If you are planning your wedding this year, then congratulations in advance. Although the year hasn’t been close to 2020’s chaos, coordinating what could be the most significant moment of your life will require a lot of thought and work. A poll suggested that 52% of Brits find the entire wedding process tedious, which can be more particular in the present covid-19 climate. However, it’s still possible with the proper knowledge and insights. Whether you are a planner or an individual planning your wedding, these expert tips should help you create a memorable moment.  

Safe And Stress-free Wedding In 2021

Avoid the most desirable dates and venues

If you intend to get married between April and September, then you should know that you’ll be hard-pressed for reception venues that are available on Thursday, Friday or weekends. With the pandemic leading to the cancellation and suspension of many events, weddings inclusive, 2021 will see a marathon of weddings which could continue into 2022. You may want to consider and keep open about your location choice and mid-week. For instance, many individuals who planned on large marquee weddings are now considering doing so in family home gardens.

Be aware of potential rebooking loss on some supply deposits

You risk losing money if you cancel your wedding rather than postponing it. If you hired a wedding planner, booked a venue or some items, check for any cancellation fee details in the contract. The horror stories about couples being charged astronomical cancellation fees are never few. While some venues may be relaxed and understand your rebooking and cancellation issues, others may not be that forgiving. So before putting the dots on any paper, be sure to read carefully and understand what you are signing up for. Weddings are expensive already, so you need to consider your finances.

Cut down your guest list

This is possibly the only time in history where you can whittle down your guest list, and everyone will be understanding. In the wake of the pandemic, the game is numbers. Begin with the essential people: you and your spouse, and continue your guest list in that order—nothing personal, just necessity. However, not all cuts should be about the bride and groom but consider high-risk factors like age and any existing conditions that may put some persons at high risk for such gatherings.

Get your home ready

While you plan to get home with your happily ever after, it is vital to complete any standing home renovation projects. It could be switching up your light fixture or new bathroom retiling. Like everyone, you may have some projects you intend to finish to make your home more accommodation for you and your spouse. Get in early and get the finer details completed. Need some ideas for your bedroom? Get in some divan beds, add some texture, play with lighting and be colour-conscious.

Although there is some uncertainty and a still-changing COVID-19 situation, it is vital to keep optimistic about the entire situation, and you’ll be surprised how amazing things would pan out. However, if you are up to date with the latest rules and regulations concerning such events, it would be helpful to consult a planner to help you.


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