The term ‘investment’ can refer to a variety of things. There is both emotional and financial investment and commitment, for example. When it comes to material items and self-image, you can invest in your abilities, looks, and emotions, all of which can be time and/or money-consuming.

 When it comes to wealth, you put your money (and frequently your effort) into something with the expectation that the item would provide future income or profit. In the case of luxury watches, we can state unequivocally that they are an excellent emotional investment. Wearing the watch will make you feel happy if you enjoy it. Watches elicit a deep personal connection that few other items can equal. Yet what about the monetary side of things? Will a luxury watch give you a return on your money? The answer has to be that it depends.

 When it comes to the worth of a watch, it all boils down to market demand and whether or not someone is prepared to purchase it. You can guess how much a watch is worth quite accurately if you know what you’re doing, but it’s only worth anything if there’s a buyer. It’s not like stocks in that you can sell your asset at any time you want to. Of course, this is true for many things, including homes. The difference with watches is that they are a collector’s item, they are sold at auctions, so prices might be worth more or less than predicted, and demand for certain models can fluctuate.

 However, owing to social media, the worth of certain watches is less ambiguous. A watch can now be quantified and rated more easily than ever before. Furthermore, the expansion of knowledge and respect for timepieces and specific brands has resulted in a significant increase in resale value. As a result, a watch is a fantastic investment, and the time to invest in a watch has never been better.

 One excellent brand is Patek Philippe. This infographic will give you some more information.

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Patek Philippe Reference Spec

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