Your wedding day is one of the few days in your life that should entirely revolve around you. There are many traditions that people follow for their weddings, but these can often overshadow any little unique details of the wedding that make it personal to you. If you want your wedding to be unique and personal to you, then follow these steps.


One way to make your wedding completely unique is to have a theme, after all, your theme is going to affect the entire day. Your theme could be anything from your favourite book, film, or tv show, to simply something that you enjoy. For example, I once went to a music festival themed wedding that was conducted in a marquee in a field, and where all of the guests wore wellies.


Theoretically, your wedding could be conducted anywhere (as long as you can get the permits). If there is a venue or location that has some sentimental significance to either you or your fiancé, then you may want to consider having your wedding conducted there. If you spent a lot of time in Spain with your aunt as a child, for example, you might want to consider a destination wedding.


Your wedding rings are an important part of your wedding day. After all, they symbolise the eternity that you and your partner are going to share together. If you can’t find a ring that you have fallen in love with, then you may want to consider purchasing some custom made rings instead. Your wedding ring isn’t just a piece of jewellery, you are going to wear it for the rest of your life, and this way you get to be involved in every step of its creation.

Wedding Cake

Although your wedding cake tends to be pretty personal anyway, given that it is likely to have your name written across it, there are ways to make it more unique to you. Instead of going for a traditional white wedding cake, have it in your favourite colour, whether this be bright orange or mud brown. If you don’t want it to clash, then it could match the colour scheme of the wedding of your wedding.


If you want your wedding to be truly unique, then you do not want to arrive to your big day in one of the usual wedding car options. Even horse drawn carriages are overrated nowadays. Instead, opt for something completely unique. The bride from the festival wedding mentioned above arrived at the venue in a VW camper van, for example. Alternatively, you could go for a motorbike, a school bus, an old-fashioned police car, a red double-decker bus, or even a helicopter. Click here for more unique wedding transport ideas.

Although you may not want to turn into a nightmarish bridezilla, you have the right to have your day completely revolve around you, so why not try to make it as unique and personalised as possible?


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