Have You Considered A Wedding Magician?

A close-up magician might sound like a peculiar choice for entertainment at a party or event. Though it seems unorthodox, many people are now opting for innovative entertainment options, and a magician is an idea outside the box and always bound to produce an interesting and fun evening.

Wedding Magician

Many people initially think that hiring a magician for parties or events is something to be seen as hackneyed or gimmicky, or even childish. While a good magician can certainly create memorable parties for children there is nothing to prevent them from having a broader clientele. Magicians can perform mind-boggling illusions and keep people talking for hours after they’ve finished their tricks, so why not add that element of mystique and have everyone remembering your wedding party as something quite literally magical?

A magician can cover a variety of different functions, such as being wedding entertainment, to doing corporate gigs and cabaret halls, remember, the best magicians are always proficient and adaptable. Whether you want some simple card tricks to impress your crowd and give them a laugh, or you want to introduce some more intriguing mind-reading routines to really keep your guests guessing you’ll find it all. You can even incorporate your magician into your wedding photography for some really unique and exciting images of your special day.

When it comes to finding a magician you want to get the best results based on their reputation for creating an enjoyable and fascinating routine, along with the variety of performances and venues they can accommodate. Magic requires skill too and so book a high-quality magician to ensure an unforgettable night.

The Essential Sleight Of Hand They Use

Close up magicians have a lot of tricks and methods at their disposal for your wedding performance, and the most reliable and common of these is sleight of hand. This is a classification of manual dexterity that is seen as being incremental to magic entertainment and the art of conjuring and performing tricks.

Sleight of hand has many aspects to it and is often confused as being a form of magic itself due to its close connection with magic tricks. It is not in itself a form of magic but if you are looking for a high-quality magician then they will be certain to have a good mastery of sleight of hand.

This is a fundamental of the magician’s trade generally and due to the small intimate nature of close up, or ‘micro’, magic it is essential to pick someone who is adept at sleight of hand to impress groups. Close up magic does not just engage and amaze though, it is often used to dispel accusations of ‘planted’ audience members collaborating in tricks, or the use of gimmicks. Sleight of hand benefits from being performed in front of small groups of people as this allows them to suspend their belief for the magic performance happening just a few feet in front of them.

Sleight of hand uses physical dexterity and impeccable timing in order to capture a truly magical feel for performances and someone who can use all of these to their advantage is someone you want for your events.


Avoid These Mistakes With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding is a day like no other in your life. It’s a day you want to remember fondly, regardless of how stressful it’s been to organise. More importantly, it’s a day you want to revisit regularly by looking at the pictures of the ceremony and the reception. The last thing you want is to put your wedding photo album away without daring to open it because the images are not quite what you expected. Ultimately, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in planning the venue, the dress, the menu, and the entertainment for the day. It would be a pity not to have a decent photo of your wedding party.

Avoid These Mistakes With Your Wedding Photos

Not looking after your skin

If there’s one day where you need to shine, it should be your wedding day. Thankfully, most brides have on average 6 to 18 months to prepare for their big day, so that should leave you with plenty of time to improve your fitness and beauty routine. Your skin, more importantly, will be going through a lot of pressure. Ultimately, planning your wedding is a stressful journey that can affect your skin balance and health. There’s no way around it: You want to keep it hydrated and smooth! For a fresh look, you should ensure the fragile skin under your eyes is moisturised, lack of moisture will create lines and enhance dark rings. Remember that while you can cheat with makeup, you can achieve better results with a clean and clear complexion!

Asking a friend to take the pictures

Everybody has a friend who always takes the most flattering selfies. But the truth is that your wedding picture shouldn’t be entrusted to a friend. You want a professional wedding photographer to capture the memories of your special day. Ultimately, your friend may not have the skills or the equipment required for a quality result. And it’s fair to say that the process of taking selfies is not comparable to wedding photography!

Check your location thoroughly

Nobody likes to be photobombed by a dog running in the background or a pair of school students playing on the grass. But if you want to avoid accidental intrusions, you need to pick a location that will be private at the time of the photoshoot. Film locations such as Alnwick Castle, or a Pottermaniac, it’s the set of Hogwarts, are available at a private hire basis, which guarantees perfect photos. Additionally, if you’ve decided to organise a photoshoot with a famous landscape in the background, it’s a good idea to check the site a few days before the shooting to make sure it’s safe and suitable.

Learn to pose

Selfie addicts, be warned! When you get married, you want not only a flattering picture with your spouse, but you also want to look your best. Automatisms such as the sign of victory or sticking your tongue out might be fine for a casual night out with friends, but you may want to train yourself to more suitable posing for your big day. Practice holding yourself straight in front of a mirror to find your best angles.

If you’re dreaming of a framed photo of your wedding day to keep by the fireplace, you need to make sure you’re not taking any chances on your photoshoot. From looking after yourself to finding a reliable photographer, you have to plan every single detail of your photo!

Here’s how you make sure everyone enjoys your wedding party

The evening of your wedding day will no doubt be when you do your serious celebrating! This is when most people have a party, and it’s usually the best time of the day for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun. The formalities of the ceremony are over and you and your guests will be full from the wedding breakfast. Now’s the time to enjoy everyone’s company and hit the dance floor!

Make Sure Everyone Enjoys Your Wedding Party

I’m sure that you and your new spouse will have a fantastic time at your wedding party. After all, you will have planned it with the two of you in mind. But how can you guarantee that every one of your guests will also have a fab evening? Here are some tips that will help with that.

Hire A Band Or DJ

Obviously, it ain’t no party without some music! You just need to decide on the best kind of music for your party – band or DJ? No matter which you go with, they will certainly be able to get most of your guests up onto their feet and having a boogie on the dance floor. It’s worth thinking about which type of music you and your guests will prefer, though. If you just want a standard disco that plays a good mix of current hits and some cheesy classics, then the DJ will be the best bet. For something a little different, a band will be a great addition to your whole wedding day.

Get Some Fun Props

These days, there are so many cool props that you can buy to add to your party. These include fun things like photo booths, giant-sized kids games, and magic mirror hire. I’m sure that your guests will have heaps of fun entertaining themselves with these. And they will also make for some great pictures that will always remind you of just how much fun everyone had!

Think About Children’s Entertainment

If you are going to be inviting some kids to come to your wedding, then you will need to accommodate them accordingly. They will very likely get bored with all the usual entertainment that is provided for adults, so you will need to remember to get something for the little ones. Why not hire a clown or a magician to dazzle the kids while their parents are on the dance floor? Some companies even offer special creche services that people can hire for their weddings too.

Mingle With Everyone

You and your spouse will be the guests of honour at the wedding, and I’m sure everyone will want to congratulate you on your big day. So, be sure to see everyone and mingle. Don’t just stick to the dance floor all night as some of your guests might miss you completely, and this might make them feel slightly unwelcome. So, be sure to say hello to everyone before you go for a dance!

These are just a few days you can make sure everyone enjoys the evening party of your wedding!