Changing my spending habits for more holidays

It’s no secret I love to shop, I mean I really love to shop. I often try to make sure that my Hubby is going to be at work when my on-line shop arrives, especially if it is one of the many Emma Bridgewater purchases that I make. I mean those big red boxes are quite difficult to hide.

Changing My Spending Habits

Recently thought, I have been doing my best not to buy so much, which is going quite well. I really have got my travelling head on and as there are so many places we would like to visit, I thought I would start by trying to save some money. Earlier on this year we stayed in an amazing Yurt with my brother and sister-in-law, so we have decided to go back but take the children with us. Instead of us putting money away each month for the trip I have decided to change my spending habits.

It kind of goes that I love the latest iPhone, I’m am about due a new one. In our house we are apple fans, we have iPads, iPhones and a macbook pro. I have decided that I am going to up-grade my phone when the contact ends at the start of November. I will sell my iPhone and put the money I make towards our trip.

The other thing I am going to do is cut back on what I spend on people for Christmas, some years I spend a lot of money on family members. I have spoken with my sister and we have set a budget to spend on each other and our children. I no longer buy for many of my friends children, most of us agreed a couple of years ago that we would only do birthday gifts. I’m going to speak with another friend this year, she has a little boy but excitingly she is having twins in the new year which means she needs to save for her twins coming along.

I will also be hitting the Black Friday sales this year, we have an Oldrids near to us and in previous years they have had 20% off all of their toys. Which will be perfect for the lego and the other bits the children have asked for, plus they sell lots of designer clothing and my Hubby loves Barbour so last year I got him some bits, no doubt I will do again this year. I am not going to buy anything for the kids for Christmas that isn’t on offer somewhere. I love a bargain.

Do you have any tips for making some money? I would love to hear them.

The history of Wedding rings

The wedding ring is the first gift given between a couple on their wedding day. The wedding ring is a symbol of promise of forever love. It is the one thing that shows the rest of the world you are married. Did you know that the traditional wedding vows are symbolised within the wedding ring.


Never ending circle

Traditionally a wedding ring is a plain band, that is a circle. It has no beginning and no end. It is a symbol that marriage has no end, it a promise to each other of love and commitment. Although some believe that the wedding ring is a symbol of two halves coming together to form a perfect band of never ending love.

Fourth finger of love

Have you ever wondered why the wedding ring sits on the fourth finger? Well, the ancient Egytians and the Romans believed that the vein in the fourth finger flowed straight to your heart. Therefore the wedding ring sat on that finger with love flowing straight to your heart. Which in fact it does not, but is very romantic to believe it does flow love straight to your heart.

Over the years it has become traditional that the fourth ring is now known and the ring finger. Now many people will not wear a ring on that finger unless it is as a symbol of love and commitment to someone.

Modern wedding rings


Over the years peoples views on weddings rings changed, it was always the lady that wore a wedding ring and not the man. Wedding rings in the past have been made from twigs, leather, stone, metal anything that could be formed into a ring. Over the years it has changes along with peoples status of class and wealth.

Modern rings now are made from gold, silver or platinum, with titanium being very popular. Some people are even having there wedding ring tattooed onto them. Wedding rings now are often set with stones, or shaped to fit around an engagement ring. Anything goes when it comes to brides and grooms choosing their wedding rings.

Wedding rings for men

Traditionally men did not wear wedding rings. My Dad did not have one for a couple of reasons, one they couldn’t afford it and also in his job wearing a ring was a hazard.

Men have been seen in years gone by as the dominant and the wedding ring was often seen as an ownership of their wife and in some cases wives. Men did not need to carry the symbol of marriage with them.

However, this changed quickly during the second World War, with millions of men heading out to war. They opted to wear wedding rings to have a connection to their wife at all times. Since the war, men wearing a wedding ring has become normal, with very few men now not having a wedding ring.

When I got married, we both choose a plain 18ct White Gold ring. A standard band, no shapes, no stones a very traditional wedding ring. Even though my wedding ring is very simple it is perfect to me. I personally wouldn’t have a wedding band set with stones, I like the never ending band and it’s meaning.

What does your wedding ring look like? Do you have stones in yours or is it a tattoo?


*This is a collaborative post.*

Holidays abroad on a budget

When it comes to finding a family holiday abroad, many families are put off by the cost. But they really shouldn’t be, there are many ways to head off on holiday abroad without breaking the bank. We are already planning our holiday abroad for next summer. This year with my Hubby’s work schedule we haven’t been able to get on a plane yet. Although there is still a few months left, so you never know!

Having a family holiday abroad on a budget is possible, in the months leading up to your holiday make a few cut backs. Don’t have that take away on a Friday night, cook something, swap out fizzy drinks for squash or water, change the supermarket you shop in. There are so many different things you can do to save some extra money to put towards your holiday. We also put money aside each month throughout the year, some months it’s very little others its a bit more, it is what we use to form the budget for our holidays. Why not wait until last minute to book a holiday and only use what you have saved up. It will mean you are not tempted to book something that is not possible for you to pay for easily.

Stick to Europe for holidays abroad on a budget

When looking for your holiday abroad, looking within Europe is a great place to start. There are so many locations to choose from. Spain, Greek Islands, Balearic Islands, the Canaries, places perfect for families, couples and people who want to have fun. You can check prices at Holiday Gems to see just how affordable a holiday abroad really would be for your family.

When traveling with little ones, sometimes it’s easier to keep to a 4 hour or less flight. I found when we headed to Crete last year that the just under 4 hours was enough for the kids and us. We were able to play enough games and watch a film, which kept them happy and all of the people around us.

Take items with you

If you are not going on a all inclusive holiday, when why not pack lots of snacks for the children. My littlest one eats snacks all of the time, so it really does increase our budgets having to add in snacks for her all of the time. I try to be organised and take items with me, things that wont melt and wont go off. Just make sure you check what items you are able to take to that country, some do not allow you to take any food items with you, others allow you to take a lot of different items.

When we went to Crete I just knew the kids would want fancy inflatables for the pools, but I also knew that they would be expensive on holiday. So I bought them at home and took them out with us. It meant the kids were happy and we didn’t spend lots of our spending money on inflatables.

Going abroad with you family doesn’t have to be an expense, it can be very affordable. Set your budget, choose the perfect location, make sure they offer items for the children, go all inclusive if its within the budget as it will save you paying for food and drinks while you are there. All inclusive means the children can eat as much ice-cream as they would like, while you enjoy a cocktail or two and you don’t have to worry. Often you will find these hotels offer kids clubs and entertainment, so you get some time to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Have you got any tips for travelling abroad on a budget?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*