Life is for the young, right? When you are young, you can do what you want. You can learn new skills, meet new people, go anywhere you want and have loads of fun. You have time before making any commitments where the world is your oyster. Then, as you get older, your responsibilities increase, you make commitments to people and projects and your life starts to pass by. Soon, you think that you are too old to do things. You read articles telling you that you can’t wear a mini skirt once you are 30, or that you are stuck with your career once you settle down. You think that it’s too late to travel, and you can start to feel like you are too old to make changes as early as your 30’s.

Well, that’s nonsense. You can wear what you want, regardless of your age. Here are a few of the other things that you are never too old for.

Getting a Piercing or Tattoo


Many of us are tempted by tattoos and piercings when we’re younger, some of us even go ahead and get a few that we fancy. Then, we get older, and for most of us, the urge passes. Or, we occasionally consider something only to rule it out because we’re worried about the pain or what others might think.

Well, if you want a tattoo or a tragus piercing, you are never too old. In fact, when you are older, you are more likely to think the decisions through and get something that you really want, or that means something to you. You will give design and placement more thought, and you are less likely to regret it in the coming years.

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is something that many of us develop a fear of if we leave it for too long. When we’re younger, we’re keen to get out onto the road. We don’t think about the dangers or risks. Then, as we get older without learning, that can be all that we can think about, and many of us that haven’t learned before we turn 30 never do.

But, you’re never too old. Older drivers are more careful and considerate. They are less likely to speed or make poor decisions, and they won’t be pressured into doing things that they shouldn’t on the road.



Dating is something that we love doing when we’re young but hope never to need to do in later life. In the ideal world, we’d all find the perfect partner and settle down for life. But, the world isn’t often ideal, and this doesn’t always work out. You might find yourself facing the idea of going on a date after the break down of a long-term relationship. Don’t worry. You’re never too old. You’re more experienced, more interesting and you have much more to offer than you did years ago.

Making New Friends

Friends often drift apart over time. They move house. They get married, they develop different interests, and our friendship groups change. Many of us begin to feel lonely over time. Don’t. Get out there and meet new people with similar interests. The internet can give you a great way to make new friends.


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