Update your home with these 2019 trends

Pinterest is the app of the moment. If you spend any time on the app at all it leaves you lusting over interiors, dreaming about soft furnishings and always wanting to rearrange your home. Instagram is another platform that leaves you envious over other people’s home interiors, but 2019 is your year, this is the year to transform your home into the sanctuary you have always dreamed of.

Update your home with these 2019 trends

Dark tones

2019 is the year of creating drama. Bold, deep colours create a high contrast to fresh white walls and fresh light linen. Why not introduce dark cushions, artwork or curtains to your home to create that perfect ‘monochrome-esque’ effect. Layering neutral tones against dark is all the rage and paired together can really add that extra edge to a space.

I know what you are thinking… dark colours seem a little out there, and you are finding it hard to commit to adding moodier tones throughout your home. Black, navy and forest green are tones people are often reluctant to experiment with, however, after seeing photos of designs, it is evident that these colours create a warm and serene setting.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a classic addition to any home, and a timeless trend, like a gift that just keeps giving. Will these green goodies ever go out of fashion? Greenery adds a pop of colour to your home and is a cheaper way of adding colour. Have you considered artificial plants? They are practically indistinguishable from the real thing, only they require a lot less maintenance with no wilting or cleaning required, perhaps just the occasional dust.


Why not go all out and add a touch of glamour to your home this year? Start with choosing some glitzy wall paint, as a subtle metallic bronze effect can complement any existing colour scheme. Accessories and furniture in rich metallic hues will feature heavily this year.  Antique furnishings teamed with pastel tones or glass and marble will add a lavish touch to your home and by adding decorative art deco furniture, you can really recreate that 1920’s glamour.

Update your home with these 2019 trends

Clashing Patterns

Daring I Know! Incorporating patterns into your decorating scheme can be intimidating. However, with a little extra knowledge you will be able to mix and layer patterns successfully like a pro. Pattern mixes of any kind, whether that be in fabrics, tiles or rugs, experiment by matching them, layering them, pairing them and clashing them. Patterns on patterns is a fresh way to add splashes of colour and personality to your home. English country manor meets a Parisian home, elegant 1920s living meets New York bachelor pad – clashing patterns allow your home to be whatever it wants to be!

Modular Storage

Modular storage isn’t as boring as it sounds. It is a playful, stylish and shape shifting way to add storage to your home whilst still looking pretty. RW Invest property specialists offer furniture packs with all their latest developments which include these nifty designs to maximise space. Perfect for students and young professionals who desire luxurious studio living arrangements.

Country walks and comfy boots from Simply Hike

We love a country walk with the dogs on a Sunday afternoon, we don’t really do the hill walks like we have in previous years now we have the children. Plus we don’t always have the time to head over to the Peak District so much anymore. This year however is have spoken about getting out there a bit more. The UK is such a beautiful place and there are so many fabulous walks and trails we can do as a family with the dogs.

Country walks and comfy boots from Simply Hike

We have lots of financial commitments this year, so finding places to go and enjoy that isn’t heavy on the bank balance, is priority. So picnics and nice long walks with the dogs it is, the children will be able to take their bikes sometimes depending on where we go. It will be great to increase our activity, get out and enjoy the beautiful UK.

Comfy walking boots from Simply Hike

I have therefore been looking at walking boots for us all. It’s a bit of a minefield as there are lots of great outdoor brands out there. However, I found a company called Simply Hike online, and they have an amazing collection of outdoor brands. I was drawn to them not just for their collection of walking books but also their collection of ski wear is brilliant. We went to Finland last year and have big plans for another trip next year.

Looking through Simply Hike’s collection I was drawn to the Meindl range. I have friends who have recommended Meindl so I thought I would give them a try. They has a history of producing high quality walking and hiking boots. Meindl pride themselves on being one of only a few footwear brands that hand make their boots. Which ensures the attention to detail is in all of their boots. Each of their styles are specially designed for walking and hiking enthusiasts in mind.

Meindl have a memory foam system for all of their boots to make sure they are the perfect fit just for you. As the boot is worn and the memory foam arms up it changes shape to match the shape of your foot. Say good bye to pinching, rubbing or pressure. It also ensures a high level of comfort for every step you take!

Country walks and comfy boots from Simply Hike

Simply Hike also stock Meindl laces and wet proof spray, so should you ever need to replace your laces you can easily get them replaced.

I really like Meindk Womens Bhutan Lady MFS hiking boot, I really like the traditional style of these. I also really like The Meindl Mens Bhutan MFS hiking boot for my Hubby. The more traditional brown style is very us, they will be great to get us started out on our healthier and more active 2019.


*This is a collaborative post.*

Importance of having winter tyres this year!

Just before Christmas I was involved in a car accident. A man basically pulled out of a junction and went straight into the side of my lovely car. Although there was no cuts and bruises I’ve been suffering with my neck and back since. The accident happened on a dry day, but it’s really got me thinking about what would have happened if it had a snowy, icy day.

winter tyres When we visited Finland a year ago, everyone had snow tyres on their cars, and they just drove. It was like there was no snow on the ground, driving at normal speed. My Hubby then pointed out that the Finnish are very well equipped for the winter months. They have winter tyres put onto their cars, amazing really.

Last winter we saw a lot of snow and ice, throughout most of February and March. My Son’s school was closed for 3 or 4 days, the first time in almost 100 years the village school closed. It’s made me think more about the performance of my car during the winter months.

I have read that you should have winter tyres fitted to your car during the winter months, October to late March seem to be the recommended months. During the winter months it much colder with snow and ice on the roads. Winter tyres are designed for temperatures below 7°C with improved stopping distances. Winter tyres are not just for use in the snow and ice, which is what a lot of people believe.

winter tyres

What makes winter tyres different?

Winter tyres are make from different materials to the summer tyres, winter tyres have more natural rubber in their make up. This is because natural rubber is less affected by the winter temperatures. The tyre tread is also different with more groves, which means it helps to stick to the snow improving the grip you have on the road. Winter tyres also have more little channels all over therefore increasing the amount of edges that help to lock you to the icy roads, meaning you can brake and accelerate more easily. Clever really!

Why get winter tyres?

Well winter tyres are clearly safer than the summer tyres during the colder months. But they also help to improve your braking distance on icy, wet and snowy roads. So they help to improve your traction, which is just what I need during the winter months. I hate driving in the bad weather.

Cold weather driving

Make sure that you are winter ready when out driving. Start with your winter tyres which are available at Jet Wheel Tyres in Essex, ensure you can see clearly, by clearing all the snow and ice from your windscreen and windows before you set off. I also make sure I clear the snow from the lights and the cars roof.

Allow some extra time to get to your destination, so drive more slowly. Don’t forget the the stopping distance takes longer on wet, icy roads so make sure you go carefully and leave a good distance between you are the car ahead of you.

One thing my Hubby ensures that both of our cars are packed with extra blankets, de-icer, ice scrapers, the warning triangle. He will also make sure we have extra water, a spade and food if we are heading a long way from home.

Not forgetting, do not drive if it is severe weather conditions! Stay safe this winter while on the roads.


*This is a collaborative post*