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5 one-day fun bachelorette party ideas to use in 2023!

As we all have gotten back to working from the office and have financial priorities to uphold, taking days off for a marriage, even your own, may not feel feasible if you’re out of leaves or on a clock. For the bridesmaids who understand how busy their bride is, hosting a bachelorette party can be equally puzzling and stressful. While Instagram and every other social media post state that whisking the bride away for a weekend is the best way to celebrate the big transition, there are shorter parties that can be just as fun. Here are five bachelorette party ideas for the brides who are short on time but still want to have a ball!

5 one-day fun bachelorette party ideas to use in 2023!

1.An indoor hen party: Not every bride is a traditional one, but there are several that would love nothing but a cozy evening indoors with their girlfriends. Planning a classic hen party can seem simple, but you can make it extra special by adding a few fun elements. There are so many bridal games that can be found online that amp up the laughter and good times. For brides that love to hold house parties, the bridesmaids can host an edibles party with THCP Gummies and other sweet treats. Just remember to have a full stock of the appropriate concentration to relax and chill with good music.

2.Hosting a murder mystery party: If your bride loves to watch murder mysteries, or better, is fond of such novels, you can turn this into a themed bachelorette. Hosting a murder-mystery-themed bachelorette party can turn into a super fun event. Get a red velvet cake with white icing that could make part of the evidence. The bridesmaids can also create a hunt for clues around a property to find the culprit, making it a thrilling adventure.

3.Indulging in action-packed adventures: For the brides that love some adrenaline, we have a cool idea! Arranging a day of some adventure sports and games is a great way to compete playfully and bond with your femme fatale band, while you enjoy some sun before the big day. This can also be a great way to let all the stress of her upcoming marriage out, ensuring she’s light and happy!

4.Going on a mini cruise: If you wish to keep the element of luxury despite the short timeline, a mini cruise for a day sounds like the perfect bachelorette party idea. Grab the girl gang together and hire a cruise for a day to party in the warm sun. At night, change outfits and turn the fun up a notch with delicious food, music, and drinks. You’re guaranteed an amazing time.

5.Book a group spa date: What can a bridesmaid plan when the timeline is extremely short for a getaway wedding? Well, group spa dates have been a favourite among brides and bridesmaids’ for several reasons. You can all relax at an exotic therapy spa while reminiscing about the singlehood days!

Final word:

While these may be overnight or one-day parties, the maid of honour can make these activities super fun by integrating bits of glamor and fun! We hope that you liked these options to plan your bride-to-be’s bachelorette party! For more such tips and advice, follow our future editorials!

Changing Traditions: Here’s How a Party Bus can Elevate Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the biggest and most important events in your life so it makes sense that you want to make it memorable. Many couples rent a limo for the big day, but you can take things to an entirely new level with a party bus instead. Not only is there more room for your wedding party, but there are loads of other great perks you can take advantage of too. If you want to start a new tradition, a party bus may be just what you’ve been looking for.

wedding party bus

You’ll Have a Designated Driver

Chances are that you’ll be serving alcohol at your wedding and you’ll want to be sure that everyone is safe. Hiring a party bus to drive you from the ceremony to the reception and then home afterward is an easy way to be sure you have a designated driver and can count on safety along the way. This allows everyone to enjoy the festivities and takes the pressure off anyone who feels like they have to stay sober.

It’s More Comfortable

While a limo is certainly a good way to arrive in comfort and style, a party bus takes things up a notch. It’s easier to get into and out of a bus when compared to a limo, which is an advantage for the bride and her bridesmaids, who likely have big dresses to contend with. Inside the party bus, guests can move around and even stand up and there’s plenty of room for bags, drinks, snacks and other items you’ll need along the way.

Ensures a Timely Arrival

The couple and their wedding party can’t be late to the big day and a party bus ensures that everyone arrives together and on time. The driver will have directions and you won’t have to worry about navigating roads and out of town wedding party guests won’t have to worry about getting lost on their way. Hiring a party bus helps you manage your time and your driver will take on the responsibility of making sure you get there on time and ready.

It’s Fun

One of the best reasons to choose party bus rentals for your wedding is because it’s fun. Without the duties of driving, figuring out directions and parking and coordinating when to leave and arrive, you and your guests will be free to enjoy the day and the wedding festivities. It’s also a fun way to thank your wedding party by providing transportation, as well as drinks and snacks during the drive.

It’s Safe and Convenient

With fewer vehicles en route to your wedding, there’s a lower risk of an accident happening along the way. At the same time, a party bus rental can double as a shuttle to help get guests from hotels to the ceremony and reception.

If you want to create a new tradition and make your wedding something to remember, a party bus is a fun and easy way to do just that.

Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Ladies, assemble! Your BFF’s bachelorette party is coming up and the pressure is very much on you to throw your fave girl the best party that you can come up with, to give her a night to remember as one of her final acts before getting wed. Having been to multiple bachelorette parties and organised one or two, I have seen the best and worst of the choices that people make, and I believe that I know how to throw a pretty epic party. If you are looking to deliver on your promise to throw a great bachelorette party for your girlfriend, here are some tips on doing so.

Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Keep it Private

Many like to rent out VIP areas in clubs or head out to busy bars, but the best idea is to instead rent a private place and just enjoy the company of all those in attendance. Scottsdale private events at Riot House, for example, proved to be a brilliant place to enjoy a bachelorette party for us last year, plenty of space and modern installations, all catered to your needs. Whether you are having a themed party or just a good old fashioned knees-up, renting a private place is the ideal option.

Make a Day Of It

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what some do, and only organise the bachelor party for the evening. This is an event that you need to really squeeze the most out of and that is why the hours during the day running up to the evening should also be part of the event. To make sure that the girls are all ready for a big night, look at something like a spa experience during the day, or you could even get a hairstylist and makeup artist so that you are all looking gorgeous when its time to party. This will not only make sure that the party goes on for some time, but it will also help to bring the group together.


It’s all well and good having a drink and a boogie on the night time, but to really add some excitement why not think of some fun games to play which will ensure maximum enjoyment? There are many games you can come up with, from naughty quizzes to silly activities, find something that fits in with what your friend would want and then work hard on getting it properly prepped.

Something Extra

During the party, you should look at trying to do something a little different to really set the night off. This could be anything from a nude butler to serve you, or perhaps a mixology course where the girls can make their own cocktails with a professional. There are many services like this which you can choose from and they not only help to break up the evening but also ensure that the girls and your friend will never forget the experience.

This is a party of great importance, plan well, get creative and go and have a great night with your BFF.