Undoubtedly, your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. It is when you get to marry the love of your life. But, planning a wedding can be a real pain sometimes.

Kickstart Your Bachelorette Party

Between selecting the right flower arrangements to pick your dress, it’s definitely a roller coaster ride. And, you’d need a break to feel pampered before you go all bridezilla right before your wedding. Thankfully, the bachelorette party is all about it. Gone are the days when bachelorette parties were limited to just one evening. Today, brides want to make the most of their last single days by having fun with their girlfriends.

And let’s not forget the part that after a bridal shower, it is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, playing games and having fun. Not to mention, it is the perfect opportunity to get over those wedding jitters and cold feet.

So, get on with your bridesmaids and mark the end of your bachelorette life with a night you’ll remember throughout your life. But with all that wedding drama and everything, the last thing you would want is to plan one more occasion.

Don’t worry. Here are some bachelorette party ideas for you and your girlfriends to enjoy and have fun right before your wedding.

Remember, whatever happens at a bachelorette party, stays in a bachelorette party.

  • Intimate house party

Obviously, having a house party is one of the best ways to chill. Not to mention, it is the safest place where the bride squad can help you play some wildest games, drink cocktails and reveal some hidden secrets.

All you need is some props to prepare for your fun saga. Decorate the room with streamers, balloons, and colourful drapes. Use fairy lights to set the mood and add a little bit of drama to the party.

You can also consider bringing in some pampering services to get a group manicure or pedicure. This will definitely help in brushing some wedding stress off of your shoulders.

Pro-tip. Consider inviting your closest friends to steer clear of any awkwardness.

  • Take an all-girls trip to Italy

Someone has rightly said if you want to make memories with your besties, go for a long trip.

Everyone has had some squad goals they want to achieve since high school. And the one that is common in every to-do list is to take a long, fun trip with besties to the French capital. But with time, your friends get busy with their lives, and it becomes a bit tough to achieve those goals.

So, you can use this opportunity to gather all your girlfriends together and say “check” to that long-awaited bucket list. All you have to do is call up your besties, pack your bags, set off, and enjoy.

The best part of visiting Italy for your bachelorette trip is that the country has a lot to offer.

You can take your girls to the town of Campania and enjoy some of the best massage sessions. In fact, many hotels offer spa services to their customers. Google terms like hotel spa Campania and you’re already set to go. So, get rid of all those emotional and physical knots and say goodbye to the wedding planning stress.

You can also go wine tasting and eat a lot of delicious pizzas and, best of all, a shopping spree. Whatever you decide, your fun and coming back with precious memories are guaranteed.

  • Experience some adventures

Who said you can’t go rush your adrenaline right before your wedding? Well, you can, and it would be one of the best ways to say goodbye to your bachelorette life. So, list all those adventures you always wanted to do with your girlfriends and kickstart your rocking bachelorette party. Here are some of the adventures for you to try;

  • Visit Grand Canyon: If your bachelorette party is anywhere near May, you can consider visiting the Grand Canyon and see the gorge from a whole new perspective. It would definitely be exhilarating to look down on the Colorado River’s squiggle for a mile above the rocky rim.
  • Hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey: How cool it would be to spend your bachelorette party flying high in the air watching a 360-degree view of one of the famous limestone spires? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy that at the ground level. So, book your balloons in advance and be ready for a glamorous champagne party with your girlfriends after your fight.
  • Go trekking in Machu Picchu, Peru: Watching any one of the seven wonders in the world has always been a serene experience and on the most bucket lists. Also, if you have always been a fan of trekking, you can take your love to a whole new level by going hiking in Machu Picchu and saying check to your bucket list item with your girls.
  • Go scuba diving in The Great Reef: If you’ve always wanted to witness the incredible sea life, then you can take your girls underwater for your bachelorette party. Plus, everyone should go scuba diving and experience The Great Barrier at least once in their lifetimes. The best part is that you’ll get to watch more than 400 different types of coral and at least 15,00 fish species. How cool is that? Plus, sea life is in danger due to global warming and coral bleaching. So, it is important to see such beautiful underwater life before it goes extinct.
  • Camping under the northern lights: Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see nature’s technicolor phenomenon? Now imagine spending your bachelorette party in an igloo hotel and camping with your girlfriends under the northern light with your besties. Sounds fun and thrilling. Right? So, try planning your trip to the Arctic’s area to elevate your chances of witnessing those amazing northern lights between December and March.

Wrapping up,

Think of your bachelorette party as an opportunity to have fun with your girlfriends, and you won’t ever end up planning a boring one. So, use the tips mentioned above and get that one last hurrah before tying the knot with the love of your life.

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