The year 2022 is going to be more about functionality than superficiality. It is going to be about comfort first and then fashion. This trend will be visible across various kinds of apparel and accessories alike. Let’s discover some of the most innovative offerings that men will be interested in next year and a few years down the line as well. So here it goes:

Accessories For Men

1. Travel Bags

If you are a traveler, how can you say no to a fantastic-looking and spacious travel bag from the leading brands? Several brands of luxury travel bags offer great discounts to travellers on their latest collections now and then. The colours that you get in these travel bags are absolutely astounding and the designs are going to go well with your personality. The textures vary from virgin plastic to wood and faux leather. Several of these travel bags are very lightweight and ideal for the frequent traveler.

2. A Pair Of Leather Belts

A pair of black and brown leather belts can never go out of fashion. This is one of those accessories that put your entire apparel together. The only trick is to choose the right breadth and thickness of the belt. Once you get these aspects correct, you are set for the entire evening. A nicely finished brown leather belt with a chrome buckle is perfect for a blue shirt paired with light grey pants. This is perfection defined.

3. Slim Wallets

The days of the thick and heavy wallets are long gone. Men are choosing slimmer and lightweight wallets these days because they are very discreet and do not peek out of your back pocket. Slim wallets are also available in eco-friendly materials if you are not a fan of genuine leather. They allow you to go environment-friendly on a budget and without compromising on aesthetics. These also do not cause your trousers to appear bumpy which means you are going to look suave and sophisticated throughout the evening. These are capable of holding a lot of cash and several of your cards and can mold easily to the curves of your body without causing any protrusions from underneath the fabric.

4. Woollen Hats

Woollen hats look not just cool but very stylish. The designs that are available these days can go pretty well with almost any kind of apparel that you have chosen for the day. Some of these go extremely well with your formal outfits and can be paired with tattered Men’s Jeans as well. In fact, woollen hats are considered very sophisticated especially when paired with top-of-the-line executive wear. The different kinds of fabric mixes, stitches, and textures are especially popular among millennials. Grab a pair of woollen hats this winter before someone else steals your look.

5. Ankle-High Socks

Bright-coloured ankle-high socks are very special and to some corporate executives, these are precious. They are a great way to add a dash of colour to their otherwise boring and almost dead outfits. An all-grey suit, for example, can be easily offset by bright green or yellow ankle-high socks. The same colour can be worn in the form of a tie or a handkerchief in the coat pocket. There you have it! A style statement for the corporate millennial.

6. Ornate Watches

The age of ornate watches came and went away. Now it is back in the game and checking all the boxes that it once missed. Ornate or intricately designed watches have become a rage among people of almost all ages. This is because they have become more affordable and the brands that have launched these watches off late have been offering a wide variety of styles for every shopper. Some of them are extremely lightweight and neutral in colour so that they can go with any apparel you choose. Simple and white watch faces make the entire piece stand out and you the centre of attention wherever you go.

7. Sunglasses

It is always a good idea to invest in at least one pair of sunglasses. These can be your regular biker glasses or aviators or any other form factor that suits you the best. A great tip that is going to prove helpful when shopping for sunglasses is to always keep the shape of your face in mind. If you can find something foldable for your impromptu trips, nothing better than that. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a traditional pair of aviators preferably in a dark grey or charcoal black colour. Try to avoid making any bold statements with a completely reflective pair of sunglasses. A pair of Aviator true blue glasses should cost you 150 bucks or more but they are going to be worth it.

8. Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are very fashionable and they give off a particularly unique vibe whenever you sport them around your wrist. They can give your overall outfit a completely different look. The strings are sturdy and the beads are very colourful. A great way to make a style statement is to combine a hand-woven beaded bracelet with a faux leather wrist band around the same arm. The trick is to keep one hand accessorised and the other relatively lighter. Couple this look with a full sleeves lace-up shirt.

9. Handmade Rings

Handmade or customised rings are considered quite coveted in the fashion world. For the simple reason that these can be customised, they have become quite a catch among people of almost all ages. Couples have started investing in these rings as a sign of commitment to one another. Handmade rings could be one of the cutest additions to your wardrobe this year.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is not about compromising on comfort for the sake of looking cool. It is more about what suits you and flatters your personality and body type. Do not spend an excessive amount of money just to look trendier or to be cool like your neighbour or friend. This year, make it a point to re-imagine your wardrobe based entirely upon your comfort and budget.

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