A family garden is many things. A place where you can allow your children and pets to roam free without worrying about their safety in an exposed space. It’s a place where you’ll entertain, watch your children learn how to play with friends, or spend a good number of summer evenings reading on a lounge chair. It’s a place of comfort, of wonder, and of constant dynamism. A garden is a dynamic environment, not a static place of boredom.

Equipping Your New Family Garden

But a garden is also the easiest thing to see fall into disrepair. This can be quite upsetting to see happen. If you have the garden space and the time to keep on top of it, you should absolutely consider keeping up with it, and trying your best to equip it fully. But like with any organisational home effort, this can be an extremely difficult thing to do from the offset. With the following advice, you’ll have more success:


The garden shed you purchase is likely going to be one of the most convenient tools of your garden. Not only does it offer you ample storage space, but allows for the long-term storage of items during winter, preventing rust and a range of other issues associated with your belongings remaining exposed to the elements. A great garden shed can be a safe place to keep your children’s bicycles, to house your deconstructed trampoline during the winter, or can stop a range of garden toys from being strewn about the place. A shed can also house your garden tools, keeping them well out of the reach of your children, ensuring their safety at all times.

Sheds are often quite inexpensive, easy to build, and if varnished or painted correctly can look quite beautiful. Just be sure to keep them in solid condition, because an old, rotting or mould-covered shed can tank an otherwise beautiful garden from top to bottom.

Garden Design

The design of your garden is important to consider. Of course, you may not decide to implement sweeping and expensive changes, or to have a perfect idea of what you wish for just yet. But let’s say that it’s your ambition to plant some vegetables this spring. Where would you place a greenhouse? Where would the vegetable rows be placed? How might this affect the winding pathway in your garden, or how might you efficiently ensure this space doesn’t impede the overall open area of your turf? A little planning as to the design and layout of your garden can help you make the decisions ahead of time, and see just what the changing potential of this beautiful environment could be.

Climbing Frame

It can be wonderful to bring some form of play equipment in for your children, but of course, it’s best to be careful in its construction. If purchasing or building a climbing frame it’s important to go for heavy wood constructions, as this can often be slotted together strongly and limits the likelihood of collapse. Be sure to invest plenty into this, because if your child is climbing it, it’s important to know they’re going to be safe.

A careful ladder, a slide, monkey bars, or a small climbing wall is all you need, but be sure that the child is able to enjoy this with care and that you only bring it in when they’re old enough to fully handle their body well. Also, be sure to keep a close watch on them. We all have memories of climbing monkey bars when we were children, but this is unfortunately a drop hazard, and has resulted in many injuries since the inception of the climbing frame. A soft padding to fall onto, or perhaps simple turf well maintained can cushion a fall, but just be sure your children are likely to adapt to this well.


Maintenance of your garden is essential for it to look as resplendent and beautiful as you had planned. Of course, in winter, only sweeping the leaves and gunk from where the water collects is important. But Spring is almost here, and with it arrives nature in all its blooming glory. This is where ensuring you have the garden tools to pull up weeds, to repaint the fences or to bring in tree surgeons to treat the health of your border trees could be important. But don’t forget to give yourself the maintenance implements you need to succeed.

For example, if you have lawnmower, cutting your grass becomes this long, laborious process in which you need to borrow the neighbour’s item, and this can simply put you off from deciding to take care of this job. But if you purchase your own petrol lawnmowers, the task becomes easier and you once again unlock the beauty of your garden. The maintenance of your garden iis also important to look at from a fun perspective. Make your garden jobs enjoyable. For example, pulling weeds might seem miserable if you consign yourself to it as a grim duty. But put on some fun music or listen to a great podcast, wear your comforting clothes and spend a beautiful afternoon in the sun doing this, and automatically it becomes a weekend day well spent.


Garden furniture allows you to host and invite people around to the garden you are so proud of. Some people might wish their garden to stay as a hidden area only they know about and enjoy, while others are quite happy to bring friends around and perhaps enjoy eating outside once in a while. Comforting furniture well-maintained and cushioned appropriately can make any outdoor garden seating area feel fresh and beautiful.

Not only this, but the investment in furniture also encourages you to enjoy your garden and to show off all your efforts. This helps you feel pride, and that you have actually achieved something beautiful. This, from then on, will make you someone who truly appreciates your outdoor space.

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