Your lounge should be the most relaxing space in your house. Your bedroom needs to be a chilled out space that invites sleep, true, but your lounge has to be more than that. It’s where you spend much of your waking time at home. It might be where you eat meals, or where you and your family catch up on each others days. It’s where you put your feet up, and binge watch your favourite shows, and it’s where you read your favourite book, losing yourself in its pages after a hard day. Your living room or lounge is where you leave the stress of your working day behind, where you recharge your batteries, ease your tension and ready yourself for a good night’s sleep. But at the same time, it’s also more visible to other people than your bedroom.

Creating a relaxing lounge

While your bedroom is personal and private and few other people ever see it, your lounge is a social space. It’s where you spend time with family and friends, and it might even be a space for entertaining. So, you might want to turn it into a stylish and welcoming room. But, above all, it should be relaxing, your haven in a busy and stressful world.

Focus on Comfort

Before every purchase or move around, ask yourself if it will help you to get comfortable. Your Living room furniture should be above all, comfortable. Don’t buy a sofa just because you like the look of it, sit on it, and ask yourself if it will still be comfortable while offering you the support you need in a years time after plenty of use. Make comfort your priority and your room will soon be more relaxing and welcoming.

Add Plenty of Texture

Textures are super relaxing. Looking at a room filled with lush textures relaxes your mind and makes you feel at home and at peace. It’s also comfortable for your body though. There’s nothing more relaxing than a couch filled with cushions and blankets. Add texture with heavy curtains, wall hangings, throws and blankets and cushions. But, remember that texture doesn’t just mean heavy and think. A combination of textures works best, and it’s a good idea to add some flatter surfaces, like chrome and copper, wooden floors and shiny mirrors.

Look at the Detail

It’s often the details that truly create a relaxing and chilled out space. Photographs and paintings that make you smile and bring back happy memories, fresh flowers with bright colours and gentle aromas and flashes of colour in your textures and accents. Letting in lots of natural light can also help to make the room feel calming and fresh, so if you’ve got a big window, make sure you can tie your curtains back.

Stick to Relaxing Colours

Your colour scheme is crucial if you want to relax. Deep colours can be romantic and add some drama. But they won’t relax you. For your primary colours that make up most of your walls, stick to calming shades like cool blues and purples, with plenty of natural colours like dove grey and cream.

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