Bargain hunting with online discounts

I love shopping, I mean I really love shopping! In store or online I love both. I love heading to the shops a find gorgeous items to buy, that I probably don’t really need. I always find that in shops I am more inspired by the visual products and how everything matches and looks so wonderful together. Coming out of numerous shops loaded with bags full of goodies is for me, so much fun.

When I shop online it’s more because I am looking for something specific that I really want (maybe not need). It could be clothing, items for the children, a gift for someone, something for the house but online shopping for me isn’t so much about browsing like I do in the shops it’s about knowing I need an item then finding the best place to get it.

I often find that when we purchase something bigger maybe over £50 I will always look to see if I can find it cheaper online. Or I will know what I want and go to a shop to see it and then see where the best offers are to buy it. I love a bargain.

Sale shopping is another thing I love to do, my Hubby knows that just after Christmas and into the New Year numerous parcels will arrive from all of my online sale shopping…… who doesn’t love a bargain right?

Bargain hunting with online discounts

online discounts

There are now so many online stores that stock the same products and normally all with a different price, these prices are not just the odd £, it can sometime add up to £££ depending on sales, on-line discounts and special offers that are running. So finding the best price for an item means I can buy something else, or put the rest into savings for a little trip away.

As a family or even when the Hubby and I get a child free night or two, I always look for a bargain break away. It’s always fun for me to search and find somewhere lovely for a couple of nights away and even better when I find online discounts on Groupon. I have used Groupon many times for various different things, it could be a discount for one of my favourite shops like the White Company or it could be a spa day offer for me and a friend or a mini break away. Whatever you are looking for there is always a discount code waiting for you with Groupon.

If like me you love to find a bargain, where are your favourite places to find them?



*This post was made in collaboration with Groupon. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Moving in with Your Partner for the First Time

For most couples, the first big milestone in their relationship is when they decide to move in together. A lot of people will tell you that this is one of the most testing periods in your relationship, and you will probably dismiss them and say that it will be fine. What is the worst that can happen? Well, no matter how much you love each other, when you bring two people together that are used to having their own way, arguments can commence. To try and keep everything as smooth and positive as possible, read on to discover some useful tips…

Be prepared to let some things go – This is the number one rule when moving in together. You need to be prepared to let some things go. Not all fights are worth having. Not everything needs to be said. You need to avoid nit-picking with one and other. You are only going to put your partner on the defensive if you question their every move.

Don’t rush into buying a home – A lot of people decide to rent before they buy because they want to trial living together. While this is a good idea, it is not for everyone, and you may wish to purchase a home. If you go for the latter, you should not rush into it. Buying a home is a huge commitment, so make sure the property is right for you and choose a reputable company like Prospect Homes. You will be much better off waiting for the perfect property than rushing into it simply because you can’t wait to live with one and other.

Take your space – No matter how much you love someone, you are going to need some time to yourself. So, make sure you take your space. Set aside some activities for you to enjoy by yourself. Coordinating alone time is just as pivotal as ensuring you still have date nights – which is another tip for moving in together by the way!

Divvy up the chores ahead of time – Yes, chores are boring, but they are part of living together. Cleaning can become a massive struggle, as you simply end up waiting for the other person to clean. Not only this, but you may find that you and your partner are on two completely different pages with regards to what is clean and what isn’t. This sort of thing needs to be sorted ahead of time.

Don’t assume you will naturally get more time together – Just because you are living together does not mean you are going to get quality time together. People lead busy lives. When you get home from work, there is dinner to make, things to do, showers to have, and so on! You will be surprised by how little quality time you get.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for life with your partner. There are going to be some ups and downs along the way, but if you follow the advice that has been provided, you can avoid some of those downs. Good luck!

Note book Heaven at Tangible Stationery

It’s no secret that I love stationery, I mean really love stationery. I find myself buying items all the time, I now don’t think I will need another note book for about five years. However that doesn’t stop me buying more items to add to my collection of gorgeous things.

I have found recently that I love writing in fountain pen, I used to love my Parker fountain pens at school and when I was at training college my Hubby bought me one for taking notes with, its now 11 year old and hidden in the depts of my draw. However, now you can get a disposable fountain pen, which means no buying ink cartridges and loosing them and buying more only to find that 100 pack you bought a couple of days later. Made my life so much easier.

Note book Heaven at Tangible Stationery

Like I say I love note books, and Tangible Stationery have a fabulous range of gorgeous note books. Now, we all spend so much time on our screens, there is an app for just about everything, so we don’t even have to take a pen with us anywhere.

For me, I love having a note pad with me to be able to quickly jot something down. Putting pen to paper for me is a relaxing thing to do, it stops me looking at the screen of my iPhone adding notes to my apps. Plus I love being able to cross something out that isn’t suitable.

Matidla Myres produces lovely note books and diaries, I love this pink and green, rose gold foiled note books. The pages are ivory in colour and lined, with lovely rounded edges. Plus they look so pretty. The note books have a luxury feel to them, no cheap see through pages, which is great for a fountain pen lover like me. I also like that each page has a little box at the bottom so you are able to number the pages to suit your plans for the note book.

Lists made easy

I love to make lists and for me I love a magnetic note pad that sticks to the fridge, I write down things that need replacing when I do the next food shop. Or I will make lists of items I need to remember for a day out or a holiday, birthday party I really love a list. This gorgeous teal gift set from Matilda Myres, includes a lovely bright floral note book and the perfect fridge note book.

I really like the products available at Tangible Stationery, I just hope they start to expend the product range to include other items. If the quality and style of other items matches the note books, it would the place to for all of your stationery needs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more products.

Are you a stationery lover? What is your favourite stationery item?


*Thank you Tangible Stationery for sending me out these items to include within my post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*