A lot of careful planning and money goes into making a wedding a fun and joyous occasion. Don’t let an unforeseen disaster ruin the entire day. Here are just some of the biggest disaster than can destroy a wedding and how you can protect yourself against them.

Disaster-Proof Your Wedding Day


Its bad luck if you or your partner are ill on your wedding day, but it does happen. Whilst you can attempt to soldier through the day, it’s likely you won’t be able to handle the barrage of people and food and drinks. Insuring your wedding can allow you to cancel your special day and rearrange it if one of you is ill, allowing you to get back all the money you spent on your wedding. WedInsure are just one of the companies that provide this insurance coverage. Like travel insurance, the more you pay, the more you will be covered in the event of such a disaster.

Transport issues

What if you get stuck in heavy traffic on your way to the ceremony? What if your car breaks down on the way to the wedding? If the wedding venue is far away, it’s worth staying in accommodation nearby the night before. This way you’ll never be far from the venue – if there is traffic or the car breaks down you can always walk and get to the ceremony. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than being stranded miles away whilst everyone is waiting for you. Plan your guests to arrive an hour or two before so that if they get caught in traffic, they’ll still make the ceremony.

Bad weather

If your marriage is taking place mainly indoors, bad weather needn’t ruin your day. For outdoor weddings, it’s best to not take the chance and provide some emergency shelter just in case. A canopy from a company such as Fews Marquees can allow everyone to stay dry – it could be worth hosting the ceremony and having food under here. If the weather is hot, people can still mingle outside for the remainder of the wedding.

Be aware that extreme heat can also have its drawbacks. So that the wedding cake doesn’t attract flies, it could be worth having a glass container to go over the top of it until the cake is cut. This way it can still be on display without bugs getting to it.

If you would like to be super safe on your wedding day, it may be worth packing some extra jackets just in case. Prepare Now offer many disaster emergency kits.

No-show caterers

What happens if a food catering service or a registrar or a photographer doesn’t turn up? By using a professional and credible wedding service, this generally won’t happen. In other words, think twice before hiring a friend of a friend to cater – unless they do it for a living, can you really trust them? Wedding insurers may allow you to cancel and make a claim if this does happen. Alternatively, you could use a wedding planner to arrange your day – many planner can quickly call for backup if a photographer or DJ or registrar is sick.

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