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Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Ladies, assemble! Your BFF’s bachelorette party is coming up and the pressure is very much on you to throw your fave girl the best party that you can come up with, to give her a night to remember as one of her final acts before getting wed. Having been to multiple bachelorette parties and organised one or two, I have seen the best and worst of the choices that people make, and I believe that I know how to throw a pretty epic party. If you are looking to deliver on your promise to throw a great bachelorette party for your girlfriend, here are some tips on doing so.

Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Keep it Private

Many like to rent out VIP areas in clubs or head out to busy bars, but the best idea is to instead rent a private place and just enjoy the company of all those in attendance. Scottsdale private events at Riot House, for example, proved to be a brilliant place to enjoy a bachelorette party for us last year, plenty of space and modern installations, all catered to your needs. Whether you are having a themed party or just a good old fashioned knees-up, renting a private place is the ideal option.

Make a Day Of It

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what some do, and only organise the bachelor party for the evening. This is an event that you need to really squeeze the most out of and that is why the hours during the day running up to the evening should also be part of the event. To make sure that the girls are all ready for a big night, look at something like a spa experience during the day, or you could even get a hairstylist and makeup artist so that you are all looking gorgeous when its time to party. This will not only make sure that the party goes on for some time, but it will also help to bring the group together.


It’s all well and good having a drink and a boogie on the night time, but to really add some excitement why not think of some fun games to play which will ensure maximum enjoyment? There are many games you can come up with, from naughty quizzes to silly activities, find something that fits in with what your friend would want and then work hard on getting it properly prepped.

Something Extra

During the party, you should look at trying to do something a little different to really set the night off. This could be anything from a nude butler to serve you, or perhaps a mixology course where the girls can make their own cocktails with a professional. There are many services like this which you can choose from and they not only help to break up the evening but also ensure that the girls and your friend will never forget the experience.

This is a party of great importance, plan well, get creative and go and have a great night with your BFF.

6 Fun Ideas For Planning Your Hen Party

Organising a hen party is a huge responsibility as you will want to give the bride-to-be an unforgettable experience with those closest to her. Additionally, you will want it to be fun and unique so that everyone has a fun time and looks back fondly on it. Understandably, organising a hen do can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety as they can be challenging to plan. If you are currently struggling to come up with a few ideas, then fear not! There are a few great ideas which will guarantee a brilliant experience for the bride-to-be and everyone else.


1. T-Shirts

No hen party is complete without personalised t-shirts! These can bring the group closer together and provide everyone with a priceless memento from the party which will make them smile every time they see it.

2. Hen Accessories

You will want the hen to stand out from the crowd, so it is a good idea to have a few unique accessories for her to wear on the night. It could include a sash, a tiara or some kind of silly outfit. After all, it wouldn’t be a proper party without embarrassing her a bit!

3. Cocktail Making

Cocktails are an essential ingredient for any fun hen party, but cocktail making can take this to the next level as a highly entertaining activity that will certainly have hilarious results. Who knows, you may even come up with a new favourite that you can show off to people at the wedding.

4. Games

Games can be a good way to break the ice early on, and they are particularly useful if you have a group where not everyone knows each other. There are all kinds of fun games to consider, but a few good examples include beer pong (or any alcoholic beverage), bridal bingo and hen party dares.

5. Vaping

Vaping has developed into a cultural activity in recent times, and it can be a fun way to bring the group together. You can get all kinds of flavours to try from places like Ultimate Juice, so be sure to find a wide range for you all to try together.

6. Hen Party Bags

Creating hen party bags filled with goodies for each guest to take home is a nice touch which will make sure that the memories of the party will live on long past the date. These could be filled with anything that you like, but they should be special and unique items related to the bride-to-be.

Planning a hen party is a huge responsibility, and it is understandable to have a few concerns. The above are all a few fun ideas for planning your hen do which should ensure that everyone has a fantastic time and gets along well. It is important to try and find ways to make the hen party unique as often these events turn out to be formulaic and similar so think carefully about the activities and find ones that will bring the group closer together.

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

I have never visited Liverpool, but it’s a really popular place to visit for hen and stag parties. Liverpool isn’t just the home of the Beatles and amazing night life. There is so much more to Liverpool. Liverpool is home to amazing architecture, the largest cathedral in the country, the Albert Docks, amazing shopping and Liverpool football club, to name just a few.


Liverpool is an eclectic city, with things to do whatever you loves are. I think it would make not only for a the perfect weekend away….. I must speak to the Hubby about that. But also a brilliant fun filled destination for a hen party.

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

Liverpool has a wide range of accommodation options, it would be a youth hostel, apartment or fancy hotels, whatever the size of the hen party you will find just what you are looking for.

If you have a hen who loves to shop, then Liverpool is the place to be. The Cavern Quarter is the place to go for the designer boutiques. For the best high street shopping, head to South John Street where you will find your all of your favourite high street stores.

If you are after a bit of culture while in Liverpool then there is the Cathedral, Liver Building, the Albert Docks, not for getting the museums with the Beatles Museum being the most popular of them all in Liverpool and a must see for any Beatles fans.

Hen Party Ideas In Liverpool

Restaurants in Liverpool are among some of the best in the country, with Röski offering fabulous fine dinning and Panoramic 34 gives you some of the best views across Liverpool while your eating. If it’s not fine dinning that you are wanting then you can find numerous other restaurants that will suit your needs, Italian, Chinese, grill house, indians, burger bars and even Japanese, Liverpool has to all on offer.

If it is a big night out you are looking for then Liverpool is home too, comedy clubs, night clubs, casinos, not forgetting amazing bars and the dream boys (if you are wanting that kind of thing). Roof top bars and cocktails bars are the perfect place to start the evening off, why not try Palm Sugar Lounge for some classy cocktails.

Liverpool also has lots of activities on offer for hen parties, cocktail making (which is amazing fun), chocolate making, dance classes, wine tasting, pamper parties, spa days, pole dancing or if you see you and then hens as the next Beatles why not book a recording studio session.

If you want more ideas or more information then visit Liverpool one, they have everything you could possibly want to know about Liverpool.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*