You gracing this article a visit tell me a couple of things about you:

1. You’re probably the anxious type – not that you have no reason to be.

2. You’re probably in an anxious/panicky state right now – just admit it.

3.  Your due for a THC drug test really, really soon – and you’re being crazy frantic about it.

Don’t worry; I’m not the type of person who’s going to rub your problem closer to your face and say “I told you so.”  Well, at least not today because I’m feeling rather helpful and angelic.

All jokes aside, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The chances of you passing a drug test are pretty high. That is, only if you let me help you. The next few sections should teach you everything you need to know about Marijuana and THC – how potent it is, how it can be detected, and other information that will help you understand substance use and drug tests on a micro level. Learning the minute details should help you devise a strategy that can help you pass spontaneous drug tests in the future.

First, let’s get to know what drug tests detect in Cannabis or more commonly known as the Marijuana plant.

Getting To Know Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis is an herbal plant traditionally used for medicinal purposes since the olden times. Tribes and other indigenous groups often use the plant to heal bruises and other health implications. However, in modern society, marijuana is not as well-accepted. In fact, it is considered illegal in most countries – for due cause of course.

Cannabis is infamous for its psychoactive properties. Some people favour the side effects, of course. Some users reportedly claim that they feel lighter and more relaxed under the influence of the said substance. It gives its users feelings of relief – a feeling craved by so many people due to worldly pressures and stresses. True enough, marijuana can have this kind of effect on people which is why so many have fallen prey to its delightful curse.

But let’s not blame marijuana for all the chaos it has caused in this world. This magnificent plant is 100% innocent. It is the abusive nature of people that has made the world see cannabis in a bad light. When taken in controlled and small quantities, ingesting marijuana is actually healthy and can help alleviate chronic pain and respiratory problems – medical science can attest to that. It is only when people go beyond their body’s dosage limit that they begin to feel the psychoactive properties of the Big MJ.

In Marijuana, at least 400 cannabinoids are present (read more). Out of this more than 400, only one is potent enough to influence psychological processes. It’s what we call THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive compound present in cannabis; it is what causes the “side-effects” the government is very much concerned with. Without THC, marijuana is nothing but an ordinary plant with extraordinary medicinal properties. It is not the mentally-destructive drug everyone is so afraid of.

Isn’t There A Way To Get Rid Of THC?

Good question.

And fortunately, this question has been satisfactorily answered in recent medical developments.

There is a way to extract THC from marijuana. This has been proven effective in many laboratory trials. According to the results of countless experiments, THC can be safely diffused from cannabis without sacrificing its medicinal properties. This means that we can simply deduct the only psychoactive compound present in marijuana and utilize its medical benefits to our advantage. It’s a major medical accomplishment that could possibly give way to cheaper and more accessible herbal medicine – the kind that actually works, even! You can even make your own cannabis oil using this guide:

If you try to check out online stores nowadays, you can find a variety of cannabis products for sale. These products have been rid of THC and are already legal to use in many cities. Who knows? They may even be processing the legalization of marijuana products in your city too!

However, since it is still generally prohibited in most parts of the world, it would be better to guard yourself from spontaneous testing activities. You can be using cannabis for all the right reasons but the law will always prevail. As long as it is not publicly announced to be legal, you have to keep your herbal medication under wraps. And if you’re in the brink of getting found out – say, you’re due for a drug test next week – then you should really get your act together and consider the following solutions:

1. Dosage Reduction or Gradual Cessation Of Use

If you’re anticipating a drug test anytime soon, the best thing you can do is to stop or at least gradually lessen your intake of marijuana. If you’re a heavy smoker, limit yourself. If you tend to use for health-related medication, then you may want to look for other alternatives at this time. Most drug tests follow a particular schedule (e.g. annual, bi-annual, quarterly, etc.). If you know that your company is likely to do a routine drug test pretty soon, you should start distancing yourself from marijuana for a while. Speaking of tests, you might want to learn more about them by checking out sources like Drug Testing Reviews.

2. Detox & Cleansing

Next, choose to live healthy. Nothing can combat toxins and other foreign substances in the body than a clean lifestyle. Drink lots of water, eat tons of fiber, and have enough sleep. The healthier you are, the more likely your body is going to respond to cleansing efforts. You should also put in more exercise. Run in the morning if you have the time. Increasing your intake of water will lead to frequent urination and sweating. This helps release traces of THC from your body.    

3. Synthetic Products 

If you’re out of options and the drug test is due really soon (like tomorrow, per se), then you can always be creative. Try synthetic products like fake pee and saliva. These products are made especially for passing drug tests so you bet they can help you out too. However, only use this as a last resort because there is never a guarantee for anything. Natural detoxification is still the one best way to pass any drug test confidently.     

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