If you can’t wait until the summer and spring when you can show off your flower beds and your colourful flowers around your home, you might have a couple of perennials that need looking after during the winter months to survive frost and ice. Most of the bulbs planted in the garden will be fine, but what if you have a large cactus or palm tree that you need to keep alive during the winter? Below you will find a few tips on how to get started and protect your plants during the winter.  

How to Look after Your Summer Plants In the Winter

Conservatory or Orangery

The most obvious place you can keep your flowers – if you have one – is your conservatory or your orangery. The good news is that you can prevent frost inside with a low energy consumption heater, or simply add solar panels to your orangery roof and install a thermostat to ensure that the frost cannot hurt your plants and tropical trees. This is a good option as you can provide your plants with natural light even during the dark days.

Cutting Back

When  you have flowering bushes that are young, you will have to ensure that you cut them back before the cold weather arrives, otherwise they will get damaged. You will have to protect the fresh shoots and prevent new ones growing during the warm days of the winter, or they will freeze, and you will have a  sick tree or shrub for the rest of the year. After all, you want your garden to look beautiful all year, and don’t want to plant new shrubs every spring.  

Covering Your Flowerbeds

In case you have perennials in the flowerbeds, and you are expecting frost but not snow to protect the leaves, shoots, and roots, your best option is to invest in a flower bed cover. Of course, you will need to let fresh air get in, and ensure that the natural light reaches the green leaves, or the plants will eventually die. You can also only cover the soil if your bulbs are deep enough and are covered up.

Plant Tents

In case you have a tropical tree you planted in the garden, and there is no chance you can take it indoors, you  can get a tent for it that will allow the sunshine to get through, but protect it from the severe weather, wind, sleet, and ice.


It might also be a good idea to invest in a greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be huge; in fact, it can be only big enough to house your plant pots and a couple of shelves for your shoots. You can get an energy efficient heater set up there and monitor the temperature. Start with getting a sealed and insulated greenhouse base installed, so you can keep insects and frost out.

Looking after your plants in the winter can be challenging. Use the above methods to keep your perennials safe and protect them, so they can make you proud when the spring comes.

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