The indoor-outdoor design trend is really picking up speed this year. For me, having seen some of the ideas floating around, it’s something to get super excited about. I know, this whole concept could be alien to a lot of you – but do not worry! That’s why I’m writing this blog post, to help you understand indoor-outdoor style while giving you a bit of inspiration too.

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What is the indoor-outdoor trend?

This trend is actually one of the easiest to explain. As the name might suggest, it’s all about combining both your interior and exterior designs. In simple terms; you create indoor spaces that open up onto outdoor living spaces.

Some of you might already be following this design trend without even knowing it! I’m going to go through some of the best and most beautiful ideas in a moment, and there could be some that your home already utilises.

Why is this trend so popular?

What makes the indoor-outdoor style so trendy at the moment? Why do so many people love it?! Personally, I feel like it adds something extra to your home. This idea of combining the interior and exterior helps create a more functional home. Not only that, but it can help give you more living space – while also allowing you to make the most out of all the area outside your property too.

Instead of having your interior design and exterior design as two separate things, you bring them both together in a harmonic marriage. The result can be truly mesmerising!

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Indoor-Outdoor design ideas & inspiration

Alright, we’re onto the part you’re probably most interested in. Here, we can explore some of the best ideas for the indoor-outdoor design trend. Check them out, and you might want to consider them for your home:

Al Fresco Dining

We all love the thought of eating outside when it’s nice and sunny. But, what if you could enjoy your breakfast outside while feeling like you’re at some breakfast bar on holiday? This is where the idea of al fresco dining comes into play. Here, you have your kitchen, and it opens up outdoors using servery windows. These windows let you slide them open, and they tend to have spacious sills that are ideal for eating on. Get a couple of outdoor stools to sit on outside, and you can eat in the sun by this window. It works beautifully, but that’s not where this idea ends.

Of course, you have the other al fresco dining idea of actually designing a patio area with an outdoor dining table. Get some comfy chairs, a canopy to shield you from the direct sunlight, and it’s the perfect place to eat during the sunnier months. Here, you can use your large servery window as a serving spot for food. When you’ve cooked, you can put the plates on the sill, then the people outside can take them to the table. It’s literally like you’re running your own al fresco cafe!

Large Sliding Windows

I’ve mentioned windows twice already, but they’re so important for creating the indoor-outdoor style. In essence, they blend your interior and exterior perfectly. This is perhaps best shown with some large sliding window doors. You know the ones I’m talking about; they go from floor to ceiling, and the large panes bring in lots of natural light to your home.

With these, you can seamlessly transition your home from indoors to outdoors. Slide the windows all the way across, and you’ve got a large open space to walk through. People can go from your garden to whatever room these window doors are in – usually the kitchen or dining room. They’re brilliant because they look stunning even when they’re closed. You have panoramic views of your garden, but you can blend it with your interior as soon as you open the doors.

Transitional Outdoor Living Space

One of my favourite ideas is to create an outdoor living space that transitions from your indoor living area. So, you have your standard living room, but you can walk outside to an outdoor extension of this. There are so many ways you can make this work – either with patio doors, a conservatory, or whatever!

The idea is that you can open up your indoor living space and make it bigger by using the space outside your home. The secret to making this successful is blending the two styles together. A great idea is to design a patio that matches the style and design of your indoor living space. This way, it feels more like you’re walking into another part of your home, rather than going outside. Match the outdoor furniture as well, and ensure you pick comfy stuff. You really want to make the outdoor space as comfortable as the indoor one. Think of this as a naked home extension; you get more space, but you don’t actually need to build anything onto your home.

Indoor Greenery

Lastly, this idea differs so much from all the rest in that it almost reverses the approach. All of the previous ideas have been about taking your interior and blending it with the exterior. But, what if we took some great elements of your exterior design and took them inside?

This is where the idea of indoor greenery comes in; use plants and flowers to decorate the inside of your home. By adding touches of green to your interior design, it essentially brings your garden into your house. I find this is the best idea for people who maybe can’t physically do any of the others. Perhaps you haven’t got the space to create outdoor living or dining areas – or maybe you live in a flat? With this approach, you can still get some indoor-outdoor style going on!

Like I said way at the beginning; I love this home design trend. I think we need to start thinking about our homes as a combination of interior and exterior design. If you conjure up ways of blending the two elements into one overall thing, then it just helps you create a more complete home. So, take inspiration from any of these ideas if you’re looking to hop on this trend!


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