As our living rooms or lounges, as they are often known are where we tend to spend a lot of time, it’s definitely worth investing a bit of money and effort into making them the best space possible.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to update your living room area with a few clever touches to the walls. Touches like colour blocking, patterned wall paper, wall art, decorative features and picture shelves. To get the details on how to do this, keep reading.

Colour blocking

One way to update your living room wall is to use coloured paint. It’s simple to apply and relatively cheap regarding wall treatments. As well as being available pretty much all over the place.

The real key paint look this year is colour blocking, see the great example at House and Garden. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to DIY. First, pick two colours, or three if you are feeling brave, that you like and that compliment each other well. See the colour wheel at Sophie Robinson for some advice if you not sure.

Then you need to decide how much of the room will be painted in each shade. Bear in mind that colour blocking is usually done on the horizontal line, so if the room is already broken up with a picture rail.

Then prepare the walls as you normally would for painting by removing any paper and debris. After that, the next step is to mask off the bottom section of the wall, so it’s protected from any drips from when you paint the top. Then you paint the top section, once it’s dry, you can go in with the other colour along the bottom. Giving you a bold, dramatic look for a minimal effort.

Wall paper and patterns

Painted walls, however, are not to everyone’s taste. Something that is proved by the continued popularity of products such as the wallpapers available at Fabrics and Papers.

Of course, to get a truly updated look, you need to choose a paper pattern that is bang on trend.  Black or white, foiled marbled papers in gold and rose gold are a good choice for this, as are feature walls in geometric prints in either rainbow colours or monotone. This is because a room fully decked out in this type of pattern can be a bit overwhelming.

Although, if you are concerned that the trends change faster than you can keep up with them, it may be worth considering the innovation of removable wall paper. Something that you can apply without all the hassle of paste. Then just take off and replace with something else when you get bored or want to change the look.

Decorative features

Also remember that when you are updating your living room, it’s not all about the actual walls themselves, but what you hang on them such as art and decorative features.

While we will deal with traditional framed art below, it’s also worth mentioning that you can get some stunning effects with sculptural wall mounted pieces. In fact, you can even get radiators that are shaped in sculptural forms like the honeycomb version available from online. So not only are you getting something beautiful to look at, but it’s also serving a practical purpose in your home as well.

Framed Art

With regards to the more traditional framed art that you can hang on your wall, it’s the actual decision-making process, where people often experience problems. After all, you have to pick something that you love, and that will look great displayed on the wall, as well as an image and frame that is within your budget.

Although, there is another way to address this issue, and that is using a picture shelf. Something that is very popular at the moment. A picture shelf is usually a free floating shelf with a dip running along it. So you can stand frames images up to display them.

This idea work especially well if you use A3, A4, and postcard sized frames that fit in with you general decor. Then you can easily, and cheaply download and print new images from sites like etsy depending on what’s in fashion, what you like, and the type of ambiance you are trying to create. Something that is way easier than replacing and re-hanging all the artwork that is on the wall, every time you fancy a change.

In these ways, you can live it up at home, by updating your living room walls. Creating a modern and pleasant space, in which to spend your time.

How will you update your living room walls?


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  1. I’m feeling the need for more colour in our house. It’s mostly magnolia because that is what it was when we moved in. We have decorated a few rooms and added some colour, but lots to do still. I quite like the idea of colour blocking.

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