Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us. I am hoping that 2019 will be our year. Although 2018 wasn’t a bad year our December hasn’t been the best, my Hubby’s Gran Mother passed away on Christmas Day. I just knew she would become our Christmas Day Angel, so with young children it was an upsetting day for us, we didn’t tell the children until boxing day. As we didn’t want to upset the children on Christmas day.


I was also involved in a car accident two days before Christmas on my way home from visiting Gran. Which, as you can imagine has caused a few issues, my car isn’t drive-able, luckily I have good insurance and the accident wasn’t my fault so it will all be sorted out. However there is still the possibility that my car could be written off, due to my car being hit directly on the wheel, which will add financial strain to the beginning of the year.

Facing financial challenges for the New Year

After Christmas, when you have spent up buying fabulous gifts for people and all I want is nice short month. However January always seems to be the longest month and we are willing for Payday to arrive. Plus every January something happens that means we are short on money. I’m not sure why, but it’s the boiler, the children both need school shoes, the dogs need to go to the vets or like us at the moment it’s the car.

The month of the year when you could just do will very little extra out goings to bump up the saving you have dipped into over Christmas and in the sales, something just about always happens that you are not expecting.

I am worried about my car, we have only had it a year so if it is written off then I’m pretty sure the insurance company would give me the amount of money that it would cost to replace it like for it. Which would then mean I need to look at other ways to top up the money we need to replace it. So just to pre-empt that we will need to find some extra cash fast I have been looking at the CashLady, so if we need it we can easily apply and have some extra cash fast.

When we head into 2019 we want to do it in a good healthy way, we have big plans for 2019 and I hope that they all happen. It could be our best year yet. I hope 2019 is a great year for everyone!


*This is a collaborative post.*

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