A stair case for me isn’t just about getting from one floor to the next, it’s a focal point. It could be in your home, in an office, hotels or in the shopping centres. Regardless of where that stair case is it is something that peoples eyes are drawn to when they enter a building, or even those on the exterior of buildings. Peoples reactions will either be, wow look at that staircase or more negative and for me it’s all about making interiors a positive, just imagine them in wedding photography.

Making our staircase into a feature

In our house, we currently have a spilt level staircase, it runs up to the children’s bedroom in the roof of our house. We however are hoping to move house every soon and the house we want to live in has the option for adding a loft conversion. It would give us that extra room, for when people come to stay with us. I have been looking staircase options for leading up to the top floor. We thought the room could become our son’s space, as he gets older he will need that bit more. A place for his friends to come and hang out, somewhere they can ‘chill’ and watch a film or play the xbox. I spotted a gorgeous metal spiral staircase from Fontanot stairs designers it would be space saving but also give the teenage den a modern twist, making our staircase into a feature of the home.

What do you think? I love the bright colour of the stairs, you could go for something a bit different, really get people talking about your staircase. Why not add a pop of colour into your home?

All the way up our staircase, we have made it into a feature wall covered in photographs of the children, family members, friends it even has the children’s ‘art work’ framed and dotted between the photographs. Whenever people come round they are always looking to see what has been added to the wall. It really does make walking up and down the stairs more interesting.

External staircase

Like I said before, a staircase has so much possibility. It’s not often you see exterior staircases, or maybe it’s that I’m just not looking for them. However, the venue that we got married in almost 8 years ago, had the most gorgeous barn conversion attached that was used for accommodating some of our guests. The Bridal Suite was the whole of the top of the barn, that had the most beautiful external metal staircases at either end of the building. It would have made for fabulous wedding photographs if it hadn’t of been raining at the start of the day. Actually any staircases make for amazing wedding photography.

Do you like to make a feature of your staircase? Or is it just a way of getting from floor to floor within your home? Do you have a gorgeous wedding photograph of you using a staircase, if so I would love to see it.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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