My Hubby loves to get dressed up almost as much as me. In recent years his style has really improved, with a little help from me. Well, no, a lot of help from me. The Hubby loves a bit of tweed, it goes with his country style really well. Imagine, checked farmers shirts, jeans, waxed jackets and you are about there with his style. Plus it really suits him.


I have been looking for a tweed style blazer that was a bit different to everything else he has in his wardrobe. Something that would be warn casually day to day but also could be used for a evening meal out or a party.

Jacamo got in touch a while ago to ask if the Hubby would like a couple of items. So I thought I would have a look to see if they have anything nice other than Freddie Flintoff. I had never looked at the Jacamo site before, because in all honestly I thought it was designed for larger, taller men. Although my Hubby isn’t the smallest man he, also doesn’t struggle for clothing in standard shops. However when I popped onto the Jacamo site I was impressed to see that they offer clothing from a size small to a 5 xl. Brilliant, it means that whatever your size and also style you would be able to find items at Jacamo. Which I did for the Hubby and every easily.

I’m not the most decisive person, so I often have to think about things for a while before can make my mind up. For me I will often order 4 or 5 items even when I am just wanting one. When buying for someone else it can be even more difficult. So after spending probably a few to many hours looking at the Jacamo items, I found a gorgeous grey herringbone ‘Have a blast’ blazer, matching waist coat and a white shirt that all looked rather lovely on model that was was wearing with it. As the Hubby generals wears a checked shirt, I thought I would also go for the white shirt for something a bit different. I was really impressed with the results.

The items arrived a few days later. The Joe Browns ‘Have a Blast’ blazer costs £100, but it was on offer for £65. The matching waist coat cost £50, but again was on offer for £35 and the Williams and Brown white shirt was only £16.

We were both really impressed with the quality of the items. The blazer and waist coat are both finished beautifully with contrasting linings, the grey herringbone has a real subtle check running through it, giving it just enough of the country feel that my Hubby loves. I hadn’t noticed in photographs on the web page, but the blazer also has a lovely button hole of feathers that looks lovely on it. Fair enough a feather button hole might not be for everyone, but it is easily removable. The buttons on the cuffs just finish it all off.


The white shirt for £16 is good quality, it easily irons and looks great with the blazer and waist coat combination. We are both really pleased with the fit and style of the outfit I had chosen, fingers crossed I might get taken out for dinner soon.

I wouldn’t hesitate to order items from Jacamo again, they have a great range of clothing, in fact I have my eye on some other bit’s for the Hubby to help change up his love of checked shirts.


*Thank you Jacamo for sending these lovely outfits for my Hubby. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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