Have you ever imagined hiring a couple of Ferraris for your wedding? This will definitely be a memorable moment for the couple and all of the guests in attendance. Exotic vehicles are all on another level and they make an event stand out from others. Exotic car rental companies have a variety of collections produced by the top automakers to suit your needs.

But before you sign a car hire contract, there are some things that you need to know. Since the time before the wedding is usually filled with different logistics, these tips will help you. Read on to learn more.

Choosing the Appropriate Exotic Car

The list of exotic vehicles is long and the couple must make a decision early. If they remain undecided until the last minute, they may get disappointed since these vehicles are in high demand during weekends and festive season. Car rental companies in your areas might be few. Consider making your decision early. Some of the best exotic cars for a wedding include:

  •         Ferraris for sports car lovers
  •         Audi R8
  •         Bugatti
  •         Lamborghini Aventador, Gallardo, or Hurracan
  •         Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Booking Early

Exotic cars are not only hired for weddings, but also for road trips and for use by celebrities. It is common for everyone to go for one during the weekend when you could be having your wedding. So, the best thing is to book early and give a commitment fee. If the wedding date changes for some reason, notify the rental car company and see if they still have the vehicle available. Early booking can also save you money, especially if your wedding is during the festive season. These companies tend to hike the fee.

Use a Reliable Rental company

Although most of the companies with exotic cars for rental are genuine, quite a few have a bad reputation. Check if they have reliable vehicles that are well-serviced to avoid any challenges during your big day. At Milani Exotic Car Rentals, you will get the latest models that are new and well maintained. Needless to say, they also provide quick support services if you need them after an emergency. Such a company is very convenient and useful for hiring an exotic car for your wedding.

Be Ready to Drive Yourself

Most exotic cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini are two-seaters. meaning only for you and your partner. There is no way for a chauffeur to take control and drive you around. Thus, you should be willing to drive the bride from the church to the reception venue or anywhere else both of you will be going.

But this is one part of the fun of using an exotic car. Choosing an open-roof car will make it even better if the wedding gown of your partner has a cathedral train.


Renting an exotic car for your wedding is as easy as we have highlighted above. However, it is very sensitive and requires great care to avoid last minute disappointments. If you choose the right company with a reputation for good service, then your wedding will definitely be a memorable one.

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