For months if not years I have been wanting a light box, I see them all over my Instagram feed. I’m not sure why I like them, as they are not really my kinda thing. However for some odd reason I am drawn to these little boxes of light, to share little messages of love or announcements with people. There have been the bright white boxes about for a while now, with the standard bold black letters, of course I wanted something different, something a bit more me.

GingerSnap light boxes

When GingerSnap got in touch asking if I would like to review one of their light boxes, the first thing I did was see what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprise to see a few options for me with the A4 gold wooden light box jumping out at me straight away.

Gingersnap not only have the gold, they have mint green, pale pink, grey, black and of course white. They also some in 2 different sizes, the large A4 an the smaller A5, perfect for sitting on the kitchen side to leave notes to the family.

Each of GingerSnap’s light boxes come with the standard bold black letters, but they also offer an range of letter packs. Extra black letters, coloured letters, emoji symbols and my favourite pack the rose gold letter pack. I can honestly say I was so happy when I spotted the rose gold letters to go with the gold light box, the perfect combination for me.

My gold light box

When my parcel arrive from Gingersnap I couldn’t wait to try it out. It arrived with a USB cable but no mains plug so make sure you have an adaptor, I just used my iphone plug. When I plugged it in I couldn’t believe how bright it was. It looked fabulous up against the gold wood.

TheΒ A4 Rose Gold Letter Pack that I had ordered along with the light box, was lovely. Each letter in an italic style font, very feminine style, perfect for my style.

The light box itself is well made, a lovely gold colour in A4 paper size. It’s going to make the perfect addition to my French Dresser in the family room.

Light box lover

I am so pleased that I now have this lovely light box. It’s going to be perfect for every occasion, birthdays, hen parties, mile stones in life, announcements, leaving notes for the family. I can’t wait to use it for Halloween and Christmas this year.

My only wish for the light box would be that it had a little draw in the back to store all of the letters in. As I have got to find a smallish box to keep them all in, before the children get hold of them and they end up all over the house.

My beautiful new light box is the perfect addition to my home and I’m very much looking forward to using it for every given opportunity.

Win your own light box

GingerSnap are giving you the chance to win your very own gold light box. Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.

T&C’s:- UK entrants only, must be over 18 years old. Distribution of the prize is the responsibility of GingerSnap. Competition closing 10/11/2017. Good luck everyone.


*I was kindly send a Light Box from GingerSnap fro review. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*


Rachel Bustin


236 comments on “My gorgeous gold light box from Gingersnap and giveaway”

  1. We have just moved home and my daughters will be sharing a bedroom it would look perfect with their names – Megan and Mollie, fingers crossed and thank you very much for the chance xXx

  2. I am helping do up grandsons bedroom & he goes away for the week with a school trip, So would be lovely to leave him a message in the light box eg: Welcome Home ,Do you like your new bedroom?

  3. Knowing my juvenile mind, I would insult my fella with it. We have a sequin cushion that I write new insulting words on for him! hahaha

  4. I would use it for birthday, halloween, christmas easter and just to keep reminding children… to be kind to each other

  5. I would love this particular gold light in my dining room which has a gold theme in it….message could say wine with dinner or dinner is served lol

  6. This is fantastic, I would use it to post messages to my family, such as happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary or congratulations for passing exam messages.

  7. I would definitely use it in some of my blog photos! But in between I would probably have it on one of my shelves saying different things every now and then. πŸ™‚

  8. I would use it to leave messages for my family, To put inspiration quotes and t welcome people to our home x

  9. I would give it to my daughter for her bedroom she has wanted one for a while so would be a nice treat

  10. I would give it to my best mate because she’s always wanted one and is a massive fan of George Michael. She would want to put ‘Because you gotta have faith’ in it.

  11. Tres chic indeed! I love the pretty font πŸ™‚

    I would use it for both my daughters’ birthdays and mine as well which is coming up soon!

  12. I would use to display positive messages to help keep my PMA where it need a to be over the next couple of stressy months

  13. What a fabulous product and such a great colour scheme! Would suit my living room perfectly! I’d use it to let people know how I’m feeling and also to spread positivity

  14. I would leave messages for my family when i go to work in the morning so they know i’m thinking of them during the day

  15. To leave my boyfriend messages of love (or annoyance!) to read before he goes to work really early in the morning

  16. Since it’s coming up to Christmas I would use it on our side board for our ‘elf’ to leave messages to my girls.

  17. I’d use it for fun messages on birthdays and Christmas – as well as random messages for my husband and children. It would be great fun.

  18. it would be a gift for my niece.This would look fab in her room thats still in process of decorating and her colour scheme is rose gold and dusky pink

  19. I would give it to my teenage daughter who has been nagging me for one for ages. I could then leave messages in her bedroom such as “tidy this mess!”

  20. we have 6 children and one due in 3 days so plenty of birthdays we can use this for, i would also use it for milestone photos of our new baby any younger children

  21. I’d give it to my granddaughter for Christmas and I’m sure she will use it when she post her little blog post on YouTube #BuddingBloggerInTheMaking

  22. I’d love to use this for family events and am sure my teenager would love using it for her instagram posts lol x

  23. i would love this
    i would use it to count down to our holiday next year
    we are taking the grandkids on holiday they are so excited
    and they could change it every time they visited

  24. I would put it in an empty fireplace that I’m looking to decorate. My theme is gold, bronzes and cream colours do this would be perfect.

  25. We have four children so would love to use it for birthday wishes and congratulate them on their achievements at school. The two youngest especially would love it!

  26. I would use it around the house to remind my hubby of all the dates, times, birthdays etc he always seems to forget! Be prettier than me shouting at him anyway!

  27. My 19yr old really wants a lightbox, but has never seen gold ones!! She’d absolutely love this, she’s in the process of decorating her bedroom so this would be a lovely surprise for her if I was lucky enough to win! ?

  28. Ive just moved into a new house just me and my 2 children after splitting up with my ex partner, this would look lovely on my new sideboard πŸ™‚

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