Normally when we think of single glazed sliding sash windows, we will think of elegance, character, and a beautiful window befitting a period property. It would probably really surprise you to learn that double glazed sash windows can now be made like for like to match the very original sash from over a hundred years ago. More surprising still is the very same joinery techniques are implemented, just a far higher technology grade making the process somewhat less labour intensive, and a little more accurate, normally to a tolerance of within half a millimetre. In this article we will look at the benefits of double glazed sash windows in a period property.

Double glazed sash windows can really improve a period property

Double glazed sash windows made like for like that look almost single glazed.

Double glazed sash windows can be replicated like for like, even using the same materials as a hundred years ago, although it’s far more common to use a hardwood timber such as Sapele. These sash window replicas are so accurate that they can even be fitted into the original box frame to avoid the added expense of replacing entirely. If you didn’t know, sash windows, double glazed, in hardwood will set you back a minimum of £2000 per sash window if entirely replaced. This assumes the use of a well priced reputable sash window firm such as the one listed. You could pay nearly double for a major high street name to make the very same sash windows and install.

These double glazed sash windows come with a factory spray finish which is similar to that of a car, and therefore very durable. The guarantee is typically five years on an install into the original frame. A complete replacement comes with a ten year insurance backed guarantee so there’s no worries of short or medium term repairs and maintenance with these high quality windows.

Double glazed sash windows can transform a living space

If you like on a busy road then traffic noise will certainly be a problem should you still have your original single glazed sash windows. There’s only two real solution, firstly you could have hideous secondary glazing installed onto the the inside of the original frame, or secondly its double glazing the existing sash windows and taking advantage of the original frame. The secondary glazing is slightly better in terms of acoustics as the air gap is larger than that of a double glazed unit. Still, you need to weigh up the differences in aesthetics lost vs the comfort and noise level in your property. Almost all homeowners go with double glazed sash windows as it looks considerably better and cuts a very considerable amount of noise out, striking the perfect balance of looks and functionality.

The heat savings are really significant. High quality Pilkington low-E units that come Argon filled, and normally toughened are super high performance and genuinely cut a significant amount of heat loss. Not only that, the low-E glazing acts as a heat trap, allowing heat waves from the sun to pass into the property, and then trap them with a special layer on the glass inside. This is actually why it’s really important for sash window installers to put the glass in the right way round.

I live in a conservation area, do I need planning permission for double glazed sash windows?

The best thing about double glazing the existing sash windows is no planning permission, even in a conservation area. If you’re a freeholder and you intend to replicate your sashes exactly like for like then you will not require any planning permission at all. Please be advised that the permissions are only valid IF you manufacture sash windows like for like. If you were to install a different material such as uPVC then you would strictly need planning permission which is not usually granted to period properties in a conservation area without a struggle.

If you live in a flat and do not own or share the freehold then you must obtain the necessary permission from the freeholder and council. This rule is in place to stop unlawful installs and subsequent damage to the property prices of your neighbours. Unsurprisingly, installing low quality plastic your period property rather than timber hardwood sash can literally knock tens of thousands of pounds off the value of your property whilst detracting from the look of your neighbours as well.

In short, double glazed sash windows are now a must have if you can stomach the price tag. The difference it makes to the ambience of a property is considerable.


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