You’ll (hopefully) only have one wedding, one special day when you’re at the centre of attention. However, in all likelihood, you’ll be involved in many more wedding days! When your best friend gets married, you’re going to be a massive part of the proceedings. While the staple duties of a bridesmaid are well documented, you don’t want just to do the bare minimum; you want to make sure that you’re fulfilling the important task to the very best standard you can muster. Below, we take a look at how you can be the perfect bridesmaid, by doing things that go far beyond the core responsibilities.

Think Ahead

You’ll know when your friend is in a relationship that might lead to them walking down the aisle. When you think it’s only a matter of time before they get hitched, start thinking about how you can make their engagement and wedding one for the ages. It’s never too early to start thinking about engagement parties, hen parties, and special ways to mark one of your best friend’s biggest life milestones.

Be Involved Before The Engagement

If you’re the best friend of the future bride-to-be, then you’ll probably have a pretty close relationship with the groom-to-be too. It’s rare that a girl’s best friend doesn’t also consider the groom a close friend, too! Make yourself available to help plan the engagement. The groom will love your friend sincerely, but he probably doesn’t know anything about Tacori engagement rings or where and when to ask the question. You’ll have talked about this moment with your friend over cocktails and bottles of wine in the past: share your knowledge with the groom and make sure he knows what she’d love.

Bring Your Enthusiasm

It’s hard to capture the feeling of being engaged. It’s an intoxicating feeling when you can think about nothing else other than your good news. As a friend – and future bridesmaid – it’s your responsibility to bring as much enthusiasm as possible when discussing the engagement, as much interest as the bride (OK, not quite that much, but nearly). There’s nothing better than sharing the joy of great news, and your friend will love it if you’re just as excited as they would be if you were getting married.

…And Your Patience

Enthusiasm is one thing, but being a bridesmaid isn’t all a walk in the park. It requires patience. Your bride will have no qualms about trying on twenty different wedding dresses, but they might feel a bit uneasy about testing your enthusiasm to their big day. Let them know that there’s nothing that they can do that’ll dampen your enthusiasm, and they’ll be free to enjoy the experience to their heart’s content. Remember: a wedding is as much about fun as it is about love!

Work With Your Other Bridesmaids

You won’t be the only one involved in the wedding, even if you’ve got your eye’s on becoming the maid of honour. You might have to whip up the other bridesmaids into shape from time to time, especially if they’re taking the responsibility side of their duties easy.

Do all these things, and you’ll be the best bridesmaid any bride could ask for!

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    All are angel ! Yeah, i’m agree with you with this word: t’s hard to capture the feeling of being engaged. It’s an intoxicating feeling when you can think about nothing else other than your good news.
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