Wedding season is here, which means that luxury wedding experiences will be on the rise for the next few months. Since this is the year of DIYs, we understand if you’d like to take matters into your own hands and organise your wedding, a friend’s or that of a family member. Regardless of whose wedding you’re setting out to be a perfectionist about, let us tell you that the vision of the perfect setup, decor and event in your head will materialise only if you start early. Today, we’ll be helping you with our top non-negotiables while planning an exclusive and high-profile wedding.

High Profile Wedding

  1. Start looking for venues and decorators early: Whether you’re looking at a local or destination wedding, people generally make their bookings as early as a year to six months in advance! So don’t be surprised if your favourite location or decorator is packed for months before you can get a date. Ideally, hand out the invites and announce your D-day after booking the venue and decorator.
  2. Don’t ignore security: With special guests comes special protection. Make sure to contact a reputed agency that provides armed security detail for VIP guests. You can trust them to be highly meticulous once they take over. This applies especially if you’ve got influential family, friends, and business acquaintances attending the event.
  3. Get RSVPs from attending guests: Once the invites go out, ensure that you receive an RSVP from your guests at the earliest. Mentioning a deadline can quicken the process since your seating arrangements, food and accommodation bookings depend on it.
  4. Food is the way to everyone’s hearts: It’s no rocket science that food is the saving grace of every wedding, and so is dessert. However, if you want the best spread and menu along with a gorgeous cake, you’ll have to move quickly to book your favourite chef and baker. Try taste testing and come up with a menu that caters to all, especially people with food allergies and diet restrictions.
  5. Organise great music: After great food and desserts, the life of the party award goes to music. The perks of professionals are that they know the cue to each phase of an event without being prompted constantly. Whether it is live music you wish for or a DJ, make sure to book them in advance and let them know about your tastes so they can make your wedding extra special.

Wrapping Up:

This may sound like a given, but wedding planning is a huge challenge, especially for the bride herself. As the date draws near, you will have a thousand different things to take care of, so make sure you do not pull a rain-check on appointments to avoid getting bogged down a week before the wedding. Stay in touch with your decorator, caterer, baker, DJ and all the concerned services involved so that things run smoothly. This way, you can reserve the last week (or two, if you’re super efficient) to focus on yourself and the journey that lies ahead!

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