Artificial Orchids: A beautiful wedding choice

One of the biggest concerns brides-to-be have is finding quality flowers that do not cost a fortune. Real flowers can be quite expensive, especially if you want a fancy bouquet or floral arrangements with peonies, lilies, and orchids. If your budget is limited, one option is choosing artificial orchids instead. But are they any good? Read on to discover the benefits.

Artificial Orchids

They Are Much Cheaper

Most florists provide wedding bouquets and floral arrangements with real orchids at very expensive prices, which many brides-to-be just can’t afford, especially with so many other expenses. On the other hand, having an artificial orchid bouquet or floral arrangement can help you save significant amounts of money, allowing you to invest more of your budget in other core elements of your wedding.

They Last Forever

A fresh flower bouquet can last up to two weeks if taken care of. However, some flowers only last a few days – it depends on how fresh they were when delivered to you. And, even if they last two weeks, their appearance will deteriorate before this. An artificial orchid plant lasts forever, they do not require any maintenance, and they will never lose their beauty. 

They Are Non-Allergenic

Some of your guests may have an allergy to pollen, strong scents, or perfumes – and you certainly would not want to put their health in danger. It could easily ruin the jolly mood at the event. Artificial flowers are non-allergenic, and hence they will never trigger allergies or bad reactions.

They are always in Season

If you want orchids at your wedding celebration, there is some bad news for you: blooming orchids are not available all year long. However, artificial orchid plants are always in season.

Orchids Have A Beautiful Meaning

When you are looking for flowers for your wedding, it is vital to not only consider their appearance but also their meaning. After all, a wedding is all about the special emotions of the day. Orchids are associated with grace, beauty, strength, luxury, and love. When you take this into consideration, it is not difficult to see why orchids are such a majestic choice for a wedding.

They’re Great For Wedding Cars

Not only do you need to think about flowers in terms of your bouquet and table centrepieces, but what about wedding car hire? If you are going to be hiring transportation for your big day, you will want to ensure that it is decorated with some beautiful flowers. Artificial flowers are more robust and they can ensure you don’t spend your journey to your wedding venue sneezing. After all, that is not a good look for any bride-to-be, is it?

Artificial orchids are just as good as real orchids. They are a much cheaper option for brides who cannot afford to spend much on flowers. They are available no matter when you plan your wedding, and your guests won’t be able to tell the difference because they look so real.

Essential Tips that Will Help you to have the Best Country Wedding

If you would rather have a wedding that is more rustic and refined then you have come to the right place. Here you can find everything you need to know about hosting the perfect day, without having to worry about the finer details. Of course, a lot of people think that weddings need to be hosted in barns if you want to have that country theme but this is not the case at all. In fact, it’s more than possible for you to have a country wedding that is a black-tie affair with a sophisticated vibe that would rival the most luxurious of events.

Best Country Wedding

Garden-Style Florals

Potting plants alongside the aisle is a super innovative way for you to get that country-style theme. The great thing about doing this is that you won’t be taking away the focus on you when you’re saying the vows. Having garden-style florals will elevate the overall wedding and it will also help you to really make your venue reflect the other aspects of your day.

Let your Surroundings be the Décor

Never crowd your ceremony with décor that is just not necessary. This could take away from the awesome country backdrop that you have. Iron ceremony chairs and sleek wood can easily bring out the best of your wedding venue and you may even find that it compliments the various decorative features that you have as well.

Raw Wood

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting your event at a venue outdoors or whether you are opting for an indoor location because one of the easiest and best ways for you to take things to that next level, would be for you to have some wooden accents. Play things neutral and you’ll be able to nod to the countryside environment.

Focus on Greenery

The joy of a country wedding lies within the warm tones and lush greenery. If you want to bring out the nature which is all around you, then it would be wise for you to try and have a pitched white tent outside with some flowers or garlands draped along the frame. This way you can get some great photos which showcase the colours all around you and you can also capture the beauty of your space too.

Rustic Altar

If you want to take things to that next level, then why not think about having a rustic alter?  You can use a reclaimed wooden structure to try and create a canvas and you can also coordinate the natural surroundings all around you. Little things like this will make your wedding very unique and you may even find that you can bring everything together much more efficiently when you simply put your own stamp on things.

Of course, hosting a country-themed wedding doesn’t need to be difficult and if you follow this guide then you’ll soon find that it is easier than ever for you to have the best time ever without having to worry about a thing.


Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Wedding Party Planning

There is much to think about before your wedding day, with lots of details that you don’t want to forget. There are things you will need to remember for the ceremony itself, including the ring and any unique vows you are sharing with your partner. And there are things you will need to remember for the after-party celebrations. With this in mind then, don’t make the following mistakes within your planning. 

Mistakes With Your Wedding

Mistake #1: Relying on friends and for your entertainment

To save money, you might want to ask friends and family to provide your wedding entertainment. While this is a good idea, in theory, your party might end up being a flop if your amateur entertainers fail to give your guests a good time. So, think carefully before choosing people you know for your entertainment. Quiz them on their music choices and party acts before bringing them on board and ask them for demonstrations. If you don’t like what you see or hear, visit sites such as Party Sound in your search for a professional DJ, and do the same for any other entertainment act you want at your wedding. 

Mistake #2: Hiring too small a venue

When it comes to your wedding party, you do need a suitable venue. There needs to be enough space for dancing, socialising, and eating, so going for something small might not be a good idea. Of course, it depends on the number of guests you are inviting, but whatever the case, ensure there is plenty of space for everything that will be taking place at your party. 

Mistake #3: Not providing a mix of music

A professional DJ will be more than happy to accommodate your music for the evening, so let them know your requests in advance. The same should apply if you do decide to enlist a friend or family member. But remember to provide a mix of music, for all tastes, as you will alienate some of your guests if you don’t. Your gran might not appreciate the heavy rock anthems you choose, for example, and the younger members of your guest list might not enjoy tunes that are pre-2018. You also need to include a range of wedding songs, both lively and romantic, to encourage people onto the dance floor. So, cater to as many tastes as possible, and follow the previous link for a few suggestions. 

Mistake #4: Forgetting people who don’t drink alcohol

If you’re hiring professional bar staff for the evening, this shouldn’t be an issue. They will have a range of drinks for your guests to choose from, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. But if you are providing the drinks for the evening, don’t forget those people who will be driving, or who don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol. You don’t have to resort to bottles of lemonade or simple fruit juices when choosing what to give them, of course. These non-alcoholic party drinks are far more exciting, and they might even tempt those people who do like a tipple!

So, ensure your wedding party is a success by avoiding these mistakes. Your guests will have a better time if you plan ahead, and when they have a good time, you’ll have a good time too!