Importance of having winter tyres this year!

Just before Christmas I was involved in a car accident. A man basically pulled out of a junction and went straight into the side of my lovely car. Although there was no cuts and bruises I’ve been suffering with my neck and back since. The accident happened on a dry day, but it’s really got me thinking about what would have happened if it had a snowy, icy day.

winter tyres When we visited Finland a year ago, everyone had snow tyres on their cars, and they just drove. It was like there was no snow on the ground, driving at normal speed. My Hubby then pointed out that the Finnish are very well equipped for the winter months. They have winter tyres put onto their cars, amazing really.

Last winter we saw a lot of snow and ice, throughout most of February and March. My Son’s school was closed for 3 or 4 days, the first time in almost 100 years the village school closed. It’s made me think more about the performance of my car during the winter months.

I have read that you should have winter tyres fitted to your car during the winter months, October to late March seem to be the recommended months. During the winter months it much colder with snow and ice on the roads. Winter tyres are designed for temperatures below 7°C with improved stopping distances. Winter tyres are not just for use in the snow and ice, which is what a lot of people believe.

winter tyres

What makes winter tyres different?

Winter tyres are make from different materials to the summer tyres, winter tyres have more natural rubber in their make up. This is because natural rubber is less affected by the winter temperatures. The tyre tread is also different with more groves, which means it helps to stick to the snow improving the grip you have on the road. Winter tyres also have more little channels all over therefore increasing the amount of edges that help to lock you to the icy roads, meaning you can brake and accelerate more easily. Clever really!

Why get winter tyres?

Well winter tyres are clearly safer than the summer tyres during the colder months. But they also help to improve your braking distance on icy, wet and snowy roads. So they help to improve your traction, which is just what I need during the winter months. I hate driving in the bad weather.

Cold weather driving

Make sure that you are winter ready when out driving. Start with your winter tyres which are available at Jet Wheel Tyres in Essex, ensure you can see clearly, by clearing all the snow and ice from your windscreen and windows before you set off. I also make sure I clear the snow from the lights and the cars roof.

Allow some extra time to get to your destination, so drive more slowly. Don’t forget the the stopping distance takes longer on wet, icy roads so make sure you go carefully and leave a good distance between you are the car ahead of you.

One thing my Hubby ensures that both of our cars are packed with extra blankets, de-icer, ice scrapers, the warning triangle. He will also make sure we have extra water, a spade and food if we are heading a long way from home.

Not forgetting, do not drive if it is severe weather conditions! Stay safe this winter while on the roads.


*This is a collaborative post*

Seven Tips to Help You Create the Ultimate Closet Space in Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is meant to be your retreat, your place to get away from it all and just relax. Of course, in order for that to happen, it needs to feel like a comfortable, welcoming, and organised space. This brings us to one of the most common complaints homeowners have, not just about the master bedroom, but their house in general, and that’s a lack of useable storage space. If your master bedroom closet just isn’t cutting it and your items are constantly spilling out into the room, then it’s time for a serious closet renovation.

Seven Tips to Help You Create the Ultimate Closet Space in Your Master Bedroom

Here’s a look at seven useful and practical tips that can help you create the ultimate closet space in your master bedroom.

Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors

This tip will not only ensure that your closet has doors on it, but does so in a way that acts as a space saver in the bedroom. If your room isn’t exactly massive, then sliding wardrobe doors make a whole lot more sense. Savoy Timber DIY projects include doors just like this, as they feature a selection of sliding wardrobe door kits that are easy to install. Choose from glass doors, mirror doors, wood effect doors, and more. You can actually make the doors part of the design of the room and have them act as décor.

Think About What You Plan to Store in Your Closet

Before you start ripping apart the closet, it’s also wise to think about what function you need it to serve. What do you plan on storing in the closet? Some people use it strictly for hanging clothes whereas others also use it for storing shoes, purses, folded sweaters, etc. Once you have a specific idea in mind, then you can come up with a customised design plan.

Is There Anything that Doesn’t Need to Be in the Closet?

Another tip is to remove items that really don’t need to be stored in your closet and find another home for them. When your closet is over-stuffed, it will feel cluttered, and that makes it a whole lot harder to find the items you want. For example, maybe you are storing jackets in the closet when they aren’t in season. Instead look for another way to store them such as a vacuum seal bag that you can slide under the bed, or move them to another closet in the house.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Wear

While you’re in the process of emptying out your closet, this is also the perfect time to make a pile of things you no longer want and/or wear. These can be donated and passed along, which will in turn free up space in your closet.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Of course, another tip is to make sure that you measure twice so that you don’t make any mistakes and end up buying storage solutions that don’t fit. It’s always wise to take an extra moment and check that you’ve written down the right measurements.

Seven Tips to Help You Create the Ultimate Closet Space in Your Master Bedroom

Use a Variety of Storage Solutions

Often, the best design is usually a combination of multiple storage solutions. Rather than just having a straight rod that extends from one side of the closet to the other, consider mixing it up and installing a double tier rod, using shelves in the middle, and even storage boxes. You want to make use of all the space available and typically that means using a variety of ideas.

Don’t forget that your closet door can also offer more storage as there are over-the-door shoe racks that can be used for shoes of course, or accessories. These racks are ideal for storing things like scarves, belts, and jewellery.

If you end up installing shelving that is high and hard to reach, then look for a small collapsible foot stool that you can keep in the closet. This will make it much easier to access the items in a safe and speedy manner.

Keep the Most Used Items Front and Centre

As you put all your items into your closet and in the various storage areas, it’s also wise to think about what the most-used items are. Those should be front and centre so you don’t feel as though you’re digging for them. You can push the less-used items to the back corners. Now, keep in mind you may need to change this around throughout the year as the season’s change and you reach for different items.

A Closet that Makes Sense for Your Needs

Each of these tips will help you to make better use of your closet space, and organise it in a way that allows your room to look neat and tidy at all times and easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

How to Have a Fairytale Wedding

The number of factors that you have to think about when planning your perfect wedding can be overwhelming. From guest lists to dresses, it is easy to forget some of the basics.

Yet, from the menu to the décor, these simple ideas can help to transform your wedding from a day you’d rather forget to a fairytale. Here’s how to have the wedding of your dreams.

How to Have a Fairytale Wedding

Have a Delicious Menu

Everyone loves food at a wedding, and this can put pressure on the bride and groom to prepare the most impressive food possible. While some venues have in-house caterers that can provide a set menu, there are many that do not include these as part of the wedding package.

If you choose to hire a caterer, they can help you to plan your menu and adapt their skills to what you are looking for. When thinking about your menu, you might want to think about more unusual options, such as an ice cream bar or sweet station. You can prepare these within your party if you want to, ensuring that you have full control over the desert. Stations such as these allow your guests to grab a quick snack while on the move, enabling them to chat and interact with each other whilst they eat. This will give your reception a great atmosphere where guests can focus on enjoying themselves.

Common wedding food stations are:

  • A popcorn station
  • Grazing tables, such as an antipasti, fruit, breads and dips
  • S’mores
  • Milk and cookies

You might also want to consider non-traditional cake options such as a cheese wheel cake, not to be confused with cheesecake. Apart from the obvious health benefits, this alternative to fruitcake can be an attention-grabbing centrepiece, decorated with vines and grapes for a natural look.

Transport Fit for Royalty

Riding in style can be one of the most exciting moments of your wedding and make you feel as if you are straight out of a Disney film. If you want to go down the traditional route, a wedding limo might be the best option for you. Limousines can add an extra sense of sophistication to your special day, and they also make a great photo opportunity.

Taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip in a limo also has practicalities such as being able to take you wherever you need to go quickly, and with a GPS. If this sounds like your perfect wedding transport, Allure Limousines is a luxury stretch limo and car hire company that you can trust to get you to the wedding on time, with a service that considers your individual needs before every proposal.

Décor to Die for

When it comes to wedding décor, simplicity is key. For the perfect fairytale wedding, you should aim for a neutral colour scheme such as cream or gold, which will help add elegance to your venue. Your décor, however, should be seamless, and it should suit your overall theme.

Popular ways to decorate your wedding include:

  • Blossom trees
  • Rustic stacked crates
  • Old bottles as vases
  • Greenery garlands

When decorating your venue, you can add interest to your décor by adding hangings and flowers from the ceiling or using decorated table lamps or candles. If you really want to recreate your favourite fairytale, you may even choose chandeliers as your centrepieces, transporting you straight into a Hans Christian Anderson tale.