Wedding Planning 101: Bringing Some Personality To Your Big Day

Getting married is one of the most special moments in your lives. While some couples love to do it on holiday or in unique circumstances, the majority still opt for a somewhat traditional wedding. While there are several iconic traditions that are likely to feature on your big day, there is still plenty of room to make it yours.

Wedding Planning 101

Injecting personality into your big day can be achieved in many ways, and it will make it an even more memorable occasion. Here are five areas where adding a unique twist can work wonders. 

The Arrival

Whether getting married in a religious building or at a registered wedding venue, arriving in style is key. The traditions may focus on either horse and cart or a classic motor. But you don’t have to take these routes. Wedding supercar hire agreements will get your big day off to the perfect start as you can arrive at the venue in the vehicle of your dreams. Aside from delivering the ‘wow’ factor en route to the venue, the supercar is the perfect solution for newlyweds to depart. And begin their next chapter in style.

The Entertainment

Many aspects of the wedding itself are likely to follow the traditions. However, the evening entertainment will give you a far better opportunity to showcase your personality. This could mean arranging a rave to truly get the party started in style. Or you may want to hire a street entertainer rather than the standard singer. If the traditions of a wedding band feel bland to you, there is no reason to settle for this. Choose the type of entertainment that’s best suited to you as a couple, as well as your guests. The rewards will be huge.

The Photography

In truth, it’s likely that you will hire a wedding photographer. In today’s climate, videographers are a very popular choice too. However, you can complement these professional elements with a more candid approach. Providing disposable cameras is a great option as it gives a different view of the big day. You will also have great fun looking through these while waiting for professional photos. Another option is to create a Snapchat filter for your big day, which will give extra excitement to phone snaps from the day.

The Meal

OK, so it’s almost certain that the sit-down meal will be a traditional menu or a buffet-style meal. Of course, there are ways that you can stamp your authority on the situation. The menu choice itself is one option. You may wish to opt for a vegan style or choose a specific cuisine, perhaps from your honeymoon destination. The table decor is another area where you can have a personal twist. Meanwhile, you’ll almost certainly have a cake but could break free from the traditions of a three-tier white one. Do what’s right for you.

The Rituals

There are many traditions that you will complete during the ceremony, but you can add modern ideas too. Having the rings passed through your guests so that they can add their blessings, is a good choice. Meanwhile, having a table or area to remember loved ones who are no longer with you can have a positive impact. For some couples, finding ways to include pets in the wedding is a very useful solution too. Ultimately, you have to focus on what will make you happy as a couple. Nothing else really matters.

The Details That Make Your Wedding Truly Perfect

When you are planning a wedding, the main aim is of course to ensure that it is going to be as perfect, or as close to perfection, as possible. This is easier said than done, but it’s something that you can really make sure of if you simply put the necessary effort into a few of the most pressing and important details. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the details that are especially necessary to get right. As long as you do, your wedding is more likely to go to plan and be the perfect day for you.

 Details That Make Your Wedding

Personalised Decorations

You can just go for some tried and tested decorations if you like, and it’s not as though this is going to cause you a lot of problems or that your wedding won’t be beautiful. But if you are keen to make sure that your wedding is as close to your idea of perfection as possible, then it could be a good idea to try and personalise your decorations as much as you can. This is easy enough to do, but it will make a huge difference to how your overall day goes.


It probably goes without saying, but you obviously want to ensure that all of the clothing at the wedding day is as close to perfect as possible. The most important is the bride and groom, of course, and the wedding dress in particular is one thing that most brides put a lot of effort into getting right. But you’ll also want to think about the other members of the wedding party: the groomsmen in their suits, the flower girls in some girls tutu dresses, and so on. Focus on these details and it will really add to the effect of the whole day.

Special Venue

Venues are tricky to get right, but one way to approach this is to think about what kind of venue you might be able to go for if you want to be able to feel truly at home while you are having your special day. It’s a good idea to try and choose a venue that speaks to you, and that might mean somewhere that already has particular meaning for you and your partner. This is a great way to make your day just that little bit more special, so make sure you consider it carefully.

Professional Videographer

You might want to hire a photographer, but it could also be an idea to hire a videographer as well, as this is quite a powerful way to really make sure that you can look back on the day and remember it fondly and with great clarity. If you can find a videographer who is going to really work well for you, that can help to seal the deal when it comes to the whole day itself. Consider this, and you should be able to enjoy your day all the more, and your guests probably will as well.

Important Things To Do Before Proposing

Proposing to someone is a big thing and certainly something you need to be a hundred per cent sure of before you do it. It’s also something you will want to be memorable, meaningful and in a way have a nod to your time together. Whether that’s connecting it to a place you went for a first date, an inside joke or something you both love. Here are a few key things to do before proposing.

Important Things To Do Before Proposing

Is It Something You Both Want?

One of the most important things to consider is if you both actually want to get married. Not everyone wants to have a normal marriage, house, and kids life. Some people don’t have any desire to get married and will happily show their love for their partners in other ways so having a conversation before you’re wanting to propose is a big to-do on your list. It’s important to know you’re both going in the same direction and wanting the same things out of life.

The Most Important, The Ring

Engagement rings can be hard to shop for because it can be difficult to know your partner size. There are a few ways that you can do this. You could borrow a ring from her collection and say you’re getting it cleaned, you could try simply asking and sometimes if you know the height and weight jewellers can estimate what size ring you need. They can also resize after so it’s not the end of the world. It’s also important to know what type of rent they may want. Some people want them or classic and traditional engagement rings and some people want more unique engagement rings. Once you know that and your budget you can go off and find the perfect one for your love.

Give Them A Pamper Beforehand

An odd one but an important one. After you proposed and they have hopefully said yes. One of the first things You Will be doing is to take pictures to remember the moment. Your other half or very much thank you if they have had a fresh manicure and either gel nails or acrylics on when they’re taking their pictures for the first time with the ring on. It’s only a little thing but it shows that you care about the details. So just tell them that they deserve a pamper and book them in for a massage and a nail appointment.

Have a Camera Ready

Capturing moments to remember forever is a great idea. You can set up your camera so it is on the timer to take lots of shots or you can simply hire a photographer to hide and take some picturesque and top quality shots for you to use when announcing your engagement. It’s always great to see how shocked they are as well as the nerves that may make the moment go so quickly. 

These tips will help you plan an amazing memorable proposal and capture the moment to remember forever.