Music is always being played in our house, my Hubby is a drummer or was until he drive the neighbour crazy and has had to move his beloved drum kit to my sister’s garage. Anyway, with music always in his heart it is therefore always being played in our house. Ok, we all have very different taste in music, he likes more rock style music something with a drum in or anything loud. I like more modern pop or r & b, Disney songs or the latest kids film sound track is regularly played for our daughter and our son likes whatever chart music plus believe it or not Frank Sinatra.

Sound of the radio

You will often find the TV set to one of the music channels, but with all the adverts in between the music, plus the sound quality isn’t always brilliant on the TV we have been looking at adding another couple of DAD radios to the house. I do already have a VQ Emma Bridgewater that I listen to when working at my dress. However we would like them in the kitchen/family room and our bedroom.

DAB radios offer a fabulous sound quality that you just don’t get with the standard radios, plus the option of so many radio stations there is always something on that one of us loves to listen to. My favourite radio station is radio X, my heart is still with Chris Moyles even after he left Radio 1 so many years ago.

When looking around to find that perfect DAB radio it can be a bit of a minefield, plus that prices change so much from place to place. I found Latest Deals that lists the items you want at the best prices that people have found.

So I thought I would see what they had to offer. Looking at all of the different DAB radios available on the market I was quite surprise see some great offers. 25% off VQ radios with a discount code on their vintage style radios. £10 off a retro looking Medion DAB radio with included radio for life. Half price offers on a Bush DAB compact radio. £25 off a Panasonic compact DAB radio and Bluetooth speaker making it only £44.99. And if you are looking for a hard wearing DAB for working on a construction site there is even one for £79.95 instead of £299.11, ok it’s a massive discount however not something that I would want in my house.

So many offers available on Latest Deals that there is sure to be a DAB radio that ticks all of the boxes for our needs.

Do you have a DAB radio in your house? What’s your favourite radio station?


*This post was made in collaboration with Latest Deals. As always thought and opinions are my own.*

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