Wedding entertainment – What are your options?

Want to keep your guests entertained on your special day? Here are some of the most popular options to consider and how you can get the best out of each one.



Most couples settle for a DJ, it’s the easiest way to provide entertainment that everyone can enjoy. When choosing a DJ, look for someone that is experienced and who primarily focuses on events such as weddings and birthdays. A good DJ should be able to take requests and blend songs so that it’s not just like listening to a playlist. Some DJs will provide audio equipment and even lighting, whilst others may leave this job up to the venue.

Live music

Another option to consider could be live music. This could be anything from a string quartet to a rock band, depending on personal preference. Try looking for local live bands to hire that are willing to play weddings. Find out which songs they play, how long they’re willing to do a set for and whether they will provide their own audio equipment and lighting.


If you want a more interactive form of music, you could always consider karaoke. Whilst you can use your own karaoke tools, you may want to hire a professional who can create a more organised system, particularly if there are lots of people that want to get involved. Karaoke won’t always go down well with every crowd, only choose this form of entertainment if you know that your guests will enjoy it.  


To help break up the evening, you could consider arranging a fireworks display. Look for a local fireworks company that can put on a short display, usually the longer the display, the more costly. Make sure that venue permits fireworks before you book a company.


You could also consider hiring a magician to do some simple tricks. This could be excellent whilst everyone is seated and waiting for food, the magician could go from table to table performing tricks to guests. Alternatively, you could hire a kids’ magician to occupy the kids in the evening. Make sure to hire a qualified magician who is used to doing these events.

Kids’ entertainment

On the subject of kids’ entertainment, if you’re expecting lots of children to turn up it could be worth booking some form of entertainment for them. This could be something as simple as face painting or something as elaborate as a full on theatre show.

Other entertainment ideas

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you can get creative as you like with entertainment. More unusual ideas could include a psychic medium, fire performers, silhouette artists and living statues. You could even book a catering company that also doubles up as entertainment, this could include a performing chef that cooks at guest’s tables or themed waiting staff.

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

I have never visited Liverpool, but it’s a really popular place to visit for hen and stag parties. Liverpool isn’t just the home of the Beatles and amazing night life. There is so much more to Liverpool. Liverpool is home to amazing architecture, the largest cathedral in the country, the Albert Docks, amazing shopping and Liverpool football club, to name just a few.


Liverpool is an eclectic city, with things to do whatever you loves are. I think it would make not only for a the perfect weekend away….. I must speak to the Hubby about that. But also a brilliant fun filled destination for a hen party.

Hen Party ideas in Liverpool

Liverpool has a wide range of accommodation options, it would be a youth hostel, apartment or fancy hotels, whatever the size of the hen party you will find just what you are looking for.

If you have a hen who loves to shop, then Liverpool is the place to be. The Cavern Quarter is the place to go for the designer boutiques. For the best high street shopping, head to South John Street where you will find your all of your favourite high street stores.

If you are after a bit of culture while in Liverpool then there is the Cathedral, Liver Building, the Albert Docks, not for getting the museums with the Beatles Museum being the most popular of them all in Liverpool and a must see for any Beatles fans.

Hen Party Ideas In Liverpool

Restaurants in Liverpool are among some of the best in the country, with Röski offering fabulous fine dinning and Panoramic 34 gives you some of the best views across Liverpool while your eating. If it’s not fine dinning that you are wanting then you can find numerous other restaurants that will suit your needs, Italian, Chinese, grill house, indians, burger bars and even Japanese, Liverpool has to all on offer.

If it is a big night out you are looking for then Liverpool is home too, comedy clubs, night clubs, casinos, not forgetting amazing bars and the dream boys (if you are wanting that kind of thing). Roof top bars and cocktails bars are the perfect place to start the evening off, why not try Palm Sugar Lounge for some classy cocktails.

Liverpool also has lots of activities on offer for hen parties, cocktail making (which is amazing fun), chocolate making, dance classes, wine tasting, pamper parties, spa days, pole dancing or if you see you and then hens as the next Beatles why not book a recording studio session.

If you want more ideas or more information then visit Liverpool one, they have everything you could possibly want to know about Liverpool.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

How to afford your dream wedding

When it comes planning you wedding, do you think ‘how are you going to afford it’? I was the same, when I planned my wedding 8 years ago it was tough and we had just over a year from booking our venue to the wedding, and for 6 months of that I was on maternity leave.

We had a one year old, a mortgage and childcare to pay for. Luckily in the job’s that myself and my hubby had back then, we were able to do over time, and my parents offered to have our son extra so we go get a few hours over time in here and there to pay for our wedding. Of course on top of that we had to make cut backs, my spending on make-up, clothes, handbags, shoes had to take a break. I wasn’t spending £100’s each month but every now and again I would head out shopping and spend a bit to much. But in the 9 months, from me returning to work after maternity leave, we managed to pay for our whole wedding. My parents gave us some money towards it, and my hubby’s dad and step-mum paid for our cake. We did the rest.


For me having lists is a big part of my life, and for my wedding planning it was no different. I had spread sheet on my work computer, I had a big wedding planner book and it came with me everywhere. I had lists for things we needed, things we would like, day guest lists, night guests lists and then list of questions to send to the venue. Oh, if I could make it into a list, I did. It really helped me.

For saving money, we really had to budget, we meal planned and hoped that we could get a roast dinner at one of the parents houses each week. We didn’t have a holiday, and we even originally said we wouldn’t have a honeymoon because we didn’t think we would be able to afford it.

I made up a chalk board, it had the amount of hours over time we needed to do between us to afford the wedding. Listed in from 1 to 100 (although I cannot remember how many hours it was) and after we had completed an hour we crossed it off the list. It helped to keep us focused on what we needed to do.


I used e-bay and amazon to buy bits a pieces for the accessories, I chose flowers that I loved from a lovely local florist. I had been to see a lady the venue had recommended, she was great but I just didn’t love her and her prices were just not affordable for us. I supplied the florist with the vases for the tables, that came from asda at £1 each, I then gave them away to some of the ladies at the end of the day.

I made the fable favours, we decorated the venue the day before the wedding. They just added the flowers to the tables when they arrived in the morning.

We wanted a really relaxed wedding, so we didn’t have a seating plan, some people sat inside, others outside. We also opted for a BBQ for the day guests and then bacon sandwiches and cheese toasties for the evening guest, it was really popular. Our cake was a cupcake tower, that we served with strawberries and cream for desert. So we saved money there.

I think if you are happy to make some cut backs to your spending, change a few simple bits to cut down on costs then any you can afford your dream wedding. Chill Money are always available to help with those last few pounds if you need it. We had who we wanted and what we wanted for our wedding, we didn’t have any pressure to invite people we hadn’t seen in years or any of the we cannot invite them without inviting them.

Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. It went in a flash but we loved it.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*