Wedding Cake Flavours

Wedding cake flavours

Wedding cakes are becoming more and more elaborate. Gone are the days of a 3 tiered fruit cake, held up with pillars, fresh flowers and a plastic bride and groom on top. There are so many different flavours, shapes, sizes and colours of wedding cakes available. Choosing your perfect cake is a yummy mine field all on it own.

wedding cake flavour

Often brides and grooms have a very clear idea of either flavour or style. However turning up at your cake makers to be greeted with flavours you never thought about, can be a little overwhelming. I have put together my top 10 flavours for wedding cakes. Personally I am chocolate lover. When we first went to look at cakes we had a 3 tier chocolate cake in mind, covered in chocolate twirls. However, when the quote came back for £600 my husband nearly keeled over! In the end we had an 8 inch chocolate cake covered in a rich chocolate ganache, sat on top of 70 chocolate ganache cupcakes. The cupcakes were served as dessert with strawberries and fresh cream. When we married it was very popular.

wedding cake flavours

My top picks
  • Chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling.
  • Classic Victoria sponge with fresh cream and strawberries.
  • Lemon cake with a vanilla mousse.
  • Raspberry and white chocolate.
  • Red Velvet with a chocolate mousse.
  • Chocolate with a raspberry mousse filling.
  • Raspberry ripple cake.
  • Champagne infused cake with fresh strawberries and cream.
  • Vanilla with vanilla mousse.
  • Red Velvet with cream cheese.

Every good wedding cake specialist will be able to provide you with samples to try so you know just how the cake will taste and what the texture will be like. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to find the cake doesn’t quite live up to expectations. So make sure you try before you buy, to be sure you get what you want. If you and your husband-to-be are unable to decide on one flavour why not have different tiers with different flavours?

What is your favourite flavour cake? Mine’s a chocolate cake…. yummy!

*images from Pinterest*

Perfect dresses for a Spring wedding

perfect dresses for a spring wedding

Are you attending a wedding this Spring and looking for the perfect dress to wear? I always find that Spring weddings are quite difficult to dress for. You never quite know what the weather will be like. It could be a beautiful warm day, a chilly day or even raining. You just never know so dressing to accommodate all these possibilities isn’t easy.

I’ve put together my top pick of dresses for a Spring wedding, they are all available on the high street now.

From Coast
perfect dresses for a spring wedding
  1. Mildura Tabby dress – £129
  2. Minerva floral dress – £169
  3. Yaya Bardot maxi dress – £195
  4. Dee Dee lace dress – £129
From Phase Eight

perfect dresses for a spring wedding

  1. Darena lace dress – £150
  2. Jessica floral dress- £110
  3. Corabella dress – £130
  4. Hydrangea print dress – £110
From Karen Millen

perfect dresses for a spring wedding

  1. Floral Print Pencil dress – multicolour – £160
  2. Floral fit and flare dress – yellow floral – £145
  3. Floral print A-line dress – multicolour – £145
  4. Jacquard strapless dress – multicolour – £165

I think my choices of Spring 2017 dresses are all perfect for a wedding or even a day at the races. There is something here whatever your shape and style. All you need to do is add a beautiful pair of shoes, a lovely clutch bag and a fascinator for your hair, not forgetting a wrap or shawl to keep off the chill. Then you are all set for a wonderful day. But what if it rains? Well, any true gent would offer you his jacket or at the very least have an umbrella to hand.

What do you think to my top picks? I think my favourite is the Yaya Bardot. It’s a maxi dress, with a dipped hem. The shade of blush pink is very on trend for this season.

Saying that, I love them all.

Choosing your bridesmaids

choosing your bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids isn’t always an easy decision. Sisters, soon to be sister-in-laws, best friends, childhood friends, nieces, cousins…  the list is endless. Oh and don’t forget the person who you think will be offended if you don’t pick them.

choosing your bridesmaidsYour bridesmaids should be there to help you with your wedding plans. They should help arrange the hen party, be there to help you choose your wedding dress, attend dress fittings, make-up trials, hair trials. They need to have an honest opinion and a positive outlook on your wedding. The last thing you need is negativity surrounding your day.

Choosing your bridesmaids

You also need to decided how many bridesmaids you would like within your party, and give the title of ‘Maid of Honour’. Don’t forget, for each bridesmaid you have comes with added cost to your day. Dresses, makeup, hair, jewellery, thank you gifts. It’s quite common now that a bridesmaid will often pay for elements of their own outfit, shoes or hair. Some brides now get their bridesmaid to do their own makeup, to save on the cost. I even have a friend who had six bridesmaids, each paid for their whole outfit.

choosing your bridesmaids

When I got married I only had my Sister, I wanted to pay for everything for her. Her dress, shoes, beauty treatments and a lovely gift. She did in fact do her own makeup, more because she didn’t want someone else doing it and not getting it right. I also knew that if I added anymore to my bridal party that I would offend a couple of my long term close friends. Which I didn’t want. Plus, we honestly didn’t have the money to do it for everyone. Instead we included them in the ceremony by giving readings.

choosing your bridesmaids

So once you have chosen your bridal party, be it one, two or ten bridesmaids, now comes the fun part of asking them. It has become increasingly popular to use a personalised gift to ask. A bottle of wine, a nice card or a little gift. Etsy have some lovely ideas.

However you choose to ask your bridesmaids, make sure you choose people you love and want to be a part of your special day.


*images from Pinterest and Etsy*