It’s no secret I love to shop, I mean I really love to shop. I often try to make sure that my Hubby is going to be at work when my on-line shop arrives, especially if it is one of the many Emma Bridgewater¬†purchases that I make. I mean those big red boxes are quite difficult to hide.

Changing My Spending Habits

Recently thought, I have been doing my best not to buy so much, which is going quite well. I really have got my travelling head on and as there are so many places we would like to visit, I thought I would start by trying to save some money. Earlier on this year we stayed in an amazing Yurt with my brother and sister-in-law, so we have decided to go back but take the children with us. Instead of us putting money away each month for the trip I have decided to change my spending habits.

It kind of goes that I love the latest iPhone, I’m am about due a new one. In our house we are apple fans, we have iPads, iPhones and a macbook pro. I have decided that I am going to up-grade my phone when the contact ends at the start of November. I will sell my iPhone¬†and put the money I make towards our trip.

The other thing I am going to do is cut back on what I spend on people for Christmas, some years I spend a lot of money on family members. I have spoken with my sister and we have set a budget to spend on each other and our children. I no longer buy for many of my friends children, most of us agreed a couple of years ago that we would only do birthday gifts. I’m going to speak with another friend this year, she has a little boy but excitingly she is having twins in the new year which means she needs to save for her twins coming along.

I will also be hitting the Black Friday sales this year, we have an Oldrids near to us and in previous years they have had 20% off all of their toys. Which will be perfect for the lego and the other bits the children have asked for, plus they sell lots of designer clothing and my Hubby loves Barbour so last year I got him some bits, no doubt I will do again this year. I am not going to buy anything for the kids for Christmas that isn’t on offer somewhere. I love a bargain.

Do you have any tips for making some money? I would love to hear them.

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