Engagement Ring Shopping Mistakes That Men Make

One of the most challenging things a man can do is to select an engagement ring for their fiancée. There are many questions that need to be addressed, such as, “Will she like the ring?” and “Can I afford to buy a suitable item?” If you are planning to pop the question in the near future and are concerned about the ring selection, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Engagement Ring Shopping Mistakes That Men Make
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  • Buying the Wrong Size – This is a common occurrence, as many men assume the ring size based on her height and weight, yet some women have a bigger build than others and making a mistake like this will put a serious damper on your proposal. There are a number of ways to ensure you know her ring size, which include “borrowing: a ring that she wears on the third finger of her left hand, or measuring the finger with a piece of string. You can also enlist the help of one of her friends, which would ensure you don’t buy a ring that is too large or small.
  • Failure to Set a Budget – If you start looking at engagement rings with no real figure in mind, you will likely end up paying more than you can afford. An online search will reveal a wide selection of diamond engagement rings at prices to suit every budget, and buying from an online jeweller will ensure you do not pay more than you should.
  • Unsure of Her Taste in Jewellery – It is crucial that you have a good idea of her taste in jewellery if you want to be sure that she will love wearing the ring. This is not difficult, as all you have to do is take note of the jewellery she wears on a daily basis, while enlisting the help of her best friend will also ensure you get it right. You may want to get her one of those engagement rings with pink diamonds from which will be perfect if your girlfriend likes something unique and pretty.
  • Lack of Knowledge About Diamonds – Purchasing diamonds demands that you at least understand the basics of diamond grading – the 4Cs, which are the cut, clarity, colour and carat. Do some online research on understanding diamond grading and make sure that the stones you buy have GIA Certification. By sourcing a reputable online jeweller, you are all but eliminating the risk of purchasing inferior stones and if you really want to impress your partner, why not have a diamond ring custom made?
  • Lack of Practicality – While a diamond engagement ring with raised stones might look great, it is likely that the prong settings will catch on fabric, which causes the stone setting to loosen. Choose a setting that does not have sharp edges and always remember that she will want to wear this ring at all times, so the design must be very durable.

If you follow the above advice when looking at diamond engagement rings, the process should be smooth, and by ensuring the ring size is correct and she likes the style, your wedding proposal should be one that is remembered for all the right reasons.

Make Your Wedding Day A Party To Remember!

People want different things out of their wedding day. If you want a demure, grown up event, that’s totally fine. But what if what you really want, is to party with the people you love the most all night long? Then you need to set out to make your wedding day a party to remember!

Here are some pointers and ideas that will help you. Take a look and see what you can do:

Choose A Theme

A theme can help to set the mood of your wedding. There are all kinds of themes out there, and you can let your imagination run wild as you take your personalities into account. What do you think will make everybody want to get up on the dance floor? Your theme doesn’t have to be cheesy, but it could definitely be a lot of fun – such as a 70s or 80s themed throwback party!

Give Everybody Props To Play With

Give people props to play with and they’ll make for some interesting accessories and photos. Hopefully, they’ll get everybody on their way to have a lot of fun, which in turn should make them want to get up and party the night away.

Set The Tone With Your Own Wedding Dance

If you want to get people on the dance floor, you should try to set the tone with your own wedding dance. Many couples are breaking the rules in terms of wedding dances these days; they no longer have to be slow and romantic. You can mix a variety of dance styles and music styles to create something all your own. It’s a good idea to end on an upbeat note to make everybody want to follow your lead on the dance floor!

Hire The Right DJ

The right DJ is key to your wedding party. You’re going to want a DJ that will understand and listen to your tastes, as well as somebody who can read a room and get people on their feet when the time is right. Make sure you do plenty of research on your DJ. Finding one that will play tracks to get people dancing doesn’t necessarily mean finding one who will play the cha cha slide. You can set up meetings with DJs like Benny Smyth, who will ask plenty of questions about what you want from your wedding party and the kind of music you like to ensure they get it right.

Keep Everybody On Their Feet For Longer

How can you keep everybody on their feet for longer? Coffee and refreshments! Make sure there are things to take the edge of alcohol consumption, such as coffee, snacks, and other refreshments. You might even want to have some of those roll out dolly shoes available for ladies who want to take off their heels.

Make Your Favours More Personalised

Your personalised favours could include some painkillers, a sachet of coffee/tea bag, and anything else you think your guests will appreciate the morning after your big day!


Why It’s Cheaper To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

Are you planning on getting married? The engagement ring you choose for your fiancée will be a symbol of your love and commitment for years to come. The diamond industry knows this, which is why it entices you to spend a fortune on diamond engagement rings.

buy an engagement ring online
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While quality engagement rings may come at a cost, there’s no reason to pay everything you have. In fact, you can save money by buying diamond engagement rings Brisbane women prefer online.

It’s Cheaper To Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

There is just no way that land-based jewellery stores can compete with online retailers.

However, some people are often hesitant to buy an engagement ring online, despite the impressive savings. We know that diamond buying can be confusing, and there’s a lot to learn, but you can still be taken advantage of in a store than if you purchase a ring online.

When people are ready to buy an engagement ring, they often spend hours online reading up on diamonds and metals and everything that goes into an engagement ring. They learn as much of the ins and outs of buying diamonds as possible. However, when they walk into a store, it’s easy to forget the minor details. You’re facing off against someone incentivised to upsell jewellery, so it’s all pretty scary.

Yet, when you buy a diamond engagement ring online, you have the luxury of doing things at your preferred pace. You can cross-reference sites and resources and check off all those boxes. You can also check out the retailer’s reviews, policies and payment options, all in your own time.

The opposite is true of a land-based store. When you walk into the store, the less desirable a diamond is to you, the more intent the salesperson has to sell it. Of course, the salesperson wants to sell you the most desirable, highest-priced diamond in store, or even the one they just can’t seem to get rid of. Either way, it may not be the one you really want.

There have been countless couples who head off to a store and find a great deal that they snap up right away, only to realise later that they missed out a few important details that turns from a great deal into a horrible one. Think along the lines of strong fluorescence, improper certification that inflates the quality of the diamond, even artificial treatments. Worst of all, many stores make it difficult to return the ring.

Why Online Retailers Offer Better Deals

Overall, online jewellers offer significantly lower prices and even better return policies. They usually cost as much as 50% less than what you’d pay in a brick and mortar store. It makes sense. They don’t have to pay rent, salaries, or even for décor. What’s more, online retailers have fewer inventory expenses. Each diamond brought into a physical store involves stocking and shipping fees, and stores just can’t carry the same kind of volume as an online retailer.

Overall, engagement rings are a great deal cheaper online, for the same amazing quality and standards you’d find at a brick and mortar store.