We live in a really cold house. I mean during the winter the front part of the house averages at about 13 degrees. It just never seems to warm up even with the heating on it’s cold. The back of the house has a modern extension on it so it isn’t quite so bad. Our bedroom is right at the front and is often so cold that we have to wear layers in bed as well as high tog bedding.

For ages we have spoken about getting an electric blanket, however we have just never got round to doing it. So when Maplin were looking for people to review one, I thought why not.

They sent me a Daewoo 85W double electric blanket with an rrp of £29.99. On opening up the box, the blanket has a nice soft feel to it. The blanket has got 3 heat settings giving letting you choose a heat that is perfect for you. There is a detachable remote controller on long 1.5 metre cable. Plus there are cord style ties to prevent the blanket from slipping around when you sleep.

On putting the blanket on our new sleep bear mattress, I found it fitted with ease. The cords to secure it were easy to use and fasten into place. When you first use the blanket it has to be switched on for 3 hours, which wasn’t an issue. I popped it on about 7 o’clock ready for us to head to bed around 10, it was nearer 10.30 went we headed to bed. We had set it to the second setting, so it was not too hot. It was lovely getting into a wonderfully warm bed, without having to wear bed socks and a cardigan. 

Since the first night trying out the blanket, we have tried it on the level 3 heat for an hour before getting into bed, but it was just that little bit too warm, more for my Hubby than me. We also tried out the first setting, which gave enough heat off to warm the bed so it wasn’t cold to get into, not toasty warm but great for taking that chill out of it.

My favourite setting is the second one, its perfect! I just pop it on an hour or so before getting into bed so it’s lovely and warm when we are about to get in it. We have not slept with the blanket on as yet because we have not felt it necessary.

For the price of £29.99 this is a great little electric blanket, I think that if I was to ever need to buy another one I would opt for one that is dual controlled. It would then allow us both to choose what settings we wanted on our side of the bed.


*Thank you to Maplin for sending me this lovely electric blanket. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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