5 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the hardest things when it comes to organising your wedding is finding the perfect venue for your big day. Whether you’re looking for small or you want an extravagant venue to suit your personality, you need to be sure you’re finding the right place for you. Although it may seem impossible at first, there are a number of questions you can ask yourself to ensure you’re choosing the right location. With that in mind, here are 5 things to consider before choosing the perfect wedding venue: 

beautiful barn wedding venue


1. What Is Your Budget?


One of the first things you need to consider when choosing your perfect wedding venue is your budget. Although you may have a rough idea in mind, you need to come up with the maximum price you would be willing to pay for your venue. Although it might be difficult, it’s the best way to ensure you’re not wasting your time looking at venues you can’t afford. If you’re struggling, you can visit this site about setting budgets for your wedding here. 


2. Where Do You Want To Get Married?


Another important thing to consider is where you want to get married, as this will play a huge part in the locations your search for your venue. Whether you’re getting married close to home or you want a destination wedding, you need to think about your location before you start scheduling in viewings. For a guide to viewing wedding venues, you can visit this site here. 


3. How Many People Are You Inviting?


When looking at wedding venues you may also want to consider how many people you’re going to be inviting, as this will determine how much space you’re going to need. Whether you need a small wedding venue or a large one, you need to be sure you’re going to have enough room for everyone. 



4. Are You Going To Do An All-In-One Package?


Another thing you might want to consider is whether or not you’re going to be doing an all-in-one wedding package, or whether you’re going to be organising things yourself. If you are looking to save money when it comes to your wedding, going for a package option may be your best choice. Although they’re not everyone’s first choice of wedding, they can be incredibly easy to organise. 



5. What Features Are Essential?


Finally, you need to think about what wedding venue features are essential. Do they need to have a nice place to take photos? Does it need to have space for a band? Does it need to be able to stick to a certain colour theme? Does it need to have adjoining hotel rooms? You need to think about the things that are 100% essential to your wedding and find out whether or not your potential venues have them. 

Are you getting married soon? What do you need to consider before you choose your perfect wedding venue? Let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Charming Ways To Add Personality To Your Wedding

Often, planning a wedding feels like you’re going through the motions. Instead of doing it your way, you end up placing too much emphasis on tradition because it’s the done thing. Happy couples can regret this in later life, which is the last thing you want to reminisce about when you look at your wedding photos. It’s your big day, and you should tie in your personality wherever possible.

Finding the balance between tradition and character isn’t simple because it can come across as tacky. However, this post has got your back. Here are four charming and easy ways to add personality to your wedding. Enjoy!

wedding flowers

Tweak The Dress Code

If you’re a Boho girl in the Sienna Miller mode, you won’t want to look like a run-of-the-mill princess. Instead, you will want to add a bit of style and flair, two things that are a nod to your usual fashion sense. The best way to do it is to play around with your footwear. Rather than high heels and formal shoes, opt for Converse or Vans. Trainers go well with formal attire because they create a striking contrast; plus, they’re comfy. More than anything, they’re a simple tool to incorporate your style without looking trashy.

Thrash Out The Photography Details

The standard pics won’t do because they don’t reflect on you and your partner as a couple. They’re generic and boring and a little bit cliched. Thankfully, modern photographers are flexible and understand the happy couple need more from their snaps. Foden Photography is a company that will sit down and talk about your requirements over a cup of coffee so that you get the images you want. If that means setting up a makeshift catwalk and walking down the runway, it’s something you should mention. To get photos full of personality, you mustn’t hit them with a big request at the last minute. They’re pros, so let them come up with creative ideas.

Pay For A Round Of Cocktails

Paying for a drink for the day guests is an excellent way to show you care and to say thank you. But, there’s no point in sticking with the status quo. Instead, give them something witty and funny and different. A unique cocktail is a perfect example. By mixing it yourself, it will smack of your character traits. The Bartender can help. Or, you can order some readymade ones that refer to you as a couple. For the beach babies, it’s a pina colada, whereas travellers should opt for a Long Island iced tea.

Leave It To Your Loved Ones

Your friends and family are the people that know you best, so let them help. A wedding book is a fantastically creative way to give them a say. With a pen and some paper, they can write a long post about your adventures and the good times you shared. Alternatively, they might write one or two words that instantly make you laugh, cry or both.

Add disposable cameras to the mix and your wedding will be imbued with personality.

Why a Quirky Wedding Could Be For You

The big white dress, the flowers, the wedding cake, the champagne – it all feels a bit been there, done that by now. When you have been to a few weddings, they all start to blend into one sweet meringue of romantic songs and candlelight. 

bride and groom in trainers

So what if you wanted something a bit different? Something truly memorable you could hold onto forever without accidentally conflating your own wedding with someone else’s? Quirky doesn’t have to mean weird or even push you out of your comfort zone. 

A quirky wedding is simply a wedding that speaks to you and your husband in a way that wouldn’t make as much sense for any other couple. Here’s what you can do to achieve it. 

Make it Fun

It’s not a popular opinion but let’s be honest for a moment. Weddings are really boring! Unless you are the bride and groom, weddings can quickly grow dull as guests who don’t know each other that well are forced to mingle while photos are taken and the wait for food begins. 

To tackle this, you might consider putting on an activity or entertainment. A Wacky Photo Booth complete with props is a lot of fun for your guests throughout the event as are disposable cameras dotted around the room. Having something to do like a popup mini-golf course or croquet is also a fun idea. 

Don’t Let Tradition Hold You Hostage

Weddings come with a whole host of preconceived ideas: the bride must wear white, there should be fairy lights everywhere, the cake should be 3 tiers high and covered in flowers. But, just as the diamond engagement ring is actually an unbelievably successful marketing campaign, all of these traditions need not apply to you. 

When it comes down to it, a wedding is an event to celebrate the lasting love of a couple who make vows and sign a legal document. Everything else is simply a fancy party so, in that spirit, you can do what you want. As long as the legal bit is done right, you can have the wedding you want, including as much or as little tradition as you like. 

Stick to Your Budget

Sometimes, you don’t plan to host a quirky wedding but your petit budget makes it a necessity. Despite rising wedding costs, more and more couples are happy to DIY everything from decorations to food to save money. 

Of course, if you are willing to spurn a few traditions such as the dress, the fancy hotel venue and an enormous cake, you can save a lot and still have a fantastic wedding party. Indeed, when you know what you want, it’s a lot easier to figure out where you can cut corners and save a bit of cash. When you release yourself from the burden of expectation, it’s a lot easier to manage your budget. 

A quirky wedding is an opportunity to host the event of your dreams without spending a small fortune. Do what you want – it’s your day!