When heading out to the white sandy beaches and transparent turquoise waters, there’s things you are going to get really annoyed about if you forgot. We put together this ultimate list of beach must-haves so you never have to be in that position again.

Must-Haves for the Ultimate Beach Getaway
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Read this just before you start packing for your holiday and you’ll remember everything you ever need to have a successful beach holiday. If you haven’t guessed already, it all starts with the staple swimsuit. Having gorgeous swimwear on your side will mean you’re always ready to dive in and look stylish whilst doing so.

If you need some luxury resort wear, Mariana London is full of luxurious must-haves that will have you wanting to stay on the beach for days. Ensuring you get some versatile numbers is also essential. That way you can mix and match when you want to and flair things up so you don’t have the same look throughout your holiday. Take it from us; you’ll be glad you did!

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Beach Holiday staples for the suitcase 

  • White Tees

Pretty white tees will never let you down; especially not at the beach. These essential numbers will get you from A to B no matter how you want to turn up. Dress up or dress down, this is a beach must-have. You can bring your more delicate lace white tees or go for something plain and simple. Either way, you will thank us for packing this versatile staple.

  • A Choice of Shades

Getting some essential summer shades for the beach is an absolutely must. Not only will it protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the suns glare, but it will make you look super glamorous wherever you go.

  • Jumpsuits

This is a summer must-have and should definitely be prioritised. If you want something that will let enough breeze through to keep you cool plus still keep you looking on trend, then its jumpsuits. You just have to throw them on and you can be looking elegant in an instant. Mix and match with your favourite swimsuit on top or nice top to go between the day time and night time look effortlessly.

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  • Handbags

Structured handbags are best for the beach. They allow you to pack multiple things and keep things organized. Whenever packing travelling accessories, a classic handbag is all you need. It’s a staple whether you are on the beach or not and will keep you prepared no matter what the hour.

  • Sandals

Packing the right shoes is a beach must. Sandals are all-round brilliant for the beach. Being highly practically, it lets sand in and out whilst allowing your feet to dry if you accidentally step in the waves. Perfect for the airplane journey, going out or just taking a casual stroll; make sure you pack these bad boys.

Now you have a list of must-have staples for your beach bag, you can get ready to be fully prepared for your holiday.

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