 2 evenings to decide on the shoes I wanted, then choosing the colour to have them dyed was another couple of evenings and phone calls to my bestie to see what she thought. Although in all honestly as we have different shoe sizes and cannot benefit from the them she wasn’t to much help. The shoe clips however she was very interested in. But continuing on my quest to be Carrie Bradshaw I opted for the Navy, which was actually one of the 5 different colours that Rainbow Club offer to dye your shoes as pair of their wedding gift to you. I could just imagine the navy shoe with the beautiful shoe clip attached to it. So I filled in the form and posted them off, included within the colour pack was a pre-paid postage bag so it was really easy. Within 2 days of postage I received an email to say my shoes had arrived safe and they would be back with my within 3 weeks. In just under 2 weeks my beautiful navy Vivian shoes arrived back, I was not disappointed. A beautiful rich navy colour, you could not tell they had been dyed, no marks on the the sole from the dye. When I added the shoe clips I was in love hello Carrie Bradshaw.

Something new, something blue….

Did you know that not only do your Rainbow Club shoes not only can be used as your something new, they can also be used as your something blue too. As each pair of Rainbow Club shoes have a tiny blue gem stone set in the Rainbow Club logo underneath each shoe. Perfect if you are unsure what to use for your something blue.

What shoes would you choose for your wedding day?

*Thank you Rainbow Club for sending me these beautiful shoes for review. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Are you having a traditional or a modern style wedding..

The list of wedding traditions is a long one. Whether it’s white dresses, diamond rings, or the throwing of the bouquet, there are lots of things that people think should be at a wedding. A lot of the time, people include these things just because they think they should, rather than actually wanting to. But you don’t need to do that. If you want to, it’s perfectly fine to do away with all of the traditional wedding elements and create your own special day. Some of you might want to do that, while others prefer to stick to the tried and tested way of doing things. If you’re having trouble deciding between a traditional and a modern wedding, here are some of the major differences.

The Rings

When you think of wedding rings, you immediately think diamond. That’s what most people still tend to go for when choosing their engagement rings and wedding bands. If you’re keen on going down this route, you can get tacori engagement rings here. They are beautifully made traditional diamond engagement rings that are perfect for couples that want a classic style. However, diamond isn’t the only stone out there. If you and your spouse to be want to try something a little different, there are all sorts of things you could try instead of diamonds. For a partner that doesn’t like anything too flashy, you could always consider getting rid of the stone entirely and getting them a knot ring instead. It has the same symbolic value, but it’s a bit more understated. Otherwise, you could try something a bit more colourful like pearl or ruby.

The vows

One of the major differences between a traditional and a modern wedding is the content of the vows. The wedding vows that you’ve probably seen in movies are the traditional, religious vows. While that is fine for a couple that believes in God, a lot of people find it odd if they don’t. It seems like it has no relevance if you are making a promise to a God that neither of you believes in. Modern vows still have the same sentiment, but they involve making promises to one another, rather than to God. In lots of modern weddings, people are opting to write their own vows. This is a great way to make things all the more special.

The dress

Finding the perfect dress is top of the list for most brides. Some wouldn’t even entertain the idea of not having a white wedding dress, but for other couples, white just isn’t the right colour. However, lots of people still end up wearing a white dress because it’s the tradition. You don’t need to wear white if you don’t want to, it’s your special day after all. The truth is, you can wear whatever you like. It’s a good idea to go with fairly light, pastel colours, but when it comes to style, the choice is yours. Giving up on the huge meringue dress means that you can be a bit more comfortable on your big day. Try to find something that suits your personality best.

These are the main differences between traditional and modern weddings, which one is right for you?


How to find the perfect wedding dress

how to find the perfect wedding dress

How to find the perfect wedding dress you ask? Well, it can be a tricky task, yet one of the most important. Each and every bride-to-be is beautiful in her own way. With each loving and loathing something about their appearance. Luckily we now live in a age of stunning wedding dresses, designed to suit every body-shape and personal style.

finding the perfect wedding dress

I love fitted lace style gowns. However as I am short and really quite curvy they just do not suit me. I’m ok with that, even though I would have loved a fitted lace dress. You can’t drastically change your shape but you can change the style of dress you choose.

finding the perfect wedding dress

I always felt I knew what styles suited me the best & I wasn’t too far off. I went to the bridal shop with an open mind, which allowed me to try on different shapes and styles that I wouldn’t normally even consider. By doing so I found that I really suited a fishtail style dress. Ok, it wasn’t the lace style which I loved, but a more heavy weight fabric that had some structure. Never the less it suited me.

finding the perfect wedding dress

As a bride you want to look your best. So have a look at my top tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress and you won’t go far wrong:

  • Set a budget – the last thing you want to do is fall in love with a £2000 dress when you only have £800 to spend.
  • Get recommendations for bridal boutiques.
  • Go with an open mind.
  • Research styles to reflect your style and personality.
  • Start looking as soon as you have set a wedding date. Some dresses take 9 months to make. Then you need time for alterations!
  • Take any cut outs or fabric samples you have.
  • If you have a colour scheme or flowers in mind let the boutique know.
  • If you have any jewellery or shoes you want to wear take them with you when you try on dresses. Remember, some types of shoe can be dyed to match an outfit.
  • Take a couple of people with you that will give their honest opinions. It’s no good having someone who will say that you look amazing in everything, it wont help you decide!
  • Visit more than one bridal boutique. They will stock different designers. Quite often designers will only work with one or two boutiques in one area. You might have to travel if the design you want isn’t available in your area.

finding the perfect wedding dress

Just remember the more details about you, your style and your ideas you give the boutique, the more chance you have of finding your perfect wedding dress. You never know what gems they might have hiding out the back!