The colder months are almost upon us, some mornings I am waking up to a freezing cold house. My Hubby then moans and already wants me to put the heating on. I have a rule that the heating doesn’t go on until October and I like it to be as late into October as possible. I think it just isn’t quite cold enough to have it on just let, pop on a jumper or a blanket instead.


Our house is quite old and very very cold. A few years ago when the house was being renovated we added new windows to the back of the house and left the front hoping they would last a couple more years. However, the first winter in the house was freezing. The bedrooms in the dormer part of the roof, were so cold. The children had to have extra blankets on their beds at night. The following year we had new windows put in but it has made no difference, it’s still freezing cold. If you have any issues we recommend getting in touch with 2 RED Ltd if you are based in the Midlands, who can help.

Anyway, while renovating the house we needed a new boiler, new radiators in some of the rooms. New boilers and radiators do not come cheap. Just like every other part of house renovation, sourcing a boiler that you want, that does everything you need then finding someone to fit it is not easy.

New central heating options

My Hubby looked at the different types of central heating systems to see what would be the best. Affordable, economical, the right size for it’s location. I then had the task of finding someone to fit it.

There are three different types of wet central heating boiler options. A combi boiler, that heats mains water as required and does not need a water tank. A conventional boiler, that heats water and pumps it to the radiators and using a water tank. A system boiler which is basically a conventional but does everything in one unit so taking up less space.

Boilers are a bit of a mine field to me, but after some advice we went with a combi boiler, it’s been great. Finding someone to fit it wasn’t quite so easy. Plumbers are always so busy. After ringing round people who had been recommended to us, I found a local company who could fit it for us. It’s never easy to find someone who is trust worthy to fit a boiler and deal with all of the gas side of things.

I should think that when we come to moving to our forever home, we will again need to put in a new boiler system, fingers crossed it will be a nice simple process. 

Do you have any tips for finding tradesman?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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