Sustainable designer jewellery by Sacet

As you all know I love gorgeous things and at the top of that list is jewellery. I just love it. Although I love costume jewellery, the items that can be be bought cheaply and only worn once or twice. However what I really love is high quality designer items.

Buying jewellery online can be difficult, I like to see and feel what I can getting. It’s always a worry when you spend a lot of money on something that you haven’t seen before. Then you have the worry about sending it back via the post and having the extra costs of postage.

Sustainable designer jewellery

sacet earings and necklace

Sacet are designer online jewellery boutique, that have some of the most beautiful items I have seen in while. Not only that but they are a sustainable brand, because each items is made to order, within their artisan workshop by some amazingly talented craftspeople.

Sacet do any much as possible to ensure they remain sustainable by by using recycled silver. They source this as often the larger silver mines do not have the best working environments, which Sacet pride their selfs on.

Gemstones and diamonds are used in almost all of their items, and Sacet ensure they choose suppliers that adhere to good working conditions and offer their worker fair pay.

Ordering from Sacet

sacet necklace

One thing I love about Sacet is you are able to order samples of the items you would like. You get to choose 3 sample items with get sent our to you with free returns. You are able to trial them for 5 days. Once you have chosen your items then it will be made bespoke just for you. If however you do not return them then you will get charged £25 per sample item. The samples although look like the real deal, they are not.

Such a wonderful idea, I love that you can try before you buy. Sacet items are investment pieces and you need to be sure

My Sacet items

earings by sacet

I was kindly sent out the Classic Pave Diamond round earrings and necklace. They are beautiful, very simple and elegant they also look beautiful on. I love that they are very understated so can be worn all of the time, both with jeans and a t-shirt and a dress out for dinner. It’s wonderful to have something so pretty that I can always wear, without going for one of my large statement items, that I love but it isn’t always suitable to wear them all of the time.

Thank you Sacet for sending me these gorgeous items. I love them.

Fitting skirting boards to our house!

I have been talking about our home renovations plans for quite a while now, the skirting board company were kind enough to gift me skirting boards for the house. Like with everything I choose it takes me ages to decide, I wonder if I am making the right decision, if I should choose something different. I chose Chamfered and Rounded which I felt was a better fit for the house and I am so pleased we did.

The renovations for the house has taken longer than I thought, not too much. It did however led to more work then we originally thought it would. With plaster being removed from the walls, then getting the plasterer in, trades men are notoriously difficult to pin down. After all of the plastering was complete it, we had to wait for it to dry. Which took about a week, as the weather changed and was cold and wet for a couple of weeks……… wonderful.

waiting waiting for skirting board

The painting then began, with two mist coats of watered down white paint, we used a 50/50 spilt of paint and water to make up the mist coat. Apparently it is used to seal up the plaster as it gets quickly absorbed in before you add the top coat of your chosen colour. Each of the bedrooms had a different shade of Farrow and Ball paint that we had mixed up at a local trade centre, which saved us a few pounds on each tin. To get a good finish we put 3 coats of paint on, which I wasn’t expecting to do, but now they do look good.

Fitting skirting boards

measuring skirting board

After the painting was complete we went on to adding the skirting boards, measuring and cutting the various lengths. Luckily I didn’t have to do anything, my wonderful Hubby is quite the handy man, and so he cut the lengths and made sure the joins looked good. I was then called in to help fix them to the walls.

cutting skirting boards

My hubby had looked into this and how best to attach everything. He decided to use grip fix, which is this very sticky adhesive that also smells awful! He placed it along each skirting board length and together we placed it against the wall and held in place. This was repeated for each of the lengths, once they were in place, he then drilled them into the walls, only adding a few on each lengths to keep them in place.

attaching skirting boards

Once the grip fill had set and they hadn’t fallen off the walls, we then used decorators caulk to finish the tops and then filler for to cover over the drill holes. When dry they were sanded down, flush ready to be painted.

We opted for primed skirting boards, which was a great idea, it mean that once they were really we could just add the stain wood paint. We do not use gloss in our house, we have always used stain wood, we like the finish it leaves.

finished skirting boards

I am so pleased with the floor boards now they have been finished, they really do suit the style of the house and each room just seems to be complete. Now to sort out the living room and the rest of the house, wish me luck.

Thank you The Skirting Board Shop for gifting me the skirting boards for our forever home.

Becoming more sustainable in our new home

Since moving to our forever home, we are going to try that bit harder to help the environment and become more eco-friendly. I have read so much about what we can do in our everyday to change things that over all will have a big impact on the environment. Even small things will help.

Sustainable living is finding ways to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ on our planet. By making changes to our lifestyle will help with our carbon footprints.

basket of home grown vegetables

Becoming more sustainable

I have put together a list of 11 changes we can make in everyday life’s to live more sustainably.

  1. Grown your own. Now I understand that no-everything will be able to do this or even have the space to do so. But why not start with a tomato plant or a potato pot, which makes it nice and easy to grow your own.
  2. Walk more, I know if sound silly but by walking to the local shop or your children to school where possible really will help reduced the amount of fuel you are using, saving the planet but also your pennies.
  3. Take reusable bags with you when you do your shopping. I also take one with me, there is always one or two fold up ones in my handbag and then I keep the big blue ikea bags for the weekly food shop. I know I used to get given so many plastic bags, now I hardly have any in the house.
  4. Use refilled able water bottles. I was terrible for buying bottles of water when out and about, not just for me but also for the children. I now make sure we take our water bottles everywhere, even if it is just to do the food shopping. It saves buying the plastic bottles.
  5. Re-usable hot drinks cups. It’s not often we buy a ‘take away’ hot drink. But when we plan to do so we always take with us our thermal drinks cups. They are better for the environment but also keep out drinks nice and warm.
  6. If your able to have a low flow shower head fitted, we had one at our old house and it uses a lot less water. It pulls in more air so you feel like you are in a powerful (ish) shower yet using less water.
  7. When you need to replace items, choose things that are more energy efficient. O don’t go out and buy something that doesn’t need to be replaced. But a something is not fixable then go for the most energy efficient items possible.
  8. Make do and mend, well as much as possible. Try to see if there is a way to fix an item or up-cycle something before you consider replacing. Always try to sell an item before you just take it to the local tip.
  9. We often will leave our electrical items on ‘standby’ but by switching them off will really reduce the amount of energy you are using and also help reduce your bills.
  10. Switching to renewable energy, with some suppliers it costs slightly more but the reduced impact on the environment makes it worthwhile.
  11. Use LED bulbs, not only do they last longer they are also much more efficient.

If you are not only looking at becoming more eco friendly sustainable but also finally stable then My Money Cottage has some wonderful tips to help you out.