I love having a big garden, although I find it so much more difficult to keep looking perfect all of the time. At our first house, we had a tiny little garden, my Dad referred to it as a postage stamp. It was however always immaculate, a couple of hours a week kept it looking perfect all of the time.

Since moving into the bigger house, we also now have a rather large garden. It’s great, it has allowed our house to become the place for gatherings, bbq’s, fireworks and Easter egg hunts. The children also have a large wooden climbing frame and large trampoline which are both used all year round.


It does however take up so much time. Having such a large garden does come with it’s own issues. We have hedges either side that take hours to cut, collect it all up and then burn, three or four times a year. There is also a lot of lawn, in the back garden and well as the front garden. In during the last year we have found that time has been very precious, we just have not been able to keep it all looking nice. Yes, we have kept on top of the lawn and hedges but not so much on the boarder, the patios, the flowers. For next year we are thinking about getting a Gardener in to help out. It might be just to keep on top of the lawns each week or do the hedges or it could be for everything.

As most of my readers know, we are planning to find our forever home. A place that will need renovating and improving. After an extension or conservatory has put in place, inevitably means that a garden design would need to take place. Making the garden beautiful and manageable even if that does mean we get a gardener in to help out.

How do you manage your gardening? Do you have someone in to help you out or do you find the time to complete it all yourself?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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