Having a young family is such a wonderful thing, full of love, laughter and adventure. With that comes the bumps and cuts that children seem to pick up in the strangest of places.

first aid kit

When I had my son 10 years ago, I did a first aid course for babies and children. I wanted to make sure that I was equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with any medical emergencies if they came up. In work I was on of the first aiders so was regularly trained in first aid but it was focused around adults so I wanted to do something for children and babies as little bodies did some slightly different care.

As with most mums I carry around a few plasters in my bag, often they don’t need a plaster but it’s like a little miracle cure. Suddenly the crying and upset has all gone with the addition of a plaster. I also have sachets of calpol in my hand bag and you never know when you need it.

At home we have quite a large first aid kit, medicines, plasters, bandages, sling, saline water, safety pins and sticky tape. I think there might be eye patches in there as well. We also have one for our dogs, believe it or not they have had a few dumps and eye problems that we keep a kit of items for the dogs as well.

Car first aid kits

Since doing my first aid courses, I understood the importance of carrying a car first aid kit like these onlineCARPARTS.co.uk at all times. So I invested in car first aid kits for both of the cars. We keep them in the boot but they are accessible if they are ever needed. I do get a lot of headaches so I make sure there are painkillers in my car so I can take them if needed.

Although I really hope that I never have to use the kits, I have them ready. Just make sure you check the dates on items in it as things do have used by dates. Although I guess using plaster after its used by date is better than not having one to use.

Do you keep a first aid kit in your car or just in your house?

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