The main room of any home is of course the living room. For a long time the kitchen was called the absolutely epicentre of any home and that’s why so much has been advanced in the way of kitchen design. However the living room is where the family gathers to relax and talk. It’s where you hang out with friends. You’re also going to often fall asleep in the living room after a long hard day. It’s pretty much the workhorse of any home because it’s so versatile. However it doesn’t have to settle for this role, it can be a room of precedence in your home. It can be elevated above the usual kick your shoes off and chill atmosphere. A living room can be made to command respect and be treated with a higher level of respect. This is great for when you have guests over and you want to impress them with your style.

living room can command attention

Sparkle across the room

In any living room, lighting is a complex subject. It’s a living room and not a garage, so you don’t need powerful lighting. However you also don’t want lighting that is too dim either. For those reasons nowadays LED bulbs are incredibly popular. However if you want to impress and be impressed in your living room, combine traditional style with modern technology. An LED chandelier that can sparkle light all across the room in an intricate design is a great choice. You can have the standard small teardrop bulb styles, or bead styles that are dangling from the structure. Drooping pendant LED chandeliers are also a great choice but you will need the ceiling space for it as they hang low.

A bullish burgundy boost

Of all the interior design options you have to inject some well needed power into your living room, a bold sofa is the most effective. For example, look at this leather sofa from Thomas Lloyd. The classic vintage Chesterfield style 3 seater is in a burgundy tone. This particular colour was and is incredibly popular in stately homes where this show of extravagance is the classic standard of interior design style. The arching armrests are one of the most recognisable in the world. The Chesterfield has for a very long time, been the standard bearer for commanding respect and attention to any living or lounge room. The stubby legs keep the leather well clear of the ground and the stretched and tort leather is impeccably lavish.

Less is actually more

The more space you have in your living room the larger the room will look. Many people want to cram their living room with all kinds of things, but this takes away from the room. No one will feel comfortable in a cramped room when they’re having tea or coffee. The more room to move around you have, the more attention to each single piece and item will receive.

Don’t smother your living room with extra things, less is more. However do invest in a prestigious style of sofa, one which has stood the test of time is preferable. Be creative with your lighting and consider a modern chandelier.

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