Sightseeing with London Duck Tours

Recently the Hubby and I had a child free overnight stay in London, which doesn’t happen very often. I love our amazing capital city. It’s full of history and heritage. During the last year I have been to London 5 or 6 times, which has been amazing, attending various different events but this time the Hubby joined me.

London Duck Tours

As we are not the most decisive people in the world, other than going for a lovely meal at the OXO Tower, we couldn’t decide what to do while we visited.  We have never really just visited to be tourists. On this trip we fancied doing a London Bus tour, but then London Duck Tours got in contact asking if we would like to join them for a sightseeing tour. We had both heard great things about the Duck Tours as my Brother-In-Law had been on them a couple of times before, so we went for it.

London Duck Tour

The Ducks were originally used in the Second World War, to unload troops and cargo straight onto beaches, after so many docks had been destroyed. The Ducks have been rebuilt and modified to meet todays regulations.

The Tour

Arriving in London to the start of the Duck Tour on York Road, we released as it was the Queens Birthday. So the Classic Tour of Westminster was not possible. I was a bit disappointed as I loved the thought of going past Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Westminster Abbey. Instead we went on ‘The City Tour’ which is used when they are unable to go via the Classic Route.

London Duck Tour

We went past the Royal Courts of Justice, Fleet Street, the magnificent St Pauls Cathedral, being informed of different snippets of history along the way by Ben the rather cute English man with an New Zealand accent.

London Duck Tour

On to the Bank of England, learning about its vaults and how a tube line has to go around the underground vaults. The Monument to the Fire of London, the Tower of London and seeing HMS Belfast sitting on the water.

London Duck Tour

Across to The Shard, Southwark Cathedral and the Imperial War Museum. My Hubby was very impressed by all of the information we had been given. He’s a bit of a history geek so knows a fair amount anyway, but even he learnt a few bits.

London Duck Tour

We headed onto the water next to MI6 which was a bumpy ride down the river bank into the water, getting onto the water it was surprisingly cold. We sailed the up the Thames to the Houses of Parliament. Seeing the Elizabeth Tower, mistakenly called – Big Ben, from the water was lovely.

London Duck Tour

We headed up a the Thames before turning around and heading back to the starting point at York Road.

London Duck Tour

We had a fabulous trip with London Duck Tours, I would highly recommended anyone booking a trip. They are such a novel way of seeing the sights of London in an humorous yet informative manner. Next time we are in London, I shall make sure that there isn’t a big event going on so I am able to do the Classic tour.

*We were given tickets for the Duck Tour in exchange for review, as always thoughts and opinions are my own*


Monthly Magazine Subscription with Readly

I love reading magazines, I like keeping up to date with latest wedding and fashion trends or home inspiration. Of course I can find most of this on the internet however there is something satisfying about having a magazine to read. I do however find they can be pricey, sometimes £4.99 for a monthly magazine can be a bit off putting, when it is only going to end up in the bin when you have finished with it.

Recently I was offered a magazine subscription with Readly, who got in touch and offered to send me a 3 month subscription to their downloadable magazines. I hadn’t heard of Readly so I had a look and found they offer you thousands of different magazines to download at just £7.99 a month. Which is very little if you are buying the weekly Closer magazine along with OK.

Magazine Subscription With Readly

What made me say yes to the trial was the array of Wedding magazines available, pages and pages full of Weddings. It means you are able to download numerous Wedding magazines each month to help with your inspiration and planning.

Magazine Subscription With ReadlyI remember planning my own wedding I was buying 2 or 3 wedding magazines a month. Not wanting to miss out on the latest trends. So for very little a month you are able to have as many as you would like without the extra costs.

Monthly Magazine Subscription with Readly

I love that with the Readly App, I could easily download up to 30 magazines at a time. Then read them at my leisure without the need for wifi connection, once they are on your device then they are accessible everywhere.

Recently I have been on a family holiday to Crete, which involved a week of very little wifi and an awful 3G connection. I had downloaded a collection of magazines before leaving home ready to read whenever I had some time. So during the holiday I was able sit by the pool and enjoy catching up on the latest wedding trends and of course not forgetting the latest celebrity gossip. One of my guilty pleasures. All without filling up my hand luggage or worrying about how much of my data allowance I was using up. Plus did you know that buying a UK magazine in a foreign country is super expensive.

Readly also allows you to share your account across 5 different devices, with 5 separate profiles so the whole family can download magazines without having to share. Which is perfect for my comic loving 7 year old and my country shooting loving Hubby. Plus you are not tied in a long contracts, you can cancel at anytime.

I love that there are so many different magazines to choose from, it is so easy to use. Just sign up, download the App, upload your magazines then start reading. Whatever types of magazines interest you, you will find it with Readly.

What are you waiting for sign up here for your one months free trial.

*Thank you Readly for gifting me a 3 month subscription, as always thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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Beautiful floating lockets – Pendique Lockets Review

Pendique Lockets started when their creator Nicola wanted to design handmade jewellery, and began selling items on eBay. Nicola then set up a jewellery bead store to allow people to buy items to create and design their own jewellery.

As people’s love for unique personalised items emerged over the last few years, Nicola fell in love with floating glass lockets. After months of searching for high quality items, Nicola was able to launch Pendique Lockets – your very own unique pendant lockets.

Pendique Locket Review

I have seen a few different locket style necklaces available, while searching on line for various unique gifts. Pendique Lockets offer something a bit different. Their lockets come in different shapes and sizes. Plus they are all great value for money.

Nicola got in contact with me, asking if I would like to see one of her lockets. Of course I would! They are beautiful. I went on line to choose what I would like even looking at Pendique Lockets on Instagram, as I just could not decide what to choose.

Pendique Locket Review

My Pendique Locket

Pendique Lockets Review

After quite some time looking at the different options, I chose the medium size rose gold locket, with 20inch rose gold snake chain. When it came to choosing the charms, it took me ages. I loved so many of the different charms, little cupcakes, star signs, wedding items, animals, christmas. The list was endless.

The wedding charms are lovely. They would make a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself as a lasting memory for your day.

Pendique Locket Review

I really like having something that represents my beautiful little family. So I chose the infinity symbol, to show our family being continuous, so full of love and happiness. I then opted to birth stone crystals. February’s purple Amethyst for both mine and my Hubby’s birthday, July’s red ruby for my Son, Septembers blue sapphire for our wedding anniversary and then Octobers pink for the tourmaline stone. Along with an extra charm window. My delightful daughter ran off with her pink crystal, and since then I have not been able to find it, lost in the abyss of the playroom. I shall be ordering another one to complete my locket.

Pendique Locket Review

My Pendique Lockets Review

My beautiful locket arrived, wrapped in tissue paper, and in a lovely gift box. I love it when items arrive beautifully gift wrapped. It makes a wonderful first impression of the item you are about to open and enjoy.

I was a little bit worried about the colour of the rose gold, because sometimes it can look a bit cheap. However, this was just perfect a real rose gold colour that worked beautiful with my chosen charms and window frame.

Pendique Lockets Review

It’s great that I ordered the window frame to go with my locket, because it means I can change it. I am able to remove the window frame easily, giving a real floating look to my locket. It looks fabulous up against my block colour clothes. Next winter it will be firm favourite with my much loved black roll neck jumper. Changing the look of the locket depending on my mood.

I love my new Pendique Locket, it’s stylish, unique and completely personalised to me. I going to have to order one for my bestie before she steals it from me.


*Thank you Pendique Lockets for sending me this beautiful locket for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*