When we focus on home design, we tend to focus on tangible things that we can see and that contribute significantly to our home’s functionality or aesthetic. We consider carpets and other types of flooring, furniture, appliances, and more. But one factor of every home that tends to often be overlooked (and which has a profound impact on both functionality and aesthetics) is lighting. Every home needs light. So, let’s take a moment to look at the different types of lighting you should incorporate into your home design!

light bulbs

Natural Light

If you want your family to have the best quality of life possible, it’s time to start considering how natural light affects you! To start with, it regulates people’s sleep-wake cycle. While we are told time and time again how important it is to get our eight hours’ worth of sleep a night (or even more for little ones), we aren’t informed quite so often of how natural light in our lives affects our ability to get sufficient sleep. Your body’s sleep-wake cycle is controlled by circadian rhythms. These are signals that tell your body when it’s time to get rest and when it’s time to wake. If you aren’t exposed to enough natural light during the day, your circadian rhythms can become confused and you can suffer from sleep problems as a result. This is why you need to flood your rooms with natural light! Another benefit of having a property filled with natural light is that everyone benefits from a little extra vitamin D. This is essential for healthy skin. So, maximise the amount of natural light in your property wherever possible. This may require renovation work like having larger windows installed, fitting a skylight, or having French or sliding doors put into your living spaces.

Artificial Light Fittings

Of course, natural light only lasts during daylight hours. You are going to have to incorporate artificial light into your home as well if you want to keep things bright throughout the early mornings, evenings and nights. Now, there are plenty of fittings out there and the type you settle on should fall down to personal choice and aesthetic preferences. When purchasing artificial lights, make sure to use a reliable website whose products have good reviews. This will increase your chances of obtaining a good quality product that will stand the test of time!

Artificial Light Bulbs

Remember there are plenty of different bulbs out there too. Wherever possible, try to use eco-friendly, energy-saving bulbs. These are much better for the environment and will last longer too! Then focus on how bright you’d like the bulb to be (whether you want a soft glow or a bright glare) and what kind of tone you want the light to have (a warm tone or a cool tone).

As you can see, there’s a lot to take into consideration when planning lighting in your home. Hopefully, the above information will encourage you to take your property’s lighting seriously!

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