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I currently work in a comfy chair or in bed curled up with the laptop on my knee. Having note books all over the place, I hand-write all of my posts before I even open up the laptop. I love a note book, I keep one in my handbag, one on my bedside table and numerous ones on the dresser. Each one is part used which drives my Hubby mad!

My regular readers will know we are dreaming of moving to a home in the countryside. I know when we do we won’t have a room that I can use as an office, but I would love to have my own home office space. Something that will help to inspire me, that I can go to and get creative. And to store my note books. Not that I have told my Hubby this yet…..

I have found some great inspiration over on Pinterest and pinned a few too many ideas to my boards. I thought I would share with you some of my loves.

Rose Gold and Copper

Home Office Space

I love the light spacious minimalist look. Clean lines, white furniture, modern, with an airy feel. I would have a white desk and chair, but use pinks, rose golds and copper shades to add that chic, fashionable style. I would add to the area using copper wire baskets with a matching desk lamp, pens and all my note books. Not forgetting a big comfy cushion to finish it all off.

Trestle Table Style Desks

These trestle style desks, are just lovely. My brother-in-law has a contemporary home, with a glass top trestle table in his office. My brother-in-law also has action solar panels added to his contemporary home, which helps with all of the technology he uses. It really shows off his work area. As it is clear glass it doesn’t appear to take up much room but still provides a good sized work space. I’m drawn to the light wood, with accents of pastel colours that it give it a feminine touch. I could see my home office space looking just like this, however it wouldn’t suit our vintage country living feel that we love so much.


Home Office Space

I’m a sucker for vintage furniture. I have managed to gain a beautiful old walnut french dresser, a small walnut and glass cabinet. I also have my eye on a lovely dark wood sewing table at a local vintage shop. So I think a bureau would fit in perfectly with the style of home we are looking for. I’m not sure if it would be up cycled or left in its ordinal state. A bureau would sit in the living room, with all of my note pads and all the rest of my work things. I would still love to add the more modern elements like the rose gold stationery and a beautiful table lamp.

I can’t wait to find our forever country home and get my home office space, it will make my blogging life so much easier.

*Images from Pinterest*


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16 comments on “Dreaming of a Home Office Space …”

  1. My office space doubles up as a playroom so it’s not exactly tailored to my work! I’d love a trestle desk, they’re just so much prettier than your average functional desk. I was giggling as I read about your many notebooks, I’m exactly the same and it drives my husband mad too!

  2. I love a trestle desk but we’re getting a new office and I decided to go for a writing bureau instead so you can just shut it up and hide the mess! Hope you find your forever home soon!

  3. I love stationery too!!! Love it! You can usually find me ogling all the fab notebooks in HomeSense…NOTEBOOKS AT DISCOUNT PRICES! The best combo ever. Some fab ideas to inspire. Thanks for sharing #HOMEETC

  4. Aaah Pinterest; it’s the love — and the bane — of my life!!! I spend so long on there, pinning various bits and bobs — I love it. We moved to the country a few years ago — best decision we ever made but my work-room turned into a nursery once the twins were born. I’ve just regained my own space in the form of a she-shed in the garden!! SO exciting to have a little space to do whatever I like with — fingers crossed you manage to do the same!! 😉 xx Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc

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